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  1. When you're happy you got a job. 

    But sad because you cant play 12 hours a day on the server.


  2. 10/10 RP today. Spent over 12 hours on the server again. But had a ton of great interactions happen. Ya'll got things going great :D

  3. Mhoku

    DayZ RP Content Creators

    https://www.twitch.tv/mhoku Ive been streaming on this server quite a bit figure i drop the link here if anyone wants to watch. 20% waiting in que 50% farming 30% running
  4. Day Zero Where in the actual FUCK am I? After living through the hellhole that was escaping the cities and getting to what i thought was a "safe" place, I end up getting knocked out by some hazmat looking UN guy with some sort of serum. I wake up in that damn helicopter still dazed. Next thing I know the whole damn heli is coming down. HOW IN THE HELL DID I SURVIVE THAT CRASH! Well I'm here. Wherever here is. I found this blank book and a pen in a house after walking what i think was north from the crash. I'm gonna keep this on me and try to make sense of what is going on around me. Noon Well I after searching around the area, I've noticed that this is some place that uses Russian?? Doesn't matter gotta focus on survival. Who knows what is out here waiting for me in the woods. I found a small book bag and a change of cloths. Not really my style but it'll work for now. I also found some what i think is beans? Doesnt matter cant open the damn can anyways. 2hrs later - It appears that the virus has spread to here. I saw a Zed outside one of the buildings i was looting, I dont think he noticed me though gonna head out and follow the road. ~~~~~~ Found a hatchet in one of the shacks behind the house. I figure this will be more useful then my fists. Maybe i'll be able to eat these damn beans. Gotta get somewhere safe first though Evening I headed north from that building and found a small town I couldnt make out what the town was called but the writing looked like Павлово. Was searching through the buildings and found myself a few more supplies. Nothing notable other than a super rusty can opener and a package of bandages. Figure both will be useful so i grabbed them up. I also found a well, the water looked safe so i drank my fill from it. Currently in a what i think is a safe building. Going to wait out this night and eat my cold beans. Day 1 I feel like shit. Im alone. In a place I have no clue what town im in. Or what fucking country! Im going to focus on survival. I'm remember my dad telling me when im in a situation that is foreign to stay safe and look out for numero uno. Few hours later. Lost track of time. - Well one of them saw me. Ended up chasing me for about 5 minutes before I said fuck this thing lets bash its skull in. That hatchet I had came in use. I just kept running north. Found a few more useful things. Compass, Axe, actual backpack, a better fitting set of cloths, I also found a decent looking hat that'll keep me warm and a respirator. I dont know if the respirator will be effective from the zeds but at least i'll be safe from breathing anything else harmful while searching these buildings. I'm in a town called Зеленогорск. Pretty big place gonna look around and see if I find anything 4 hours later - I FOUND SOMEONE. He was a strange guy. I think he said his name was micky. But he told me im in a country called Chenarus. He told me to be on the lookout for anyone branding a big gun and to stay safe. Apparently people around here dont care about other humans. Just surviving themselves. Makes sense. Anyways guys was nice and gave me some good survival tips about the area. Told me about some apple trees on the south side of town i can hit up for some food. Also gave me a pistol with 7 bullets. I ended up just grabbing some apples and now im sitting in what looks like a familys house. Pictures of parents, grandparents, children on the walls. I was walking around the few rooms and found a little girls room. I about teared up when i found a teddy bear... Reminds me of what could of been.... If only. But the past is the past. I think im gonna hole down here for the night and enjoy my apples. I found a copy of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, so i think im gonna spend my evening reading this. Ive barred up the house so hopefully nothing breaks in.... Hopefully Day 2 Lost track of time reading that book last night. Overslept a bit and looks like its almost mid day. Gotta get a move on if im gonna make any progress on surviving this situation. I think im gonna head west I saw some rail road tracks and what looks like military buildings. See if i can find anything useful over there. I found a tent! I think this is pretty useful I dont gotta sleep in a town filled with Zeds, I also found a shotgun. Not exactly a clean shotgun but hey its better then nothing and i found a couple shells as well. 5 hours later - I headed south. I think i found a decent little set up here. Not a very large town but im off in the woods a bit near a pond, so I feel like I should be decently safe. Ive collected quite a few apples and various supplies over the last couple hours. Ended up putting it in the tent. Still a few hours left in the day so im gonna head south more and see if I can find anything useful Evening Well that was fun. Back at the tent now. I dont know what the name of that town was but I found an airfield and a nice vest with quite a few pockets to hold things in. I also found myself some seeds. Pictures on them look like tomatoes. Gonna try to find something to make a garden out of. I feel safer now that im in a "controlled" place. I'm not to worried about zeds finding me as much as other people. Micky has me a bit worried about people around here. Gonna read this book some more. Day 3 Forgot to write in the morning. Nightime now. I found a hoe and fashioned an old gas can into a makeshift watering can. Gonna try to get some tomatoes going and see if they can work for me. Also found some chicken. I made a fire and cooked it. Good chicken, a bit gamey, but honestly better then apples or old beans.. Gonna head tomorrow and see if I find anything in the town i found the tent. Day 4 Good night sleep. Im starting to accept whats going on around me. I think im gonna be ok. Hoping to find something useful today. Maybe a hunting rifle. See if i remember how to hit a deer. Ive seen a few heards of them in the woods. MANY HOURS LATER - I.... I dont even know where to start.... I found a UN doctor. He told me a bunch of things but what i mostly remember was him saying that he UN got removed from their camp by some local Russian Paratroopers...... Thats a bit out there. But the dead are fucking walking so not as crazy as some of the shit i've seen... I deceided to roll with doc figuring he would know what he was doing.... He. Kinda did... We ended up jogging for about 10km... Spotted some survivors chasing down someone else with an axe, decided to not mess with that. We went everywhere but i mostly remember a big radio tower and a HUGE airfield. We didnt find anything or any other UN. We did however find a group of about 12 or so survivors. They seemed like friendly people. I decided that with Doc wanting to find people to help and me just wanting to survive sticking in numbers is probably the best thing for me. The group lead by a woman named Taren told me I could follow them back to camp. Friendly people finally. We jogged another good 5km and ended up at their camp. I ended up getting friendly with a medic named Red. Really nice guy. Once we got to their camp they offered food and drink and a safe place to stay. This is what i needed. A community. A group of other people just trying to survive in this god forsaken wasteland. But there was one major issue. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHERE I AM NOW Well Red took out his map and showed me a rough idea of where i was exactly at the new camp. Looking at this map I figured out where my makeshift home was and realized i was on damn near the other side... I asked Red for a favor. I asked Red if he could help me go to my camp and grab a few supplies and then take me back here. In return I offered any supplies I had at my camp and in the future as my tomatoes as he could eat. I almost couldnt believe it but Red said yes... Took about 3 hours to get to my camp pack up what i wanted to take and get back.. Its now darker then all hell. Im writing this on a headlamp that I found in my tent. But im safe. And i feel safe. Things are looking up for me. Hopefully they stay that way.
  5. Really enjoying my time spent in the land today!

    Ya'll have a great sever and I'm looking forward to future RP :)

    I think about 5 people from my stream signed up it was such a fun time!

  6. I was gonna be incognito here fam But good to know there are friendly faces around.
  7. Howdy, names Mhoku but i go by Mho Miller in game. Iv'e been around quite a few ARMA 3 RP servers in the past and kinda got bored of seeing servers get born and die so i got out of that scene for the past 6 months or so. I was playing a bunch of League and PUBG when i decided to fire up Day Z again to see how its been coming along. Games running great so i played it for a few days, but after some not so great interactions i decided to go out of my way to find a whitelisted server and ended up here. Seems like a pretty chill place I look forward to playing with ya'll and getting to know the community. Overall if you see me in game im a pretty chill guy who is mostly looking out for himself, still confused about the situation going on here in the world. Generally a friendly person, who is looking for a group of people.
  8. When the outbreak hit. Mhoku was sitting at home watching some sports on tv when the broadcast went out. "Please remain calm, an outbreak has occured in your area. Lock your doors and bar your windows. Do not leave or answer the door unless directed to by goverment offical" This message repeated itself for 10m straight. Mhoku worried about the recent news stories he had been seeing about an ebola outbreak in california was worried that it was more... much more.. He ran downstairs grabbed his old rifle his father gave him. A box of ammo and packed up his various valuables. He grabbed his survival guide, a compass, a local area map, and the necklace his deceased wife gave him. Along with various articles of clothing / food and water. He threw this all into a bag and ran to his car and drove as fast as he could out of the city. But was stopped at the highway with immense traffic. Knowing he was a sitting duck he hopped out of his car and ran like mad down the lines of cars. Panic was starting to take over the locals but he knew how to compose himself. He ditched the highway and ran about 2 miles out and then proceeded north. After a 2 day's travel of scrounging off the land. He ran into a group of people who told him that they were headed to a military compound for evacuation. He decided to follow them. After arriving at this compound and being stripped of all his belongings he was stunned at these men in sealed suits searching him and sticking him with needles. One of them told him to just calm down and relax. As he injected him with a serum that put him to sleep. Mhoku awoke on a helicopter going gods knows where. There was panic around the people in the heli. When all of a sudden they were hit with a large storm. The storm tossed the heli around and he could tell something wasnt right. The heli was starting to drop. And drop fast. Mhoku grabbed onto some straps and hoped he would make it out of this alive. The next few minutes were a blur. The heli hit the ground. Not hard enough to tear it to pieces but definitely hard enough to put it out of commission. Knocked unconsies, he awoke who knows how long later. In a strange place he knew nothing about. With none of the other people but the dead ones near him. And thats when he realized "Shit. Im by myself again..."
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