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  1. SylvaRP

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    NGL guys you should come up with something other than calling eachother "werewolf"and "coyote" in game. OOCly it makes me cringe, and ICly...your roster is mostly 20 yr+ adults...in other words it doesn't strike me as a fifth grade clubhouse. Truly guys I'm not trying to be insulting here. But, from an outsider's perspective I giggle a little bit every time I here you call eachother by animal names. If you wanted to keep them, but do something a little less blatant, you could use the latin names for animals. For example, the 'red wolf' translates to 'Canis rufus' which you guys would know what it meant, but to outsiders, would seem just like an odd name, yknow? Just my two cents.
  2. SylvaRP

    Farewell my friends

    terminal* boot
  3. SylvaRP

    Farewell my friends

    Eat those crayons, m8. GL/HF.
  4. SylvaRP


    hey fuck yeah man, where were you at I got back from djibouti in feb
  5. SylvaRP

    Looking for a dynamic

    So, with Kamenici archived I’m in a bit of a rut. Not sure what to do with myself, though I’m sure that whatever I do, I don’t wanna do it alone. So I’m looking for some fellows to roll in a dynamic with for a bit. Preferably some people who don’t mind the occasional hostile roleplay but tbh doesn’t matter too much to me. Anyways if anyone else is interested just say so. If not, then maybe I’ll jump on the “wait for .63” train. Idk.
  6. SylvaRP

    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    Ahhhh, okay. Well best of luck either way. Extra points if you can get Roach streaming again.
  7. SylvaRP

    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    I mean there’s not a single hostile group left to try and screw with you so it should be easy enough. But yeah cool graphics. Gl with it I suppose
  8. SylvaRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    fuck...and here I was thinking it meant "fortunate child." Goddamnit
  9. SylvaRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Racine and @KennethRP, doing great things for the people of Chernarus today. Educated @caelo_vorago and @JkpFrog of the greatness of Ezven Dvorak and Twenty-Seven Points, and the Three Principles of the People, Restored law and order in the town by burning anarchy armbands, And finally, showed that even in the darkest of nights, true (forced at gunpoint) love can exist, like @Karma and @Kain, who are undoubtedly enjoying their new marriage. Kamenici. Coming soon to a town near you
  10. SylvaRP

    Looking for an FAL

    "Hello, fellow survivors. I'm looking for a FN FAL chambered in .308. It should be an aftermarket civilian copy of the famous Cold War firearm. If anyone comes across one that they are willing to trade, I will pay handsomely. Thank you."
  11. SylvaRP


    @Para how did you get carrier pouches?
  12. SylvaRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    thanks m8, great playin with you!
  13. SylvaRP

    Project South Zagoria Announcement - Lore Project - Assistance needed

    Looking foward to working with you
  14. SylvaRP

    2018-06-29, 22:52 S1: Stary Sobor Military - No time to comply

    As this directly concerns me I will be responding to Shazzam's accusations first. I have banned once before for excessive OOC, and I learned my lesson. I understand that if it does not directly foster and tie into the roleplay, it should not be said over text (and...especially not through VOIP). The only OOC that could be considered rule breaking would be me talking about grilling people for the military background, I put this in because at the time it seemed that their character ICly was rather confused to the point of being unresponsive. I apologize if this is considered unnecessary, but it was pointed out to sympathize the person in question. This was meant to be an asterisk (*) instead of a //. But as I saw he was wearing military gear, I checked to see if it had any nametapes, rank, or unit patches sewn on. Most everyone does this with their personal equipment for accountability purposes (making sure nobody takes your shit, since it all looks the same) and so that if you die in combat you can be recognized by more than a face, common access card, and dogtags. If it had been all marked with the same name - the name he gave - I would have known he had military service. But if it was 'checkerboarded' and a hodgepodge collection of five different people's gear, then its safe to say he looted it. This is important because a character having a military background influences how I would approach and interact with them. He was talking about his microphone/internet. Now, for my POV: I logged in and nobody else was on so I went to Vyshnoi/vysh-whatever looking for some RP. I met John Castelle and we discussed our lives and the things we had done. I alluded that I had been part of a group none as Svoboda, something I was hesitant to disclose, but since he told me about himself I thought it was only fair. Anyway we talked around a fire when some more people started trickling into town. Castelle suggested we take a trip to Gryshino, and then loot NWAF and I had nothing better to do, so we started gathering volunteers. Keep in mind we are Chernarussian nationalists - stealing from a Chernarussian military base, in our mind, is treason. A bit later a Russian man introduced himself, wearing military gear, and I thought perhaps he was Suhoputnye voyska Rossiyskoy Federatsii. This put me on guard. At this point G19 logged in and suggested we have a talk with the Russian and the rest of these foreigners for suggesting we steal from a CDF encampment. What sealed the deal was when Rick made a comment about being friends with the Horsemen - our biggest rivals and enemies. G19 and I stayed towards the back of the formation (ostensibly pulling 'rear security') as it moved towards Stary Sobor, formulating a plan with Groovy Tony RP for an initiation. We got there, G19 said "all you foreign dogpigs, put your hands up!" then myself and and Groovy Tony reiterated it and circled them. Rick immediately ran towards the fence and lied down. I screamed the initiation one more time but shots started going off and I believe we either traded or G19 killed him. That happened a second or two after Shazzam had been shot - but Rick had time to move from behind Shazzam to next to the fence to take cover. As for me "ruining immersion," To be fair, I think this report is based on OOC salt rather than IC actions, and for that reason, I'd like to bring up an accusation of false report.
  15. SylvaRP

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Slava Chernarus, folks.