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  1. Sylva

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    SWEDEN CAN INTO SPACE Thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure Svenne will get to it soon
  2. Sylva

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    @Svenne I know I can't be in two groups at once, but add https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6242/ to the roster if you please. I'll be running with yall while on that character,a nd it shouldn't be too big of an issue since we're not gonna run around PVPing anyways (so kill rights wont matter as much)
  3. Born in Oceanside, California on 29 January, 1992, Allen Cooper III was raised in a comfortable home with what seemed to be a perfect household. His father was a state representative in the California Congress, and his mother a Chief Financial Officer of Liquid Solutions, Incorporated, which owned and operated all of Southern California's desalinization plants. His older sister and brother were both entering middle school at the time of his birth, and everything seemed to be laid out in a perfect road for Cooper to follow. However, even at a young age, Cooper displayed what could only be called 'rebellious tendencies.' Diagnosed with ADD he refused to take medicine, got himself caught up in a plethora of fights in and out of school, and sought to bend the rules wherever he could. That being said, Cooper's intelligence and logical reasoning were never in question - he had a 136 IQ, and maintained near straight-As at one of California's most prestigious private schools. For high school, Cooper's parents sent him away to a boarding school in Napa Valley. There he met some of the people that would become the cornerstone of his life, such as Nicole - whom he affectionately refereed to as "Cole." Cooper and Cole hit it off almost instantly and it was clear to all that the match was perfect. Cole was strong-willed, intelligent, and charismatic, and could always match wits with the young man. The two would sit and talk about anything from history to philosophy to poetry for hours on end, and when he introduced her to his family, it was pretty much set in stone that someday, the two would be married. Caught up in young love the duo applied together for the University of Southern California and both were accepted. But what seemed like an easy ride from here on out was to be anything but. Cooper joined a fraternity and was caught up in the lifestyle - and one day, while drunk and nearly passed out, Cole went to go get coffee with her freinds. She couldn't have known that waiting at the coffee shop was a man named Mohammed Al-Shahik, who detonated twenty-five pounds of plastic explosive and killed everyone inside.
  4. Sylva

    • Sylva
    • Swarx

    your good m8, it just takes them a min to look at whitelists. 

    1. Swarx


      im accept now!

  5. Sylva

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    Good luck with this! I'll make sure to find you guys in game... ...with my non ultranationalist terrorist character Also glad I could help with lore. Let me know if you need anything else!
  6. Sylva


    Well, thats the first and last time I try doing an Irish accent or character. Lmfao.

    1. LouieRP


      yo come talk to me later I will help you. 

    2. BorisRP


      It was funny doe

  7. Sylva

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    Sylva - Italy Ill play if it’s vanilla but if it’s Road to 56 I’m gonna be sitting out. Ty ty P.S. I own every bit of DLC (including unit/sound packs) if you need someone to host vanilla.
  8. Sylva

    A Letter to the Anarchists

    -snip- Yeah, buddy, ngl, really not sure how your both. Maybe do some research before you claim to be something ICly? I mean you have two actual military m8s on this thread that I'm sure would help you come up with something believable.
  9. Sylva

    Slava Chernarus, Dlouhá Zivotní Svoboda

    To all current denizens of South Zagoria. We are the Svoboda Movement. For Chernarussians residing here, you know the meaning behind these words. Svoboda means freedom in our beautiful language - freedom from the oppression of foreigners, be it military forces or corporations or the tyranny of the majority. For those of you that don’t know what it means, we will free you as well. Free your souls from your diseased bodies, sending them to God to judge. We shall free this land of South Zagoira, and restore it to what God meant it to be - a home for Chernarussians. You may call us terrorists. You may call us nationalists. The opinions of you filthy foreigners does not matter. South Zagoria will be free. Leave now, or face down again what we did to you at Green Mountain. We are Svoboda. And we will not stop until our land is cleansed of you filth. Glory to Chernarus! Long live Svoboda!
  10. Sylva

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    Amen buddy. Headed to JRTC/fort polk next week to walk around in MOPP4 for days upon days. 10/10
  11. Sylva

    Discussion regarding "ideological initiations"

    https://www.nationstates.net There is a function called the World Assembly where the players (nearly five million of them) vote on major changes. Of course, there is staff oversight, but the function allows for members of the community to influence other players and the website's rules, player interactions, and roleplay. I don't think anyone is suggesting a 100% democracy where staff is voted or El Presidente's authority is questioned, but some sort of representation by the players would be nice.
  12. Sylva



    1. Wolfaye


      big dumb gay


  13. Sylva

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    This is awfully what it sounds like. I won't rehash the arguments I made in my thread, but this isn't Arma 3 life. This is DayZRP. Being hostile and suspicious is is part of the game.
  14. Sylva

    Discussion regarding "ideological initiations"

    This is a logical fallacy in itself. Your using the rhetorical strategy of slippery slope, escalating your argument. Smh. "kill kill kill," is exactly what we are against. Why on earth would two groups make peace if they are ideologically opposite, unless it was a total victory for one side? There is just too much animosity to justify "ok, we stop fighting now, dont worry about all those deaths we've caused on both sides." Your logic has groups fighting endlessly because the rules make it literally impossible to end the war in anyone's favor. They are more than welcome to conduct their RP. Svoboda's demands were not "cease all medical RP towards anyone," it was "treat Chernarussians first, and don't treat our enemies." If anything it opens more roleplay possibilities for them: They can continue treating Syndicate behind their backs, secretly trying to get under the chaffing rules imposed upon them, or agree and have to walk a fine line. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now for a history lesson. Neutrality is all well in good, in theory. Everyone believes they can stay neutral in practice but when push comes to shove it rarely works. Look at what happened to the United States in the War of 1812, First World War, and Second World War. We attempted to remain neutral and instead got our shit pushed in, so we pushed back, harder. The US, especially in World War 1, initiated a policy as to no side could sink its ships bc it was neutral, even though it was supplying Great Britain with food and supplies that it needed to keep the war going. So Germany said well fuck you, you can't help the side we're at war against and expect to remain 'neutral.' What is happening here, in DayZRP, is the same shit. Now the obvious argument for pro-neutrality would be Switzerland. Surrounded on all sides by enemies and yet finished WW2 without being involved. So how did it remain neutral? By not being a threat, and having no strategic benefit to either side worth fighting a professional army on excellent defensive terrain. Take a good at Switzerland and you'll notice one thing: mountains. Lots and lots of tall mountains. Mountains mean easily defended choke points. They mean peaks hiding guns and observers who can call down fire and artillery upon the valley below. Mountains mean bad, narrow roads making moving and supplying an invading army difficult. These natural defenses, and the Swiss will to defend it, makes any attack on Switzerland very costly. There must be a strategic benefit to attacking a neutral country. The low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands were invaded because they're a nice, flat highway between France and Germany to side-step Franco-German border defenses. In contrast, Switzerland is a country of natural defenses. Attacking Switzerland is charging into the teeth of strong defenses, exactly what you don't want to do. If one side attacks Switzerland, they have to fight not only the Swiss army in mountainous terrain, but risks the opposing side reinforcing them as well. Now you've just lengthened your lines, opened a new and costly front, while giving your enemy excellent defensive terrain. Specifically, at the start of WWI the Swiss fully mobilized bringing about 220,000 men ready to defend Swiss neutrality. With strong ties to both the Germanic Central Powers and the French, and with it becoming clear that the Western Front would be fought in the north, it mostly demobilized. Again when the war clouds loomed, the Swiss increased their military spending and modernized their army. Again at the start of WWII the Swiss mobilized against invasion with over 600,000 men. While Hitler assured the Swiss he would respect their neutrality, they were no dummies and saw Germany might attempt to absorb them as a Germanic state. In 1941 Hitler would tell Mussolini: "Switzerland possessed the most disgusting and miserable people and political system. The Swiss were the mortal enemies of the new Germany." While the Germans mulled invading Switzerland in Operation Tannenbaum, a feint in the north with the Italians attacking from the south, his professional officers didn't like their prospects. Chief of Staff of the German Army Franz Halder said: "Jura frontier offers no favorable base for an attack. Switzerland rises, in successive waves of wood-covered terrain across the axis of an attack. The crossing points on the river Doubs and the border are few; the Swiss frontier position is strong." Despite Hitler's desire to squeeze the "pimple on the face of Europe", no invasion happened. My guess is, like many other German plans after the fall of France, it got lost in the all consuming invasion of the Soviet Union. TL:DR - neutrality only works when your not important enough to make the big boys care enough about you. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Rolle, you have a bunch of people on this thread, including a co-owner and a Gamemaster, saying that something is wrong with the current system. And I'm 100% confident that if you made it a vote, it would swing in our favor. This "no ideological initiations," doesn't protect roleplay, it hampers it. Your encouraging a never-ending conflict between two groups because they can't realistically make peace. If one group has been beaten down by another, part of that peace deal should be, "hey, stop supporting our enemies." Or in the example I used earlier, "Hey, stop being a cannibal."
  15. Sylva

    Discussion regarding "ideological initiations"

    But if thats the case, whats the purpose of RPing an ideology at all? The end goal of most ideologies is to grow its ranks and incorporate more people. And your saying that they can't do this. So by "protecting" this neutral RP, you've eventually destroyed Svoboda (and any other ideological group's) entire reason for existence. So by extension, are you saying that the RP of this neutral group is more important than the RP of an ideological group? So your next answer. "Well they can spread their ideology, but people have to want to embrace it." Well then that just goes back to saying that peaceful/neutral groups have more important roleplay than hostile RPers. So lets make another example. Bela Ruku initiates on me for being a cannibal. Your saying that they can't force my character to NOT be a cannibal, because that goes against my character goals? He's just a neutral guy who likes to eat dead people. And if they can't do that, then that ultimately means that a) they can't initiate on ANYONE for breaking the law, or B) every situation has to end in the permadeath of the accused. And if that is NOT correct, and Bela Ruku can do this, then why are the rules regarding individuals and groups held to a different standard? Because technically, if they aren't, I could initiate on everyone individually and force them to change ideologies like that, with no mention of the group whatsoever. This goes back to Svoboda's initiation. The cannibal, obviously, thinks eating people is okay; the police do not. Its an ideological battle. Saying that the police can't initiate based on the fact that they don't like that he is a cannibal destroys their entire reason for existence! Svoboda is the exact same thing. Its a group that doesn't like that foreign doctors hold by an ideology of following the geneva convention and treating everyone, so they choose to end it. By ending one of these, its only fair (and logical) that the other be outlawed as well. And if you make it impossible to initiate on someone on the basis of ideology, well, we've come full circle.