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  1. Ah...alright then. I mean, I’ll to the actual concerns you raised but I won’t dignify the rest of it with a response. I was present for most of the situation, listening outside the back wall for what was going on. I waited for more boys to get into position and then asked the hostage takers to release my boy in non-threatening language. Though we had kill rights I didn’t want to use them when there was a chance that we could RP instead. Thankfully Jasper felt the same way and we came to an arrangement where my man was released. Then Norway and I RPd with the Collective after telling the rest of our boys which way the OPs were going. As for why we wanted to roleplay with the Collective, it wasn’t for...any of the reasons you said, but simply because we hadn’t met you guys before and wanted to talk. Anyways so we’re chillin and pretty much asking the Collective about what went down and if they had any allies. At the time I was wondering if perhaps the lads in the GM would join the coalition but then it seemed they already had, which kind of derailed the conversation. Then the lady was like “well if your not gonna help us dig (farm plots) get out,” Though that is defientely not an exact quote. Anyways they seemed to be ticked off about what happened and talking about it OOC, so we just took our leave and made our way back north. Also I do not have any video evidence of the situation.
  2. What software? I don't recognize the interface.
  3. My POV is relevant to the situation at hand here: One of my boys, @-CML-NorWayy, was taken hostage alongside everyone else in the Collective. Since we were under the impression that we had a cease-fire until the peace talks, Norway interludes the conversation by saying “yo, I’m Pamyati, we have a cease fire.” Some more drama unfolds before I get on a megaphone and demand my man be released. Props to Jasper doing RP over PvP - the two of us talked it out and my man was released. After this, Norway and I stayed inside of GM to talk to the members of the Collective, where I had to tell @RG to stop using OOC as I was trying to roleplay. His response was something along the lines of “fuck off.” All in all it seems like the accused was angry at hostile rp in general, not willing to take it for what it was, and his attitude towards Jasper and in this situation in general is the same which @Ducky and myself saw in an earlier report where he accuses myself and Ducky of being TrollRPers because we talked about rape. IG name is Slawoj Szecheyni, btw.
  4. Hey Puncture, it was Pamyati's snipers that took you down. We gained defense rights when you initiated on Norway (Pavel Ivanov) at Green Mountain. Of course, this is OOC information. Please don't take it IC. That being said we'd be more than happy to talk about this in Discord.
  5. I'm sorry but isnt that what group pages are for? Feedback? In the DayZ Group Requirements and Rules the example literally gives an example where RP is criticized. xxx Groups awaiting approval must keep their group idea threads clean and on topic. Posts on thread should be on topic and helpful to the group, such as constructive criticism that would assist them in becoming approved.Good example: Your graphics are too busy, perhaps tone them down some. Your RP was great, but I felt some of your members could have got more involved. xxx How does the differ from the commentary I gave? Look, I understand you want this conversation to end before points start getting issued. I get it. But its an honest question - if I can't post feedback from encounters, what is a group page for besides looking pretty?
  6. How is feedback on a group thread unnessecary? I'm sorry its not "your RP was amazing and its a pleasure seeing you" but negative feedback is feedback all the same. Most people prefer getting feedback instead of just seeing you in the reports section. But I'd rather you guys learn from mistakes instead of being banned for them.
  7. Alright, next time I will post it in the reports section instead.
  8. So I must say that tonight's roleplay was fairly disappointing. To recap, we were patrolling Tisy when my men came across @ShroomedWars and took him hostage after he admitted to being UN. We then interrogated him, asking him questions like what his job was, what unit he was with, and his name and serial number. The entire time, he insulted as, calling us Russian dogs when three people (later four) surrounded him with rifles. Then we waterboarded him, cut off a finger, and scarred him. The entire time there was next to no pain rp, and so finally, I decide that, in the interest of RP, we will contact the rest of the UN to try and negotiate. Instead I am greeted with this in Discord: At the end, we told @ShroomedWars "say one more word and you will be shot" and then he proceeds to call us Russian terrorists. I mean, he has a rifle pointed at the back of his head. Like, why. WHY. I would report this for NVFL (and I will, if @ShroomedWars does not permakill) but I'm giving you guys a chance here to improve your RP and to not let this happen again. There will be plenty more hostile action between our groups, but if the RP is as bad as it was today, its not gonna be enjoyable for either party. Cheers.
  9. Welcome @Director Keller, @SilverWolf347, @VincentHaris, @Dorian Graves, @PonyBoy to the SVR. Slava Rosiya!
  10. +1 for sure. This is a fantastic idea.
  11. "Okay, thanks Mr. Watson. You are all going to die."
  12. "Three names aren't much to go off of. Do you have any other information that could aid in their capture? And I assume there is some, err, reward for this?"
  13. Congrats on the approval! I can't wait to see in what direction our little arrangement takes the RP. Cheers!
  14. *Slawoj presses down the PTT* As my associate said, Pamyati has been trying to suggest this for a while through backchannels. We would be more than happy to attend. The Legion were right to betray the United Nations. Nunzio Palladino, former commanding officer of the UN mission is South Zagoria, is now in Russia facing a trial for warcrimes, dereliction of duty, behavior unbecoming of an officer, and treason. I have no doubt he shall spend the rest of his days facing the justice he deserves, in face of his unwarranted aggression towards the natives of this province. Give us a time and place. *Slawoj presses down the PTT*
  15. Although I was not present for the situation, I'd like to give props to @Dusty for perming his character and progressing the storyline. Considering that most of our interactions are simply dogbrain PVP, its nice to have some RP once and a while, and RP in good faith at that. Cheers for that, and if you guys ever capture one of us, we'll return the favor.
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