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  1. Please remove me from the roster. So much for RP first.
  2. Server and location: S1, Nyhiem Commune / Highschool Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:00 UTC Your in game name: Stefan Cernik Names of allies involved: ??? Name of suspect/s: @ImERP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Logged in to solve an issue with the Mercs at the highschool. We had stolen one of their vehicles earlier, and they came and asked for it back. Unfortunately we had said vehicle stolen from ourselves earlier that day, so instead of pursuing a conflict I attempted to further the RP by giving them another one of our vehicles. As I am sitting there talking to the Mercs, @ImERP, who was evidently upset I was giving the car away, shot me in the face. While I am fully aware that I signed over PK rights to the group upon joining, these did not extend to KOS rights.
  3. I hope I won't get banned by saying I am very much not looking forward to that. Seriously though, I think that Marcc said it best:
  4. While I couldn't possibly state it as elegantly as Comrade Leik does, I agree with the majority here - there is no need for a rule change on this. The rules as they currently stand were introduced as an antithesis to the exact changes that you are suggesting way back when. If these changes are made, I'm sure that in a month's time we will have people clamoring to change it all back.
  5. If today's firefight was any indication, this group is headed for great things. I look forward to both the fights and the roleplay that you guys are bringing - you've a stacked roster, good leadership, a solid lore - I see only great things in your future. Good luck, and good fight today!
  6. Good to be a fucking roleplayer again. Can't wait to shoot cowards who refuse to charge headlong into machine gun fire.
  7. My name is Cernik. Stepan Cernik. I was originally born in Kharkov, in eastern Ukraine, though I’m a Russian by both upbringing and education. My father was a steel worker, and my mother a nurse at the local hospital. It wasn't a rich living, and I learned very early on that the first rule of life was that there was no such thing as a free meal. If you wanted something in this world, you had to earn it, buy it, or take it - and not necessarily in that order. When I but a wee child, my father would show me photos from postcards and books of western Europe and America. He always spoke with such longing, and such wonder, at the vast New York skyscrapers and California beaches. He instilled that longing in me, too, even after he passed from lung cancer. While my father gave me a yearning for the unknown, my mother drilled into me the means to explore it. My grades in primary and secondary school were of paramount importance. She demanded nothing less than perfection from me. While I hated it at the time, looking back, I have to thank her. Because her determination towards my success, and my working towards that success, I was accepted to Kharkov Technical University at age eighteen. But as a second-year student, my life was shattered by the Euromaidan revolution and the resulting civil war. Brothers killed brothers as Ukraine tried to enforce its authority on Crimea, Donestk, Luhansk, and Mariupol; they turned the peaceful eastern Ukraine into a warzone of ethnic strife and anarchy. I can never forgive them for what they did to my home. To my mother...
  8. By and large, I agree with your sentiments here, but I would counsel away from having a "good guy" group and a "bad guy" group. I personally find that the grey area of the moral scale is much more interesting and realistic. It will also encourage players to side with either or, rather than just one side. All in all though, I just hope the lore takes influence from modern geopolitics and incorporates those conflicts into Nyhiem's new lore. FInnmark/Suomi independence movement, pan-scandinavians, Swedes, Norweigans, Russians and NATO - the possibilities and inspiration are there. No. Perhaps make high end weapons (like the 9x39 guns, or the .50 cal) exclusive to factions, but don't blanket ban automatic weapons.
  9. This looks really awesome - these groups are my bread and butter and its always nice seeing them pop up. Good luck with it!
  10. Small steps. 100% on board for this and I really, really really hope it is implemented.
  11. +1 i would make it bigger but I physically can't. Bring back modern geopolitics. Russia, NATO, and the economic and ethnic issues that drive modern conflict and international incidents. if lore changes i will 100% do a massive group again
  12. As an Amnesty player myself I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. That being said; As much as I want to hold up the torch as what amnesty could bring back to DayZRP, Amnesty is only as good as the community its returning to. Amnesty itself won't save DayZRP - it needs a full slate of reforms. While Amnesty is definitely a step in the right direction, and I personally believe its current implementation is a perfect balance, its not the panacea in itself. Much more needs to change.
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