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  1. Ivan is an ex russian soldier. He trained under the Morskaya Pekhota, and was deployed to Georgia during the Russo-Georgian War. After the war, his unit was sent to occupied South Ossetia, to ensure that the region would not fall to Georgian influence. He exited the military in 2012, and moved to Chernaurus where he could find a quiet living as a hunter. Unfortunately, it was not to be. In 2017, the dead rose to roam the lands of the living. Ivan was forced to seek help away from the safety of his cabin once his pet dog Petr was killed, and his medicine cabinet began to run low.
  2. Basically, what happened has already been described pretty well by both the videos and the respondents. We had a new recruit (green armband) who was getting riled up talking to a civilian who was with us; I did not catch his conversation. Green armband (benbongole) then pointed his gun at the civilian, and I tased and arrested him on the spot. I did not hear whatever argument they had, only saw the attempted holdup. Afterwards, I believe he was let off with a warning. He ran away aways, then took a shot at the civilian he attempted to rob. 2 of the officers pursued whilst I stayed behind with the civilians. However, we did not know he combat logged, and dragged the wounded civilian into a building to administer aid. During this time, I was outside, worried ben was going to return and shoot someone else. That is when the other incident occured, which I believe was an honest misunderstanding, going by the claims made on this thread. I was on edge for ben's return, as we assumed he would change clothes to make it hard to see him, when this guy comes around the corner with an AK. I remembered ben attempting to buy an AK from someone earlier, and was thought it was him. The newcomer was NOT dressed as a member of the CDF. I raised my weapon and asked him to put his hands up, as I thought his weapon was raised. He opened fire on me, I returned after, and hit him several times with a pm73. I went to his body and attempted to administer aid, but he was already dead. While the rest of the unit were investigating, the third incident occurred, leading to the death of Wulfegirl. We took cover, nothing of consequence happened, and shortly thereafter the Orel unit Major with the CDF arrived and conscripted us. I do not have any video proof of this encounter to submit.
  3. *Jr. Sgt. Ashwin S. calls out over a poorly functioning radio* To all remnants of the Chernorussian police forces, this is a message to regroup at --. We are currently stationed at the N. Chernogorsk police station, and are aiding the ---- have camped out at Kovar's Market in ------. Under the leadership of Sergeant Sergei Jackson, we have established ourselves with the locals, but lack the manpower to patrol -------. Gear will be provided to those who arrive, and any volunteers willing to join will be ---- Sergei. *The channel returns to static*
  4. Ashwin Santhosh joined the Cherno National Police on his 18th birthday, following in the footsteps of his father and brother. He excelled in marksmanship from a young age, and was quickly attached to a prestigious counter terrorism unit within the Police Force. Leading up to the events of the Infection, Ashwin was stationed at Gorka. Two days after the dead began to attack, he found himself defending the police station alongside a small force of policemen, attempting to protect the citizens who had taken up residence within. Unfortunately, they ran out of ammo, and Ashwin became separated from the rest of the survivors as the moans of the dead mingled with the screams of those who were about to join them.