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  1. Ivan Dragunov

    Ivan is an ex russian soldier. He trained under the VDV, and was deployed to Georgia during the Russo-Georgian War. After the war, his unit was sent to occupied South Ossetia, to ensure that the region would not fall to Georgian influence. He exited the military in 2012, and moved to Chernaurus where he could find a quiet living as a hunter. Unfortunately, it was not to be. In 2017, the dead rose to roam the lands of the living. Ivan was forced to seek help away from the safety of his cabin once his pet dog Petr was killed, and his medicine cabinet began to run low.
  2. *Jr. Sgt. Ashwin S. calls out over a poorly functioning radio* To all remnants of the Chernorussian police forces, this is a message to regroup at --. We are currently stationed at the N. Chernogorsk police station, and are aiding the ---- have camped out at Kovar's Market in ------. Under the leadership of Sergeant Sergei Jackson, we have established ourselves with the locals, but lack the manpower to patrol -------. Gear will be provided to those who arrive, and any volunteers willing to join will be ---- Sergei. *The channel returns to static*
  3. Ashwin Santhosh

    Ashwin Santhosh graduated medical school in the spring of 2009. He graduated with a degree in virology, and was top of his field in research into viral mutation and reactions. He spent his first few years in the private sector, developing vaccines for many different viral infections, culminating in research into a terrifying disease called "Ebola." Then, in 2014, while Africa was undergoing one of the most powerful epidemics of the 21st century, Ashwin decided to quit his job and take up a position with the WHO (World Health Organization), under the UN. Ashwin's team was instrumental in the search for the earlier strains of the virus, and were instrumental in formulating the treatments that helped reduce the mortality rates in the latter months of the epidemic. In 2017, Ashwin volunteered to join a multi-national research team being deployed to investigate trouble signs of a new epidemic, which was forming in the crux of a new conflict in Chernarus. Ashwin's team was forced to deploy under the guise of a humanitarian aid group, as the Russians refused access to foreign research teams. Unfortunately, mere hours after hitting the ground, Chernaurus quickly fell to the tide of undead, and any hopes of finding a cause or a cure for this epidemic was quickly given up in order to focus on surviving in this new hellhole. Over the weeks, most of the research was either killed or lost in the chaos, and Ashwin found himself alone in an apocalypse. While he still tries to find the origins of the infection, Ashwin mainly lives as a wandering doctor, happy to help those few survivors he can find. He has become heavily dependent on morphine, and indulges heavily in the rare auto-injectors that can be found in the wasteland.