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  1. The reason zombies clip through walls is cos they move so fast. Im not saying to make the WADDLE. Im saying to make them slower. You should have to sprint away from them but you should not have 0 chance of getting away.
  2. I think the current version of zombies are a little bit on the too annoying to deal with side. Its not that they are difficult to deal with because they are strong its because they are far too quick and the aggro range is far to far. I propose to make zombies deal a lot of damage and have a lot of health so that head shots are the only real way to kill them. However slowing them down and fixing the chase range should be changed as well. This is my proposition and I'm looking forward to reading your opinions!
  3. I love the 13 year old kid that is a navy seal that has an alice backpack and yells "CONTACT" every time he sees anything move. The airsoft Rp'ers really give military rp a bad rep.
  4. Jacek "John" MacMillain was born on 11/07/1993 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His Mother was Polish and due to work decided to move to Scotland. He never knew his father due to him not being part of his life so Jacek's mother raised him by herself. Jacek was a smart kid he would do good in school but ever since he could remember he fantasized about being a soldier. He had an obsession with being tough and trying to protect his mother since he was very young. Straight out of highschool he would decide to join the military. He would join the SAS through the Reservist program in the 21'st SAS regiment. He would finish his training and within his training he found his natural knack for long range shooting and ability to survive in harsh environments. After completing training he would be assigned to the 11th regiment of the SAS as a Sniper. He would do cover operations around the middle east and was given the nickname "Urban Fox". He was silent quick and would pop out of random buildings landing accurate shots. Jacek was known as a very patient hunter, if he had a target he would wait for days to get the perfect shot. After a few operations he was assigned into a new operation. Operation Crown. Him and a number of other operatives from different countries were sent to Takistan and were given 1 mission: Overthrow the government with help from the Revolutionaries. When he dropped into Takistan he would learn how to make improvised explosives and thrived in the chaos of war. After the revolution he remained stationed in Takistan untill the outbreak. Once the outbreak hit he decided it was in his best intrest to become a mercenary. People with skills in killing would fetch a good deal and he was not much of a fan of dumpster diving for food. He would make his way across Chernarus into South-Zagoria. What fortunes will south-zagoria bring to Jacek.
  5. I found a bandidos jacket on the floor like 5 minutes ago so no, i dont think it is.
  6. A Thread for Items you think would look cool if they were added into the game. 1. Name of Object 2. Picture of object 3. Why you think it would be a good addition. Shemagh If added in multiple colors it could allow for other ways to cover the face other than the face mask. Also give Takistani Chars something recognizable.
  7. XDRP

    Just doin some farming

    Ya earned those patches ?
  8. The reason is that there are patches for the angels in game, and its much more convenient than to rp out *This insignia is on the back of the jacket* However yeah I would've liked to do that.
  9. Its been 2 years since outbreak happened, If u read the backstory i wrote i stated why there aint no bikes.
  10. Once I have more than me ill make one Omegalol
  11. You did not read anything did you. I addressed this.
  12. I read up on Mikola Bardak and it never said what happend to him. I was looking at different sources and it never stated what happend to him. Also are u saying that there was no underground CHDKZ remnants left in Chernarus? If so ill fix that but i would assume there were remnants around. But I guess Ill ask major, or he will give me a fix.
  13. Oh that, Yeah it was my first group idea with drake. But i was completely new so I gave up on the idea.
  14. Yeah Pagans MC. Former lore.
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