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  1. S1-Kabanino Avoiding rp 15:48 ST 12/25/17 

    I was the one that got held up. We are 2 separate people.
  2. S1-Kabanino Avoiding rp 15:48 ST 12/25/17 

    He was not part of the situation.
  3. S1-Kabanino Avoiding rp 15:48 ST 12/25/17 

    Detailed description of the events: So essentially me and Max were running back north and we got a call on the radio. October said yo there is a guy here in vybor military lets rob this man. So we were like alright we are coming try and stall him my man. We then started running towards him and we ran to kabanino. Once we arrived there the old man approached the two. I was checking the town for any other players to make sure they don't interfere. Then then Artyom was in the second story of a building. I heard them talking about ammo or something and then he just vanished without answering the question at hand.
  4. Jacopo Maldini

    Jacopo Maldini is an Italian mobster from the Falcone family of calabria. He grew up like a normal kid having his father mask most of the violent parts of being part of the calabrian mafia. His father was italian and his mother was polish, he really enjoyed learning languages so he learnt Italian, Polish and English. His father was very fond of Jacopo knowing many languages due to him being able to facilitate deals with people from other countries. At 16 his father introduced Jacopo to Don Falcone. Jacopo was captivated immediately as he met the don, he was like a second father to him, the power spoke to Jacopo and he wanted to be just like him. For the next two years he worked side by side with his father, when he turned 18 he was sent to Chernarus, apparently the Falcone family was trying to open a sort of casino in Chernarus. Jacopo was meant to find a good place for a casino so he decided to head to Zelenogorsk to see if such a possibility could happen. Jacopo arrived in Zelenogorsk to find a Falcone family hit squad was there to kill him. He was able to get away and pledged to take revenge on the Falcone family. Once the outbreak happened, Jacopo saw this as a perfect opportunity to build from the ground up, start his own family, and kill all remaining Falcones in the world.