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  1. Vladimir Makarov was born in Ярославль(Jaroslavl) Russia on October 4th, 1995. He lived a normal life within his family that ever since they could remember, they enrolled in the military. Vladimir was a kind child that always helped people. He would stop injustice the very minute he saw it and had no tolerance for bullies. His father taught him how to use weapons from a very young age, and he had a natural knack for shooting. At the age of 16 he took part in a shooting tournament and he came in First Place even if he competed with people double his age. As soon as Vladimir came of age, he applied for the Russian military. Once in the military he showed much promise due to him always wishing to be part of the military he gave 110%. Him and his father started his "Basic training" as soon as he turned 10. His father would have him do obstacle courses and learn survival techniques and camouflage techniques as well as practicing hand to hand combat. His first week in the Russian military he destroyed the other cadets. He was head and shoulders above all the others and he was moved into the Spetznas training right after boot camp. After finishing Spetznas training he was sent on his first mission. He was sent to Chernarus after an outbreak of an unknown disease was reported. Him and a group of 4 other Spetznas dropped into South Zagoria to maintain civilization and figure out what's going on. After the revolution within Chernarus Vladimir and his squad fell back into northern chernarus and remained there surviving as long as possible. Him and his squad decided to return to south Zagoria after food became scarce. However on the way south, the squad was attacked by wolves. Them having no ammo split up and decided to meet up with each other at a later time in south Zagoria. Now Vladimirs only concern is to find a potential doctor to help his comrades, if they are alive, as well as maintain as many lives as possible.
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    Wtf he said he is in my group, NANI?
  4. *The radio would turn on with a man with a voice changer would come on* Today is the fist step towards the revolution, we may have taken shots but we took some of them with us. We will keep on fighting until we have our right to bare arms! We shall not fall, PROSPERITY AND ORDER SHALL REIGN SUPREME! VIVA LA RESISTANCE! *The radio would cut out.*
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    I owned a minecraft Rp server, Earnt about 10-15k from it, it works if you play it out right. You gotta find the right people and its all text rp but i know it works.
  6. Thing is, we are all random survivors that met here. I never said we had businesses. This group was created in chernarus because Jacopo was always being screwed out of agreements and always was sent to go in solo. The point of the group is to make sure, that Jacopo and all of his friends have a solid place to live in and bring some sort of normality into his life. The group started in south zagoria, there was no previous thing outside of it.
  7. *Turns on radio* Hello there, yeah its fine, we welcome anyone that does not bring trouble. *clicks radio off*
  8. *The radio clicks on a man with a Birmingham accent comes on the radio* Right folks, my name is Jacopo Maldini aka Jake, and I am the leader of the High Rollers and the owner of a new pub called The Speakeasy. The pub is in Novodmitrovsk and we offer food, drink, gambling and a hotel service. It is the giant watchtower, come and check it out, first drink is on the house, by order of the High Rollers. *The radio would click off*
  9. Red Black and White are the colors of the logo so i thought it would look good with the theme. I tried white but then everything was the same and did not look as good.
  10. Appreciate the comment! Would it be better to not make a stake saying at least 5, but instead saying a maximum of X? Also love the poster idea!
  11. Made my day <3 Would bean but ran out
  13. Aight, As for as I see from the other groups their lore is similar in length, but I wrote the whole story of how the High Rollers started, I cant make events up that did not happen. - To be honest managing fights, making drugs, and doing all the service as well as making sure nobody will fuck with our stuff is enough of a handful. If I make more goals I know realistically I will not be able to do that. All the groups efforts goes into running the pub and as I see it all the other pubs are closed. That's why if we give HIGH degree of standards in our pub and focus on that as NUMBER 1 priority it is best. - This is a great idea and I will implement it as soon as i can thanks! - The games, this is where the tough stuff starts. There is very little that can actually be done in dayz at the moment. We are thinking of new games but its hard at the current moment because there is not a lot of utility. Poker would be impossible to RP and so would roulette, We are tying to make games that people can actually play not things they just type up and we decide whether they win or loose. Im trying to come up with stuff but if you have any ideas I am open to hearing them. -The only other hot spot i see right now is novy and this is on the polar opposite side of novy sobor. Cherno is closer to novy than our current location, also we just like it better. Thanks for the advice and I will start using spoilers more.
  14. The only other hot spot i see right now is novy and this is on the polar opposite side of novy sobor. Cherno is closer to novy than our current location, also we just like it better.