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  1. Michael Knight was born in rural Ohio on the 18th of April, 1995, away from loud cities and populated areas, his father being a veteran from the Vietnam war, and his family having a long line of military service going down to his great grandfather who enlisted at the ripe age of 17 during World War 1. His father’s side was english and came into the United States just after the civil war in the 1800s, his mother was a nurse, her side of the family came from Italy when World War Two kicked off. Michael’s family having a long history of military service, knew what he wanted to be at a young age, he was a loner in his teenage years having no real direction, although he was young during the terrorist attack on the World Trade center, when he fully understood the situation when he became more mature, realized that he wanted to serve his country. At the age of 18 through the early enlistment program enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, he eventually became a JTAC for the US Marines, served a 8 month tour in Afghanistan, where he earned the nickname “Mikey”. After his leave, he was moved into the Utes garrison as the situation in Chernarus began to escalate, Michael didn’t know much about Chernarus, barely knew it existed before the escalation of the situation. On the 17th of July, Michael was deployed to Elektrozavodsk, and his unit was assigned to vehicle checkpoints and searches, during a foggy day, only a few days after he was deployed, the checkpoint he was manning was overrun, he witnessed his friends mauled, and was hit in a friendly fire incident in which he took shrapnel to the leg by a grenade. As he lugged himself away from the city, injured. He knew nothing of the land around him, knowing that his gear would weigh him down, stripped down all essential gear and treated his leg wound when he was at a safe distance. Not knowing the state of the rest of the country, the state of his own country or what lies ahead of him, he wanders, looking for a new purpose in the apocalyptic hell hole of tales and video games.