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  1. @keibancz Thank you will keep in mind. Guess I will have to find a different weapon then.
  2. I can remove my stock on my KA-M however I can not remove the flashlight, hand guard or magazine. Doesn't even allow me to drag the attachment out of its spot. Anyone else experiencing this issue or have found a fix? Tried re-logging several times even dropping and picking it back up.
  3. @Scar Shows that I was not third person in the hallway because I was shot before entering it. I'll keep in mind that you can shoot everybody in a firefight even if not involved. Doesn't really matter if I think I deserved to live because I didn't.
  4. @Scar I wasn't even a hallway and neither was anybody else in that building?!
  5. I'm not lying but it does seem you are or just confused on who you initiated on and I was not one of them. I don't care that I died and lost my stuff. I'm not trying to get anyone banned either. What I'm trying to get you to see is that you can't just kill everyone in a situation like this because I wasn't even involved yet. I wasn't even in a building! I walked down from the graveyard of the church and never entered a building during this situation until I was shot and my limp body fell into it. Yes that building has multiple floors but it only has windows on the west and east not to the north which y'all were in reference to the building. I was running away from the barrage of bullets when I noticed it wasn't zombies being killed. Guess I'll just have to record from now on to fix scenarios like this. @Scar
  6. I knew what was happening when I was close enough to see the guy had both hands up and not just one waving. However I was running away from gunfire as soon as I was told by the guy with his hands up "that they're shooting people" . So I turned around and ran in the opposite direction towards a building and didn't even make it into the door before being shot in the back. So how was I in the building in 3rd person peaking? There was no one in that building I could see the hallway before I rag dolled into it after being killed. And that building had no line of sight on y'all so how were shots coming from there? I was never told to halt or drop my weapon just shot in the back. @Scar
  7. Server and location: Server 2- Novaya Petrovka- North part of the Town. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-18, 17:30-17:50 Your in game name: William Freeman Names of allies involved:None Name of suspect/s: Not sure wasn't spoke to before I was shot. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I don't record my game footage. Was wearing military gear and used a suppressed AKM. Detailed description of the events: I heard shots to the west of me in Novaya Petrovka so I went to investigate. Upon arriving I saw a guy standing in the road and then another started running at me then shot me before I entered a building.
  8. Where would I report for being KOS/Not intiatied on?
  9. I grew up in the south hunting, fishing, and fixing just about anything. I wanted to see the world so once I graduated high school I joined the US ARMY. The Army sent me to places around the world like Iraq and Afghanistan. Not the parts of the world I wanted to see but it is something different than home. The crisis happening in Chernarus brought the US to help bolster the NATO forces waiting in the Black Sea. We were flown into Chernogorsk to defend against the hordes of infected making their way south. Having not know how to defeat the infected most of our ammunition was wasted causing us to retreat west of the city. Many who fled were bitten and eventually put down by their fellow soldier before turning. I separated myself and a neurosurgeon from the survivors of the retreat and scavenged the farms in the countryside. Eventually making our way to the north to re equip we met another individual.
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