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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to teaching medicine, drinking gin & tonic and making snide remarks!
  2. *A loud, tinny voice can be heard - one of an Englishmen putting on his accent* Alright, mates? Me and me friendly bloke 'ere were wonderin' if anyun'd seen a big double-bloody-decker bus roun' these parts? If not, any kindy' big transport'll do... If ya' see one, send its location down this frequency, yeah? Alright blokes, later then! *The signal slowly fades, the out-of-place sound of overly-patriotic English music dying with it...*
  3. Very nice read (if a bit big). Edit: You rick-rolling motherf***er!
  4. I think you'll find that this is the reapers in Gorka.
  5. Don't know who it is, but majestic and cool 8/10
  6. Hey man! With that attitude, I'm sure you will!
  7. Hypperzz22

    I guess I'm back

    10/10 can't wait for more terrifying, screaming Aussie <3
  8. General flight is coming along well; still buggy though. Many ships left to be implemented. They're currently working on getting multi-crew ships out. They've also shown some FPS gameplay, which looks pretty great. Long way to go, though.
  9. Arena Commander 1.0 has been released! The Mustang, Hornet and Aurora variants are now all flyable, as are the Cutlass and Avenger. The servers are fucked, and the bugs are plentiful, but flying new ships is always great! They've also added more guns, revamped missiles, and added the foundation of the signature system. [video=youtube] The page detailing the update
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