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  1. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    No, it is all of the dead screen
  2. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    ^^ Yes, what dubstep has said is rright, we were fighting opposite side of church
  3. Stann

    S1: GearRP/BadRP and Possible underage / Vybor / 2018-06-15 17:05

    Stan Gary's POV: I was running down to Lopatino when I ran into my IC step-brother Aidan and his friend, Aaron in Vybor. They were telling me about some guy they'd just met in town. Aidan told me that he was going to run off back to Lopatino. Aaron was very undergeared, carrying a sporter, bambi jeans and not much else, I needed more ammo for my guns to fight off the undead, so Aaron and I went back into town to get some ammo. We spotted a guy, which was supposedly the guy that Aaron and Aidan were talking about, but im not sure. We saw that he had an AKS and an SVD and looked heavily geared in general. We scoped him out for a little bit, then deciding to go rob him. We asked about where Aidan was, then I shouted to get on the floor. We proceeded to rob him, I personally didn't take that much apart from his ammo and his ak, which I handed to Aaron about a minute later. I don't know what Aaron took but he may have accidentally taken his food in the First Aid Kit, but how could he have known what was in there in the first place. We were both desperate and deprived of ammo, so we took advantage of it and robbed him. I don't know what else to really say, so that is my POV.
  4. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Don't have the footage, it only saved the last 2 minutes. I didn't come in from the Church side, that is a lie. I came in from the complete opposite side and was mowed down..
  5. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Ok so, I had a fight with Jack and Sparklez because I had robbed one of the medics earlier that day. I was chased out for around 3 minutes before they started taking shots. I carried on running until trying to loop back to Lopatino, that’s when I see Jack (1 of the guys who were shooting at me) and I took shots. I had killed him, then carried on making my way back to Lopatino. 5 minutes went by and I had made my way back to Lopatino. As I entered the town at the closest bit too the trader base, there was a dead body (could’ve been killed by silencer, melees or the undead) and I immediately tried to hide as I hadn’t a clue what was going on. So I ran to the side of the road and hid behind a house. I then was shot multiple times, and went unconscious, and as you can see in the logs I was definitely finished off by someone.
  6. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    The part where I shot people was the fight I had 10 minutes before where I was being chased down by 2 people and they were shooting st me, so I killed one of them, this was a while away from town in a field. I then ran back into town, the moment I got in there was shots everywhere and a dead body outside. I ran to the side of a house and then was shot multiple times without warning, no initiation atall
  7. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Edited again
  8. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

  9. Stann

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Server and location: DayzRP EU #1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:00 | 15th June Your in game name: Stan Gary Names of allies involved: No idea Name of suspect/s: No idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): May have a video, will check tommorow (on phone currently) Detailed description of the events: I walked into Lopatino, the moment I enter, a huge load of shots go off. I ran to the side and hid next to a house. The next thing I was hit by silences rounds and unconscious. I then died.
  10. I was born in Berezino, in a rough part of town. I was brought up around some bad people who influenced me into some bad things, I tried to turn my life around but continuouslt failed and was lured into more crimes. I started off with petty crimes, shoplifting and some small scraps. But after years I was slowly turning into a well known criminal in the city of Berezino, robbing shops, armed robberies and more. At the age of 17 I decided I needed to sort my life out. It was extremely difficult as I had already made myself a horrible reputation, I couldn't get a job, I couldn't find a girlfriend, all my friends hated me for trying to change my ways. At the age of 19, my parents were killed by a gang that I had messed around with a few years back. This is when I needed to fight back, I came back to all my friends, but they rejected me. I got the will from my parents, which I barely knew. It turned out they were apart of that gang, they were drug dealers which had messed with their own gang and had stolen money... The will was over 4 million, now I knew that people were going to come after me. But once again I didn't use my gut, I used my stupid brain. I made a target of myself, I bought a 1million mansion, bought drugs and got myself into shit again. After continuos attacks from other gangs, I moved to Elektro with all the money. I have settled down there now, and have a job, a family and friends. I have spun my life around, I am now 23 and a lovely caring man. Or am I?