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  1. Stan Gary

    I was born in Berezino, in a rough part of town. I was brought up around some bad people who influenced me into some bad things, I tried to turn my life around but continuouslt failed and was lured into more crimes. I started off with petty crimes, shoplifting and some small scraps. But after years I was slowly turning into a well known criminal in the city of Berezino, robbing shops, armed robberies and more. At the age of 17 I decided I needed to sort my life out. It was extremely difficult as I had already made myself a horrible reputation, I couldn't get a job, I couldn't find a girlfriend, all my friends hated me for trying to change my ways. At the age of 19, my parents were killed by a gang that I had messed around with a few years back. This is when I needed to fight back, I came back to all my friends, but they rejected me. I got the will from my parents, which I barely knew. It turned out they were apart of that gang, they were drug dealers which had messed with their own gang and had stolen money... The will was over 4 million, now I knew that people were going to come after me. But once again I didn't use my gut, I used my stupid brain. I made a target of myself, I bought a 1million mansion, bought drugs and got myself into shit again. After continuos attacks from other gangs, I moved to Elektro with all the money. I have settled down there now, and have a job, a family and friends. I have spun my life around, I am now 23 and a lovely caring man. Or am I?