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    I grew up on our family farm with my Mother, Father and my two older brothers. I loved those guys. My oldest brother Jack died when I was young. He was an engineer in the army. he hoped to be a commando some day, but that hope died when a mortar barrage flattened his outpost in Afghan' along with him and his squad. My other brother joined the Navy, my mum hoped that he would be safer on a ship away from the combat. He' survived a lot longer than my brother but he did anything but stay on the ship. He was a Royal Marine Commando. Died behind enemy lines extracting a civilian trying to defect. My mother and father treated me as their prized possession. I was their last surviving child. Had a pretty decent school life. Far from a straight A student but I had friends and stayed out of trouble, most of the time. I decided to join the RMP after college when my course started to feel boring. I wanted to be out there, exploring, fighting, you know? My time in the RMP was great. there were not many things I didn't know or understand. Some people hated me for it, but they were probably jealous. I even began to outrank soldiers who had joined years before me. It felt great. My life began to decline after I was selected by NATO to join a squad to be sent to a small country in the East. Most of my guys died in this hellhole. or are still wandering now. I hope the infection is bound to Chernarus. Or the world is screwed.... //WIP, sorry for typos//