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  1. I grew up on our family farm with my Mother, Father and my two older brothers. I loved those guys. My oldest brother Jack died when I was young. He was an engineer in the army. he hoped to be a commando some day, but that hope died when a mortar barrage flattened his outpost in Afghan' along with him and his squad. My other brother joined the Navy, my mum hoped that he would be safer on a ship away from the combat. He' survived a lot longer than my brother but he did anything but stay on the ship. He was a Royal Marine Commando. Died behind enemy lines extracting a civilian trying to defect. My mother and father treated me as their prized possession. I was their last surviving child. Had a pretty decent school life. Far from a straight A student but I had friends and stayed out of trouble, most of the time. I decided to join the RMP after college when my course started to feel boring. I wanted to be out there, exploring, fighting, you know? Childhood sweetheart stayed with my through school and the RMP, her name's Tara. Her father didn't approve of us, but what father would. She has long brown hair and green eyes. shy but comes out of her shell when we are together. i hope she's okay. My time in the RMP was great. there were not many things I didn't know or understand. Some people hated me for it, but they were probably jealous. I even began to outrank soldiers who had joined years before me. It felt great. My life began to decline after I was selected by NATO to join a squad to be sent to a small country in the East. Most of my guys died in this hellhole. or are still wandering now. I hope the infection is bound to Chernarus. Or the world is screwed.... //WIP, sorry for typos//