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  1. About my character

    Sorry about that. English is not my mother language. I still have trouble with prepositions sometimes.
  2. About my character

    On my character's background, I wrote that Sam made it to the shore by swimming. I didn't specify much, just that he was desperate to save his daughter, who unfortunatelly died once they were out of the water. If this is a problem I can always edit my background.
  3. About my character

    Well, it's a month approximately. Sam - my character - is one of the survivors of the cruise ship mentioned in the lore so he's been in Chernarus since the sinking. Does that mean that still the military didn't let the survivors in? Like there was no rescue at all? P.S.: I always wanted to tell you that your avatar rocks. I love that movie.
  4. About my character

    Already red the lore twice, but I'll make sure to read other characters' stories so mine don't conflict with them. Thanks a lot.
  5. About my character

    I've just read the rules and I will give it a shot indeed. But before jumping into RP I'd like to make sure where my character would be right now. I just found this section: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/283-dayz-stories-and-journals/ Maybe I can start from day 1 here? Like creating a second background on what Sam's been doing since the cruise ship sinking until today.
  6. About my character

    So, I'll be getting a better computer soon - hopefully by the end of this week - so I can finally play DayZ. I already have a character and supposedly he's been on Chernarus for a month already. Still know little about how exactly I'm going to start once I get to play. My question is: Is there any way that I can roleplay via forums what my character's been doing in this month, like joining some faction or something? Maybe he already met someone or joined some community or whatever. Thanks in advance.
  7. New issue

    Oh, don't worry. I didn't have to buy it. The new one is just another one I had at home. I wanted to try it before buying anything. I guess I should consider buying now, I'll make sure I get what I need. Thank you.
  8. New issue

    I finally changed my graphics card and managed to install its latest drivers and directx 11. However, I still get the same error (the image attached). There's a little difference anyway. Now I've noticed a black window opening right before the error pops up. My new card is an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500. I haven't bought a new one because I wanted to give a shot to this one I already had. I'm thinking that maybe the card's still a problem, or maybe could it be that my OS (Windows 10) is 32-bit?
  9. What do you listen to ?

  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Badass. 9/10. Would be a ten if he had his sword drawed.
  11. [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    Funny. When I first saw your username I thought of Chewbacca. Not that you got it after the character, just reminded me. Nice story!
  12. [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    I hobble in real life since I started walking due to a disease I suffered from, so all my life I've been called lame, jokingly or with hurt intentions. And when I was a teen I was pretty weird, so at High School classmates and other students thought I was crazy. My username is just a combination of those two words I used to hate to be called. I learned that if you can't laugh at yourself, you have a problem.
  13. Game issue

    I'm gonna head outside in a while and buy the stuff I need. Do I need to look for a specific graphic card so it supports DX 11?
  14. What do you listen to ?

  15. Game issue

    @NebulousCass It doesn't let me install those drivers, compatibility issues. I'm beginning to think that the problem is my Windows 10 version, since it's the Educational. I guess I will try purchasing some other version and update my system. Also I will try to upgrade my computer a bit so it meets the requirements. Thanks a lot to you all for the help and the information! I appreaciate it.