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  1. Nick Lockwood

    Nick was born to a middle-class family in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. His childhood was wrought with physical abuse and neglect, preferring to be in the company of his friends than anywhere near his parents. His time with his friends gave Nick a very wise upbringing, relying on his gut more than others. Nick went through various odd jobs, his last being a successful drug distributor in the heart of Atlanta with his wife, Casey. Years of drug dealing took a toll on Nick Lockwood, leaving him paranoid and anxiety-ridden. Casey had also felt this strain after years of helping Nick with the financial and logistical side of the drug trade. Casey and Nick soon agreed it was time for a change. After searching and searching, they came upon a country by the name of Chernaus. Recently the country had seen relative prosperity and was full of beautiful landscape scenery. They agreed on it and made plans to move. After saving enough funds through his job, he cut all ties to the drug trade, setting his sights on the prosperous country.-----To Be Continued-----
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  11. Hello, I'd like to introduce myself as Lockwood. I might be new to DayZ roleplay but adapting should hopefully be a simple transition. I have a grand total of eight years of roleplay experience under my belt. I've been productive in many Arma 2 & 3 roleplay communities, along with Rust, Star-wars, GTA and a few others that escape my memory at the moment. I look forward to meeting many of you folks in-game, as well as in the forums and Ts3. I've been intently reading the well developed lore the community has put together and find myself thoroughly impressed with the amount of detail. I'd also like to commend you guys for putting forth such a strong set of rules which will help exclude any roleplay hiccups for new comers, keeping the main stream of roleplay for veteran players consistent . I'm looking forward to embracing this community and all it has to offer in-game. Thanks