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  1. Beth is a doctor. No not the kind that you find in a hospital. She's a globe trotting medical woman. Being hired by various universities and research organizations to send her with a team to God knows where to make sure they all stay healthy and alive on their journey. Some journeys are more eventful than others. Most are boring, sitting around waiting for nothing to happen. The occasional scrape here, caffeine pills here, sleeping pills there. That kind of thing. Occasionally there are some more interesting activities, like scaling tall mountains or exploring long forgotten tombs in an underground base. Sometimes broken bones happen if someone falls, or when someone gets really sick from eating the local food. Never anything too serious though. Even though she's trained for more serious situations Beth is glad for the slower and better paying life she leads. That is, until this last job she took. She was hired by a group to go do some research on the geology of Chernarus, a small country under some pretty intense issues internally and pressure externally. Why exactly, she didn't know, didn't care either because they were paying more than TEN times what she normally got for this kind of work. Outsiders are not exactly welcome, so her and her team were going in covert. Entering the country by small boat by night, landing in a very obscure place off the eastern coast. The tree line protected them. From there, they made their way south toward a small village on an island, where they were to meet their contact. Before getting there however, they realized something went wrong, something went very very wrong. Almost immediately she realized something was wrong, these people were acting like rabid animals, clawing and scratching at anything human that moved that wasn't one of them. She couldn't tell if they were eating the flesh or not, because she didn't stick around long enough to find out. In the ensuing panic, she was split up from her group. There were 4 of them, and now she was alone. She had a small knife, some rations and warm clothes, but nothing in the amount of firearms, and she wasn't exactly proficient in them anyways. Did her employers know about this before they sent them? Maybe? She thought it would be strange to send a medical doctor, two geologists and a navigator/survivalist out to the middle of nowhere if they knew this was going to happen. Would explain the insane pay offer though. Ever since then, Beth has been trying to survive. Fruit here, chicken there, canned food in between. It's been rough, but she's never lost hope that she might find the rest of her team, out there, somewhere.
  2. NebulousCass

    End loot saturation!

    I'm not sure how technically feasible this suggestion would be, but maybe to prevent "Mega Hubs" from being a thing, or at least make it be slightly more Interesting? there could be some kind of "Infected Horde" that roams around and gravitates toward large gatherings of players? If it can't be dynamic like that, perhaps admins being able to spawn 200+ zombies that 'Walk into town' or something, where after the server resets then the population of that places zombies increases? Again, not sure how feasible that would be, and its just a thought but I would think it would be intimidating as hell to suddenly see a horde of zombies that "Walked into town during the night." and then everyone suddenly now has to fight their way out of the town, hide and wait it out, or try and sneak out of town.
  3. Jennifer had a normal childhood, all the way up until her mother and father decided that they wanted to "Help" the people of a God forsaken country like Chernarus. Uprooting her from her life in Vancouver, they decided it would be a good idea to take her with them and plop her down into a country without knowing any Russian or Chernarussian at all. Her senior year of high school would be spent in a foreign country, away from her friends and everything she knew. Needless to say she was not happy about this development, and she was not going to be cooperative at all. She had grown up in the lap of luxury, her every want and desire fulfilled nearly instantly. Now, she was struggling to even buy groceries at the store since she didn't speak the language. Her parents meant well, they were bleeding hearts though and thought about other before themselves, and apparently before herself either. Everything was going as about as well as one could hope in this situation, at least until things started to go to crap quick. Her parents were naïve sure, but not entirely stupid. They had stocked a fallout shelter with enough food and water to last at least a year for all three of them, and when things started going to hell she fled to the shelter, thinking her parents would join her shortly as they made it there, Jenny had made it there first. Days went by, and she didn't hear or see them anywhere. After a week, she assumed that they were dead, and did her best to survive on her own. After a while she started to notice that her food wasn't lasting as long as she had hoped, she figured there was enough food and water to last a couple of years at least, but it was a little over a year in, and she was already running dangerously low on food. Water was easy, as rain was a constant, but her food reserves were getting low. She wasn't going to be able to stay here, not forever anyways. After taking stock, she realized she had enough food to last for about another few days. Instead of staying, and eating it then not having anything to eat while looking for more food, she packed what she could and opened the hatch to the outside...
  4. NebulousCass

    Staff members Spawn in items.

    I personally found 2 AKMs spawned in the same room before. 3 M4s in the same 200m radius and loads of AK/STANAG Mags everywhere. If anything 762x39 and 556 ammo is too easy to find. Finding pistol mags, MP5s their mags, and 9mm ammo is harder than finding the long rifles.
  5. NebulousCass

    Starting Items

    Speaking from experience, spawning in the middle of the black forest was horrid. I spawned at night, and the road flare didn't last long enough to get out of the black forest and to anywhere meaningful. I ended up having to log out and wait for daytime to go anywhere, I also ended up finding some poor soul that needed to die to get a correct character model (Male character spawned as a female). I would be all for spawning with the addition of a can of tuna, and a PET bottle. Possibly even making a round robin type spawning thing, where every spawn point will spawn a character, and then that spawn point won't spawn another character until all the others have. Now that most people have already spawned I think it will be a little more comfortable starting with finding essentials though. It was rough trying to find enough food to stave off starvation for that first couple of hours.
  6. NebulousCass

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Every time I disconnect and then try to reconnect by pressing "Play" it doesn't seem to work, is there a way to fix this? Favorites don't seem to work either.
  7. NebulousCass

    Airfield Under Anarchist Control

    Holly presses down the PTT. ”Whatever works, honestly that sounds like a more effective method.” Holly Releases the PTT
  8. I think that a mass e-mail could be sent out to those that were Perm'd, telling them that if they want to come back they can file a one time appeal to lift their Permaban. This method would prevent a mass un-ban and allow admins to look over the appeal as a normal appeal and this would show that the person actually went through the effort to make the appeal and genuinely has some desire to return and follow the rules this time around. Perhaps with some kind of stipulations attached, to allow them to not only rejoin the community but be shown that they are being closely watched for a relapse of their previous behavior.
  9. NebulousCass

    Airfield Under Anarchist Control

    Holly sighs softly as she sat her spork down next to her plate of half eaten venison. Picking up her radio she pauses for a moment before pressing down the PTT. "To the person... claiming that the Airfield is now under control of the Anarchists. I'm assuming your one of the representatives of said group? Based on your tone, I assume you are?" She waits for a moment, before adding.. "I'm assuming that there are people out there without a working radio, are there plans on putting up some kind of no trespassing signs? Seems kind of a raw deal to get executed for doing something you didn't know was against the law, in a land seemingly without law. Not a good PR move to be known for executing civilians simply for being ignorant when no reasonable person would expect someone to magically and suddenly become aware of this new law. Not that I really care about what you do there, Military and Governement hold no favor with me either, just don't want unnecessary bloodshed and I'm assuming you want to avoid killing innocent civilians just trying to survive if it can be helped, based on your transmission." Holly releases the PTT, and goes back to eating her Venison.
  10. NebulousCass

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    Keep in mind, that it is not a small download (around 6,7GB for me) so if you have a slow download speed expect to be waiting a while. Best to download it while you're sleeping/at work/etc.
  11. NebulousCass

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    I've always held the belief that you should be able to do just about anything to anyone at anytime within the stipulation that you provide an enjoyable RP experience for everyone involved. If someone comes across another person, and wants to rob them, they should be able to do so without needing a 15-30 minute interaction with that person. On the same note however, it would be considered BadRP to rob someone of everything they have in the middle of the street and then run off. Holding someone up for food or ammo and such things is acceptable, but stripping them naked in the middle of the road and then running off seems like it's just BadRP. The level of robbery being done should be proportional to the RP, now taking a couple of items like food and a box of ammo would be easy enough. Taking larger items would require some kind of story element to be brought in to give both people something to use to develop their character's story and to make the scene memorable and meaningful, rather than just highway robbery. That's how I've always felt things like that should go. Kidnappings, Ransom, and General Debauchery (Aside from anything obviously against the code of conduct) should be fine. I don't think kidnapping someone and holding them for ransom is something that should require RP with the victim before being able to initiate the kidnapping. Being able to kidnap someone from their own camp, where they felt safe and then hold them for ransom would cause a huge character development for everyone, the victim would be emotionally scared and now not be able to feel safe where they once were and now have to work through that, and their friends or associates would have their own developments unique to their personalities. I agree that being able to walk up to someone, point a gun at them and then shoot them for simply not complying within 3 seconds is just silly, but at the same time not being able to initiate hostilities with anyone you meet without RPing with them enough to find out their name (if they tell you their real name, and you check the character's status so you can then meta the knowledge and react differently now that you know you don't have to follow those rules) and spending the next 20-30 minutes waiting for something to hook onto so you can be hostile toward them is just dumb. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm the only one that thinks about these specific things but that's my two cents. Also, If someone was banned and that ban is more than a year old I think they should have the option for some kind of redemption in some form. I know I was a vastly different person when I was 18-23 than I am now, and a life time ban doesn't seem fair when someone can indeed mature and improve themselves for the better.
  12. @AbeRedA Had loads of fun with you tonight, hope to see more of you tomorrow ?
  13. Feels like the whole world is regressing back to the second grade... *sigh*

  14. Hi there, I'm sure someone would be more than happy to take you up north, just might not be how you expect when you get there... Fly safe 07
  15. Hello and Welcome! Good luck on your whitelist! Hope to see you in game soon!
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