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  1. woke up two days in a row with damn near keto-acidosis levels. -.- I'm boggled. I barely eat at all and diabetes is kicking my arse.... my only surmise of the situation is due to my liver disease it's somehow dysfunctional in the process of glygenolysis . ( which basically means when I'm not gaining enough glucose from meals my liver is attempting to compensate by creating it's own glucose ) The constant increase of glucose in my blood stream might be the reason... Sort of waiting to speak with an endo about this stuff specifically but hey, if I happen to be online it'd be a big help if my friends remind me to eat.. Sounds pretty weird to not remember something so simple, but I'm soo freakin scatterbrained that stuff like this happens more often than not and hunger doesn't really happen for me. O.o  Anyway, posting this out for my buds online - if you have any tips for this stuff I'm all ears. 


    1. Aisling


      No carbs!!! Just eat you lots of nice meats and greens ^___^ Id cook for you if I could. *hugs*

    2. Bounty


      LOL Thanks Keira. I'm just a derp, true story. Be like 'Nikky, go eat a fuckin' sandwhich' and I'll get it. xD

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