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  1. Bounty

    Initial fear of players

    Be completely harmless! That helps. xD Although I've been robbed alot O.o - people tend to walk up, point guns.. hear my voice and then pat my head in a patronizing fashion. <.< But, always good role-play to be had for sure.... I make a point of not carrying a gun and feeding heavily geared soldiers, because.... They can't yell at me with a mouth full of spaghetti. Whatever happens ,though, use your head.... You got a bunch of scary charnarussians talking about hating foreigners and you know you're a foreigner? Maybe pretend to be mute and write 'death to foreign pigs' in the sand with your fingers..
  2. Bounty

    Could we rely only on IG radios for IG communication.

    Please no. I can feel the cringe here.. DayZRP has done fine using TS radio / whatever radio you want for years... why force anything. (?) -.-' If people want to use their own private communication server, then let them... O.o There are days where I want to play, but be left alone and I don't want to be forced to log into TS to get in game.
  3. Bounty

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Cigars... that you can wear in your mouth. <_< like a mask. Because Yes >_> Observe.: Also facepaint or Tattoos?
  4. Bounty

    Real life picture Thread

    Bein a ham xD
  5. Bounty

    Real life picture Thread

    Riding on my Dad's motorcycle in the Fraser valley. Ended up going with a friend to the top of that mountain. ( was on a dirt bike and holy crap it hurt to even walk the next day. ) 5 hour motorcycle drive on steep bends to the plateau and another 3 hour hike to the peak. Was a bit morbid getting up there and seeing a placard dedicated to people that... decided they'd jump off the peak without a chute. My mum and our pup mr Max. he's an older dog, poor guy has trouble with his hips but he still loves a good trek. Amazing right.(?) Perfect photo op.
  6. Bounty

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Name: More water pumps? ( no idea if it's even possible ) Picture: N./A Reason: ^ Bridge seems neat.. come to think of it, can we put a water source ON that island? or is that too much? Would be cool as hell to see people camping out on prison island.. all that rp! ( For cool locations without necessities.. )
  7. Bounty

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Name: Place-able benches / chairs things people can sit on! Picture: pretty much anything that might fit the look of Chernarus Reason: I wanna cuddle my panda <_< :x or... ANY furnishings you can actually 'sit' on? ( placing stuff.. you can sit on in particular ) would be nice not to sit on the ground for a change xD YES I posted this.. CRINGE ALL YOU LIKE BUT I LURVE IT. <_<
  8. Bounty

    How many BeanZ have you given?

  9. Bounty

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    I reallllllly used to love driving in this game. ( as much as most people hated it xD ) I loved putting cars together, repairing them etc.. Rarely had issues maintaining a vehicle / keeping them going and it was fun discovering one high in the mountains when you were almost certain you were about to die without a quick source of food.. All this being said, I'd just plain like to see more cars being used IG and unfortunately in the state they're in, it's just not going to happen. I say there isn't any harm of them spawning in with working parts.. The driver / owner still has to steadily maintain that vehicle / stash it away (it'll get stolen!) and that in itself is alot more care intensive than maintaining a vehicle used to be.. ( I could literally drive an off roader off a cliff or catch some air in the thing and it'd still be fine.. with less parts needed to repair it anyway ) I want some viable car-thiefin' in game again.. Wanna see base builds be more than a single fence wall.. establishing bases can 'win' in this scenario and being a bit of a wanderer ? I'm always excited to see some kind of hub getting off the ground.
  10. Bounty


    OMG FALK <_< SCARE me with an ax then eh? <_<
  11. Bounty

    Lawkeepers [Active Recruitment]

    Had some really nice RP with your group already! Fingers crossed you guys can keep the lawkeepers strong and really build on it! ^_^
  12. Bounty

    Day or Night?

    I dunno.... I would have said keep it, if we could actually use torches / flashlights.. Right now? As much as I love immersion, I won't bother if I can't even craft something to help me in the middle of a forest if need be. Remove nights until torches / lights work.. imo.
  13. Bounty

    Night vision mod for DayZRP

    holy crap this is cool! YAAAASSSS I mean the item itself looks bad-ass as hell. Let this be a thing.
  14. Bounty


    This is a pretty badass shot! Love it
  15. Bounty

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    Agreed. A shared hive just creates more issues really.. Two separate servers works perfectly - sure you have to re-gear your alternate persona, but then you're still able to RP as normal and hop on either depending on the pop.