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  1. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *She pushes down the PTT* "The Summer Camp, Directly South of Novy Sobor, you can't miss it.. There is also a woman here with a deep wound on her stomach.. it's infected... she might need assistance with that...At the moment, I can't leave the camp either, I'm trying to explain to them what needs to be done about the wound, but my medical expertise is limited to basic stuff, y'know? "
  2. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *She furrows her brows* "The sick won't be able to make their way to tisy... fuck... They are going to stick it out at the summer camp.. Listen, don't come to the summer camp unless you've got protective gear.. and are coming with medicine.. I don't want this to spread worse than it has... Thankfully I've not any symptoms and I'm keeping my distance.. but literally providing food and water, is all I can do.." "I can't just off these people.. they seem okay, I mean things haven't gotten worse for them, but they're just in a constant state of trying to breathe and cough... We might have someone coming down with medicine.. fingers crossed it works, because it seems the anti-biotics were full stop, useless.."
  3. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *she hums and presses the PTT* "Alright, where are you?"
  4. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *She seemed alarmed...her voice agitated as she spoke* "We were tipped off about a group looking for medicine for one of their sick.... it's bad.. We came upon a cabin in the Summer camp near Novy... There's four of them in there.. coughing, hacking.. wheezing... This is insane." *she seemed to be trying to catch her breath...* " Please, ANYONE know what the hell this is? The sick people are saying it's just like a Common cold - but I've never seen a cold spread like that... literally minutes.. Don't go near anyone with this cough, until we can figure out what will help... " *she taps the radio against her lips* "Some of them are saying codeine is what they need... I know very little about medicine, but codeine? I'm out of ideas..." "I think Jamie is going to try and lay down in that cabin with the rest of the sick ones...I'll give them food and water... try and keep them isolated.." "Ughh this is like super cold - cold with a plan, cold that mutated into a venerable snot monster... I hate germs... " *she releases the PTT and runs from one of the sickly people*
  5. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *she bit her lips..* "Well, he's got a really bad cough, he's wheezing - talked about coughing up blood, puking, fever.... I've managed to find some anti-biotics in the clinic down in vybor, but... I don't even know if they work... if it's the right thing to give him... I have him out here in Stary near the road... but I'm scared to go near him, y'know?"
  6. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *she sounded relieved, pushing down on the ptt once more* "You... sound familiar..." She couldn't put her finger on it, but continued.. "Please, I'm begging you.. I'm trying to help this young man... He said his name was Jamie? I currently ran to Stary Sobor.. in search of what medical I could find.. Are you able to make it to Vybor? I believe.. he's still there.... but.. he didn't look so good.... I'll be heading back there soon." *she raises her brows seeing Jamie running through stary* "Scratch that, he's here with me in Stary... I'll try and compensate you for the journey... Please, I'd j-just like to be able to find him some help.."
  7. Bounty

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *Kaya pushes down the PTT, her voice seems worried, shakey even - she calls out desperate to find anyone that might know what's going on* "Hello? I need help.. Well.." she cleared her throat.. "Please are there any doctors out there, anyone with medical expertise...? I've managed to run into a young man who is very ill... He's saying there's some kind of communicable/transmissible sickness going around.. He's wheezing, coughing up blood.. high fever... I haven't gone anywhere near him, but is anyone aware of what this is? how to treat it? can anyone with a medical background make their way to vybor?" *she releases the PTT keeping a safe distance from the man.. *
  8. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    I see what you're getting at Traveler - but I'd sooner take perm Damage, that I'd have to viably role-play out with my character, than death.. If we're going over reasons TO negotiate, then yeah I could get behind that.. But offing a compliant hostage, with a group that makes no attempt to negotiate? that's shitty.
  9. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    I agree.. if a negotiation goes down, maybe it's alright.. but what's taking place is alot of the time people have no value for the life of their comrades.. and just want to pvp.. and /yet/ I can see how changes WILL BE used as a means to boost KDR for some stupid reason.
  10. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    You don't have to kill a character to viably negotiate.. Torture is a thing.. and it's fun as fuck - (alright maybe not being on a the receiving end.. but y'know.. ) And torture for the sake of pressing negotiation is one thing.. straight up spinning around and shooting a compliant hostage in the head? ehhhh......
  11. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    This is the slippery slope I mentioned Mexi.. How many Bandit groups you know, commit single acts.... I'm talking about how they bounce around in the triangle, a bunch of people get rights.. etc.. YEAH people attacking bandit groups with a hostage? might very well be UNAFFILIATED with that hostage.
  12. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    I think my opinion counts, because more often than not, it's how things play out, Traveler. Either way, I simplified it for the sake of understanding where I'm coming from here.. I'm happy to BE a hostage for the sake of RP.. Which I do quite often without anything pre-planned.. I go out, I adapt, I RP.. That being said, Again, I think it's complete bullshit to get killed because someone attacking -could be- an ally..
  13. Bounty

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    No, and here's why. If I'm role-playing as a compliant hostage? MY actions should determine whether an execution is warranted, NOT the possibility of a random group or even my group attempting a rescue. If you were to walk up to me, tell me to put my hands up and take my radio? (so I can't communicate with anyone, anyway. ) If I were to follow all demands and remain a hostage and then some random dynamic group rolls up, because you have more than myself hostage ( let's say you're grabbing a bunch of people in a city.. ) Then why the fuck should my character have to die (?) especially if I'm no threat, have no weapons etc... In case you're wondering, I've been in these types of hostage situations before and being told I'll be killed (?), because of a group of people I don't even know attacking, erked the hell out of me, because there was literally nothing I could do.. Taking hostages turns into Capture the flag.. You take it, you hold it, you protect it in your base... if you lose, the other team takes the flag.. The idea is pretty damn simple.. Doesn't mean if you're losing, you can turn around and burn the damn flag. I don't want anyone determining the fate of MY character.. it's mine and my actions should be the only thing that warrants action against said character... I think the problem here is the need for groups to accept some realism in the sense that Negotiation should always come first.. if an agreement can't be made? well.. then I'd assume you guys would shoot each other.. It surprises the hell out of me that this is even a thing.. For the record, I see what you guys are getting at here.. But if you don't know with 100% certainty that an attack has anything to do with your hostage and not some prior situation and so on, this is one hell of a slippery slope.
  14. Bounty

    What do you listen to ?

  15. Bounty

    Savior's Media Thread

    OMG soo funny xD Great vid guys