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  1. Bounty

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    Fallout 76 could have been great. Atleast the music was really decent Last one xD Used to listen to this soundtrack alot. Really well done imo.
  2. Bounty

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    oh! and this one heh. xD good game
  3. Bounty

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  4. Bounty


    lol yes, I know it wasn't you guys. I was bein a poop. Atleast they look comfortable, sleeping on the steering wheel xD
  5. Good luck sully..... ]:D You'll need it in Cherno. j/k j/k... or am I? >_> Great group, glad to see you guys working things out. Damn good RP from you lot already.
  6. Bounty

    Interview With A Community Member: JimRP

    Great interview. :3 Really liked what Jim had to say.
  7. Bounty

    Scar's shit edits

    Welp, the legend has returned. Time to start hiding in sheds again -.-
  8. Bounty


    WERE YOU THE THIEVES THAT TOOK MY CAR!?!!?? HA! THERE ye got what you deserved >_> j/k j/k
  9. Legit holy fuck. Was expecting a puppy o.o
  10. Like a happy surprise or a peaky blinders surprise? xD
  11. I always end up taking them down, cus I get all introverted O.o but yeah xD
  12. If it's possible, I'd like to drop the report. I've thought about it and, although I really would have appreciated more RP, they did really make an effort to role-play with me prior to the engagement.. I do honestly feel they will /think/ about how they should play out RP in the future.. and that is enough to satisfy me. Of course, it's up to Admins, but I hope that can be considered. Also, seeing that I was only hit once, I think it's more clear that when I was shot it was really an accident.. we all get a bit shakey sometimes and to be fair he did stop and bandage me and the pair made the effort to offer me role-play via a radio thread.. They knew I didn't have video evidence, but spoke the honest truth in PoV as well and I appreciated that.
  13. Bounty

    God Bless The Great White North

    Love being Canadian. Fuck Trudeau, fuck Bieber.. That is all xD
  14. Bounty

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    I'd say 7/10 - I like the theme, it reminds me of older video games I used to play, like Kagero. but, I dunno how I feel about the music, I'm sure it's great just not my genre.
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