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  1. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A song for the true ones.
  2. oof! Alright. Found a tool that would work ( a hand hatchet it seems is needed.. nothing else worked -.- ) ... :x Problem solved! thanks for the help! ( Imma clean up this mess )
  3. Well I had the other members of the group log in and try it.. It's why I was concerned about it We also tried both sides :x I might be missing something.. but could someone maybe come take a look at it? I'm not sure what else to try... It's the first time I've run into a base issue like this. ( I don't want to leave a mess of un-used half built walls all over the place either )
  4. Your kids are so cute. xD Everyone looks like they really had a lot of fun too. :3 ;_; Now I wanna spend time on the beach.
  5. So, I've been trying to tear down the remnants of an old base location and... I'm absolutely puzzled. All that we built was a gate and two walls and I've tried an axe, a sledgehammer, a crowbar, a hacksaw etc.. to destroy the upper and lower wallls and naaaadaaaa.. The time wheel that appears while destroying a construct DOES NOT move at all (tried dismantling with EACH tool for 3-4 minutes and it's just stuck....being indestructible.. ) Did I miss something? Are we not supposed to build on server 2? Is this a bug? ;o :x Am I failing miserably at base destruction. xD?
  6. Oh Goodness.. I'm going to hell.....
  7. Well... I mean.. A leg seems easier to fix than... the whole backwards facing head thing. O.o
  8. LMFAO We all had a good, macabre chuckle... <_< we had someone down there with medical supplies and an epi, but when we realized his head was backwards, we all had to look at him and poke at the body. He was a good lad.
  9. Bounty

    Bounty's random adventures O.o

    Pics with friends and cool peeps. :3
  10. Bounty

    DayZ Live Action Trailer: Surviving Chernarus

    Yasssssss -happy dance- Great stuff. xD Anyone wanna make a badass / unbiased DayzRP version?
  11. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A song that keeps you focused on your goals
  12. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A track that gets you amped for war.
  13. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A song you can relate to the whole of your /own/ life
  14. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A song that brings you back to your most cherished memory.
  15. Bounty

    Emotional match

    A song that resembles your significant other ( or the one you'd desire to have )
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