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  1. *takes out her radio, listening to the angry spat between them and mewls in a sing-song voice* "Doooooo your balls hang low, do they wobble two and fro, can ye' tie them in a knot? Can ye tie ehm' in a bow....." *Crazed laughter can be heard, the woman is down-right cackling, probably high as a kite, sitting in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere..* "Less talk, more bullets.. Could you guys set a time and place to make this go down? I need some entertainment - but I'm kinda banking on the Russkies, no offense.. They seem more in control of their emotions at this point...ANYWAY, when yer all done killing each other, I'm looking for a mini-skirt and an AK.. Will trade! and possibly feed people.. cus you can't very well kill people on an empty stomach" *releases the PTT*
  2. Eddie was an absolutely Fantastic character, not going to lie... but! there might be a way for you to work this into your current character.. Could Noah suddenly fall victim to opiates, start losing his mind bit by bit and somehow stumble on Eddie's notes? or records he might have kept? Could Noah start skewing the lines? Believe HE is Eddie? I mean it could make for some interesting complexity and essentially you're bringing Eddie back in a fucked up kinda way. I dunno man.. Does suck he's gone though, I ran into your character a few times and he was pretty decent.. All this stuff said? I was just telling a friend, after watching the interaction you and Mademoiselle have IG, that I was personally really impressed by it.. Your characters are believable, they mesh well aannnnnddd TBH I found the dynamic /between/ your characters and the shenanigans you've gotten into ( on Madem's stream ) is really interesting to watch. RP wise? it'd be a shame to see that gone.
  3. the Car my Dad built and I adore ( a rusted out chassis / body and that's all he had to start with... our's was a single color pearlescent baby blue. ) Beautiful car - 1968 beaumont. I can't seem to get into newer models at all... Pretty stuck on old school muscle. Though, I did have a thing for the 1986 MR2... I'd seen it in a Triad gangster film, Young and Dangerous and although it's boxy as shit, I still loved it.
  4. What about this. Give each and only approved group leaders, the ability to spawn a set amount of things ( like in the DayZ item shop ) give them the ability to spawn a certain amount of nails, boards, building materials and tents.. Then, with every recorded persistence wipe, reset these items. This might fix the trouble and allow these groups to keep or maintain a permanent base.. You wouldn't be able to access these items, unless there was a persistence wipe. I don't know if it's possible, but it might make things easier. of course... just an option if we don't have mapped / perma settlements.
  5. Kaya: A short form of the Hopi name Kakahoya, meaning "my elder little sister." The name implies someone who is wise beyond her years. Originally, the name Kaya I used to play a character in another verse of role-play annnd it seemed to apply well to the back story I'd been considering. ( which started on another server. ) The last name: LaCroix was actually taken from a really oldschool table-top turned PC game VTM:Bloodlines. It was the name of a Ventrue / lead 'big bad' in the game and it was probably The most satisfying plot kill in the whole of it. (Sebastion LaCroix) Anyway, it seemed fitting, because although the character I created might genuinely care for people, she /could/ also be completely subversive and entirely disingenuous too.. Sebastion is highly manipulative, has you trailing breadcrumbs the entire game, though, unfortunately it lead to his undoing ( or sometimes the player character, if one trusted him too much. )
  6. 10/10 Cus Ragnar. xD and cus the music is interesting for me. ? [Has this... crazy euphoric vibe to it.]
  7. I'm going to up my RP. ? Getting a megaphone, stripping evil doers naked and shouting shame as we make them slow walk through the triangle. But seriously, I get the frustration here. ;_; But then it just all goes back to people pushing themselves and making the conscious decision that they don't want that anymore.. ?
  8. I dunno, I just think if this really is ALL about showing people up? then put your money where yer frikken mouth is and settle this..
  9. This -could- also be an opportunity for a server wide event... Every group that is at War, meet for one big brawl in one specific place.. Winner of that brawl, will take the leader of opposing group to RP and PK. This way, you kill two birds with a single stone.. People that refuse to meet? Defamed for having Micro dickus, those that decide to come to end this? Bigger dickus and the results of the battle make it clear once and for all, who has the biggest of dinks. <_< I know this might have been suggested before, but now it's in pvp language. You're welcome. Leaders of groups meet OOC, decide the details and settle this like they should.
  10. Also, as dorky as it might sound. >_> Taking an IG lady to a music show would be GREAT for a date. @MrPanda -coughs-
  11. WAAAAAAOOOW! This is soo amazing.. Actually, The guy that plays Kenneth on the server is a damn good singer too.. I am really pumped to maybe head to zelen just to hear a show! If possible, would you guys be willing to make radio broadcasts ( radio thread ) To let people know when you are about to do a show?( maybe a half hour before hand? ) maybe get people interested in doing news reports on that PA too? would be nice to run into this... Like have a specific place we can go just to hangout, listen to good tunes etc.. Annnnnnd people have been talking for ages about getting news shows etc kicked off in a big way... O.O HECK, could even encourage other singers / artists to come play there! I wish I knew about this sooner ? I've been wasting my RP life.
  12. Well, good bandit RP is really tough, to be fair. ;_; I tried today to be 'Bandit Kaya' and I just felt bad and wanted to feed the guy.. -.- So I /would/ say, props to the people that really /do/ try. ? PvP / Wars do inspire good roleplay too! but, really? I think it's just a matter of groups policing themselves, y'know? The only real way we're going to get some good stories is if people quick to rush the gun, take some time off that to build group / character intrigue. Maybe even set aside time to meet with each other and hash out story driven ideas.. WHICH you can of course intermingle your pvp prowess.. I mean every group 'sort of' already does that in a passing day, but we really need DEEPLY routed stuff... Most of the RP we see lately is very light/ basic and superficial.. if we want better, we have to /do/ better ourselves.. Sink into your character.. 'Act' as best you can according to it.. Value it, above everything else.. I realize group mentality pushes people to become a sort of coagulated mass of the same.. but, role-play is better when each character is as dynamic as our real selves.. Loss of individuality in large groups can be a real issue.
  13. O.o I have never seen this before and it scares me O.o Shadow clone jutsu. ?
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