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  1. I aimed for about 2-3 seconds before killed instantly , I had zero intent in shooting was just trying to get my gear back
  2. Your saying no one provoked me but saying your going to shoot me over a sound that you thought was childish doesn't add up to what you said over a bottle , oh and I didn't I see you singing a song about you wanting to die in the forums? But that isn't childish and immature? And you say they warned me , but they kept saying what are you going to do about it which is provoking ,I didn't NVFLD Because there was multiple legion guards around that stop things like this , I asked to fight because I didn't want to leave off with just a I'm going to shoot you for saying woo , and if I abused my defender rights and shot you as soon as I woke up from uncon that is right too? And you should have not felted threatened considering you all had FALS and M4's and I only had a pistol , after you guys stole from me and denied to give it back and you keep bringing up this bottle thing even though you made a deadly threat over a sound that "ruined" your role play , you could have just ignored it.
  3. So asking for a stolen item back then having to result in pulling my pistol out in order to get it back because the person was provoking me by saying "What are you going to do about it" and I dont get what your trying to achieve by saying i'm going to blown your brains out by saying woo in game? Then proceeding to steal and kill me when I retaliate with no sort of rp , and no I was not coming out trolley , I was just saying woo outside your apartment , I didn't stay there for hours and bother you , I said WOO once or twice and left in the matter of 30 seconds but your trigger happy and decided to try and use it to abuse your attacker rights as I did not even hit a single one of your group members once , there was zero log of me doing any type of damage at all , I was simply helping the legion out by getting them some supplies and you decided to bait me , your friends even mentioned there was multiple of them and that I cant do anything about you guys even If I tried , but as soon I make a small retaliation you kill me instantly after provoking me to.
  4. Oh I remember , yes that was an accident as I didn't mean to pick it up , otherwise this guy was not involved in it , he noticed i picked up a lock by accident and punched me , I wasnt bothered and gave him it back and kept going on
  5. Yeah I don't remember this guy ever being involved , I don't even know who he is. There was two girls and two guys in their group , they have an "apartment" in the town square
  6. Server and location: US1 Cherno Town Square Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Early morning ingame (Aug 7 12:00 am-1:00 am ) Your in game name: Adrian Spot Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Didn't get their names Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): NoneDetailed description of the events: I logged in by cherno town square and decided to go out and look for some loot for the legion ,While I was doing the looting I heard a few people talking so I started saying woo outside the apartment they were in and hitting the wall with my fist and then left shortly after as just a random thing to do ( the people were inside the legion base) with a shovel and a sledgehammer and they appreciated it , so I was going to do some role play inside and I'm Instantly greeted with something along the lines of "If you go outside my house again saying woo and banging im going to blow your head off" very hostile for something little as woo and they were prooving they were going to shoot me for it by saying they were going to shoot me right now testing them by provoking. I offer a fist fight to settle it and the man gets one of his four teammates to stab him with an epipen which I was not ready for and said wait you cant do that , thats unfair let me do one , but wasn't given the chance as he instantly started swinging and I was stuck in a punch animation by him so I got taken down , as I down the four man group took stuff off of me that they know would provoke me to do something about it like two bottles of real vodka . They started running off with my stuff so I ran limping with ruined/damaged clothes to tell them to give me my alcohol back and they started saying"what are you gonna do about , what if I don't want to" , I decided to have a little determination and pull my gun out and Im instantly treated with a you are dead screen as they were planning to kill a single grouped man that just wanted his stuff back after some unnecessarily hostile role play that just involved violence towards me and an abuse of their kill rights , this could've easily been dealt with legion authorities to sort it out or just put your hands up or your going to die , but instead they killed me instantly which was clearly planned by all of them.
  7. This started off as a mugging , a man in a beanie and a child briefcase mugged me by the apartments and i saw him run inland as he left me there with duct aped hands , there were already shots off in the distance so i broke out of my cuffs and I needed water badly , so I ran into a few houses , found coke , a mosin , and he left some mosin rounds on me already. I ran and saw a person with a backpack and a beanie on , I thought to my self this person is really bad at mugging , so I shot and cleared out the zombies . I shot them from the redbrick house in the window as you can see in Green Smileys video (you can see my head pop out for a second). I shot and killed her in one shot , I immidealty saw that this was the wrong person as this one was a girl when i walked to their body . I took everything they might've wanted and waited for the report , but I later had to leave shortly. I saw the report but I couldn't answer to it yet so my plan was I was gonna answer it tomorrow but then saw my temporary ban. I hopped in the discord this morning and with the help of an admin named Randy he helped me figure this out . Greeny im very sorry , and I haven't logged in since , so if you wanna meet up I'll drop you whatever you want or need. @GreenySmiley @Saunders @Voodoo
  8. Just got in a call with the admin telling me how this works , sorry for the inconvenience , I was busy yesterday but he told me how the pov works , I'll do that right now
  9. I dont have a video recording? What would I do then
  10. Ok I will join later today when Im not busy , so ASAP
  11. Hey yes , I saw this , I forgot to answer back because I went to go eat and just forgot about it in my tabs , do you guys have a team speak you can contact me on? I would like to explain my situation
  12. When I was a boy I had lost my dad at eight. I had to rely on myself and only myself as my mother was a druggie and I had no other siblings. My high school years were rough as I was a loner and I had problems controlling my own anger, I always got in a lot of fights and proved to others that I was stronger. I started working out regularly at the age of 14 years old, and I always knew I wanted to be a ranger for the Marine corps. My goal of being a ranger kept me going every day until I made it to my dream. I worked for the marine for over ten years, when one day I was getting moved to Japan. I took two flights and one of the flights stopped by Russia. The next flight wasn't for another two days, so I waited near a place called Chernarus and propped my self in a town called Novaya Petrovka where I stayed a few nights. I later found out the airports were having problems with flights and it pissed me off. I stayed inside for two days browsing the internet so I decided to go outside and suddenly saw a crowd of people in shock overseeing a man with rashy skin and bloody eyes spinning in circles acting crazy, I decided to confront the man and he suddenly started to act hostile swinging at me opening his mouth, I took his head and snapped it as he was just flaying his arms. The group of people started panicking saying that this was the end and people started getting worried, but the cops were out of sight and there was no cellular service. The streets started getting flooded with people and the infected so I fled with just shoes, my pants, and a red hoodie. I knew I would have to get out of here and fast.
  13. Monique Reyes is a 22 Year old man Sui-Chef who worked at a popular Mexican restaurant in New York City who got mixed into Chernarus by accident. He worked out regularly and is skilled in survival tactics and techniques as he was currently in a survival fitness camp. He was taking a 2 month vacation where he went to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and then was planning to go to Japan , but his missed his flight at a Russian Airport , and decided to tour the area for a little while and ended up in the middle of the Chernarus civil war when losing his tour guide in a town named Nagornore . He noticed people getting rounded up that night and decided to flee from the military people as the whole trip was already getting sketchy. Later he noticed a man showing weird symptoms with rashy skin and bloody eyes asking the man what was wrong , when the man suddenly started charging Monique. Monique suddenly started running and locked himself in a shed for a few hours checking his phone with 10% battery left on it trying to find out whats going on , but then realized there was no reception. He realized hes doomed here and had to find a way to survive until he can find a way out of chernarus and get back home
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