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  1. Hej, Very long overdue this note, I have been trying to get back into the game after months of absent but I just can't find the time for it, or really the motivation for it right now. Work has hassled me down to the point where I have even fewer hours for myself, not included my family and so on. Sob story short; I enjoyed my time here, had great RP experience with a lot and I hope to come back whenever I find time and dedication once more after I have settled down at work. I hope everyone has a grand time roleplaying and staying alive! -Kinks
  2. 16102017 Tell me where to begin. Okay, let's start with... I kind of managed to fall down into a canal in Severograd. It was a bit rough. I say rough as in I managed to start wandering around South Zagoria. No... idea... why... Made a friend before that as well. Hell knows where he is now. I... I... don't know. You tell me, book. I felt like being back at square one. Wandering around. Living under a tree. Still bit... blurry to me, sorry. How in Maker did I meet up with Reed just by random? By pure stupid luck, I finally caught up. Part of a group. I don't know, maybe six to eight people? Probably more. Now... this... is the better part of the story. Two Estonians as well. Mmh, it's not like our own country isn't small enough for us to meet our relatives or just friends by luck. No-no... let's make the World small enough as well for three Estonians to meet each other. NATO guys, so... go figure. Uh... it's nice here, yeah? Yeah. At least with some people I already know. The Estonians are a plus minus. Nah, kidding. Recently moved places again, don't mind it, just had to come on my own pace. Don't really feel good lately, had this cough around two weeks ago, hoped it would go away. Actually it did. But after some days of raining and being outside, it caught up again. Throat's sore... I can feel a fever. That's an understatement... Can't much sleep because of me sweating at night. It'll pass... it WILL pass. I just don't want to be an annoyance. Shit I forgot to mention of a wedding, it was nice, real nice. And it went fine, nothing disturbing. At least I think so. Things to do? Fit in. At least contribute to the group, recently just been a leech. Don't like that... but what can I do right now... eh. Another time...
  3. 300917 Tired. Tired of running. I just want to settle down somewhere. Maybe Severograd? I'm not that sure yet... I mean, I just arrived today, the people are nice. Apparently when I went on to meet a group, they asked if I was okay, I wasn't sure what they meant... left arm was bleeding. Didn't notice that. I've been on the run, for weeks. Trying to find people. Shelter. A... home. My legs are just done for it. I'll stay here. People are nice here, at least the first impression was nice enough. Can't really say the same about these... muslims? Where the hell did they come from... I was about my own business, sitting by a fire with few others when... an armed man in a mask just came up and straight out asked if we would pay some Jizz tax. That's what I heard at least, hard to hear the idiot with the mask. Course, me and my stupid humour I started laughing and making fun of the man... I just didn't care if he had a gun... I don't know why. Maybe because others were around. He mentioned some Caliphate, Jizz tax and about converting to islam. The world has gone to shit and these guys just come about and demand some tax or for you to convert. I swear, this world's gone beyond to shite now. They left at the end, frustrated that we didn't take them seriously. Not that they were taking us seriously for that matter. Severograd. North City. I'll stay here. Maybe this place will be nice. Even if people said there are few firefights here... This seems to be the most popular meeting place. As long... as I don't have to run anymore. Need to find new clothing as well, trousers are bit torn now.
  4. 240917 I have been wandering back and forth once more, aimlessly trying to find people. So far, ran into a two people at Chernogorsk, actually three, but we um, kind of left him behind. Two CDF guys, or so they said so. Accents matched at least. We were heading towards Green Mountain, allegedly some NATO meeting there? I don't know. I told them I'll follow them right behind, needed to dry and warm myself up. Followed them as quickly as possible, some five to ten minutes behind. Hah, to my luck... nobody there. Not even the two CDF lads. One of them has my gloves, I WANT those back whenever I see him. Spent the night on the tower, even if I am afraid of heights... felt the safest. Uncomfortable as you can tell... Felt like sleeping in Sirgala once more. Good times... So woke up next morning, headed back towards the radio station around... Altar? Should be Altar, don't quote me if you're a sneaky motherfucker and you like to read this shite. I arrive there, clean some stuff up, make a fire, try my radio deal over and over again. Well for once it succeeded. Apparently a group at Green Mountain, have a sancutary set up, I was... very... skeptical of it. But I took the risk. My... heart was pacing fast when I first met them... I shit you not one of them had a beret with a red star and I stopped breathing for a moment. Only to hear non-chero / russian accents, I felt relieved. I don't know, I felt like I was going to throw everything at this, just to hear anything if they know where other people are. Well, it kind of paid off. One of them told me a group of people are due East. At a disclosed place, well at least to me. These two guys, they seemed nice. Just as frustrated as I am, they are trying to meet survivors, get together, so on, with no luck. Well told them, if we don't meet tomorrow, I'll be heading East to the next location. See if we have any luck there. At least... at least the weather is nice for once, been raining like hell the past few. I also had some chicken, believe it or not. A good treat after so many weeks of canned food and... apples. Maybe Reed's there. He better have that teddy bear still with him. Heck, if Liz didn't give it to him, well I have two extra. You know, just in case. To keep comfort at night... Fuck you if you're reading this. Munn.
  5. Out of random RP over the radio felt cool. Aye hope to see you two again!
  6. 140917 Found a notebook, somewhat blank and... clean? Clean. Sure. I might as well write this, just not to lose myself, and to not let people think I like to speak to myself like a true insane person. Oot, oot... miks ma üldse inglise keeles kirjutan? Hui tean, mul kergem nii. Anyway, back to topic. This shall be my insanity book. Maker forbid you read this. 170917 Nii siis, wait... So, week or so away from Berezino, come back to seeing that the hospital is, deserted... To my news, which I heard from some passerby that there was some kind of evacuation? Perfect time for my radio to run out juice... At least the guys who I met had a spare battery. So ever since that... I have been wandering around... like a complete idiot, radio in hand, repeating the same... sentence, over and over and... over again... "1 - 2 - 3, can anyone hear me?" I just... wanted to know what had happened to the few friends I made... Reed, Liz. Hah, few... I still want that teddy bear back that I gave away. And then I heard that, angel like voice on the radio. German accent, could insantly tell. Friendly... You don't meet that many friendly people around anymore. I don't know, I felt so down, Like I had lost purpose in life once more, just a living meatbag walking around just not to stay still. Ah. But you don't even know how glad I was hear a person. That they were doing somewhat okay. I don't know what it is about me, I would rather care for others than myself, even if I am say, dying. Which I am not, don't get me wrong. I went to an abandoned radio station, figured, good view, good reception, MAYBE, that is. Safe to say we met. I don't know, first time meeting. It's always awkward for me. Kuradi vanemad mul, olen alati olnud tagasihoidlik... That radio station, also attracted few more people, just out of the random. It might seem a risk, but I liked it there. As much that I would stay there, untill I find another place to go to. I don't know if they'd stay, remember that a friend of their's needed help. I hope I can help them, just a little bit would make a difference for me. Another night dawns, I need to set up a fire before it gets too dark. Honestly, if anyone reads this. Mine vittu.
  7. I was around the eastern coast, killed some Zed's with a crowbar, nothing else. Apologise for not much help.
  8. Cheers again for the warm welcome guys!
  9. Daniel Kinks was born in Estonia around December 1995 to a small family. His early life was bland, he mostly kept to himself, given his parents had divorced and caused a huge stir because of it. After finishing high school at the age of 18 he instantly decided to join the military, getting the 11 month period of mandatory service right out of the way. Though he did like it there, he decided against continuing it at first. These thoughts continued to creep back at him after few years of doing nothing much of notice. It was around middle of 2017 when, after working for a few months straight he decided to go on a vacation. He decided to take a flight towards Chernarus, landing in Novigrad at first. Staying and exploring the country for few weeks, he started to enjoy it there, making few friends and coming to love the country. But everyone gets homesick at one point, just as it was few days before his flight back home, it all kicked off. As everyone panicked, he grabbed what little gear he had with him, running into the woods for cover. He was fortunate enough to go through military service beforehand, learning some valuable skills during that time, he'd put them into effect. He'd barely make it, before deciding to go venture out to the cities once more, to look for any survivors or anything for that matter. Daniel made it to Chernogorsk around August, venturing on along the coast up north to find any group of survivors trying to restart life. Kinks can be a shy person and mostly to himself, but around people he knows he can relax and be comfortable. He can be open to anyone, regardless if he knows them or not. Though he's been though much, Daniel likes to keep positive, making all types of jokes just to get through the day and see others laugh. Mostly he doesn't care for himself, only what the body needs and that's about it. Looking after others is a priority for him, it gives him something to do and keeps the man busy at a troublesome time. Oh and, he can sometimes be very childish.
  10. Hello there, My name's Aleksander-Daniel Kinks. Am around 21 years of age or at least I was when I last checked. Anyway, born in Estonia, lived all of my life there, rather boring here I'd say. It mostly rains, paychecks are low and the booze is cheap. Current job is awesome, serving in the military at the moment, all fun and games till the real stuff kicks off. Anyway, I enjoy playing games, mostly strategy games to that. Haven't really done DayZ style RP, only what I have done is on Star Wars The Old Republic and Elder Scrolls Online. So yeah, don't know really what else to write. This is a new experience for me, let's see where it will go. Cheers.
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