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  1. *kneels on floor* *prays to queen* @Josei
  2. Can we all meet up again @Josei @Elliot James
  3. @Josei I'm still lost in that town I logged off in. I might have to live like Kennith the hobo now, under a bridge
  4. was fun until @Elliot James crashed straight into a wall...xD. (I'm still lost in that town). Sorry for calling you fit (look left bottom corner) @Josei
  5. as soon as I initiated they said "we are getting held up" so that is why I assumed they heard me. If I had got no answer then I would have repeated or moved closer. The fact that they acknowledged me, said to me that they heard me loud and clear (they didn't). Like I said, if they didn't say "we are getting held up", then I would have repeated myself. the only reason I shot you is because it looked like you came from the direction of the house they were in, and I thought you were taking a position.
  6. @Chewy my reason for initiation: @Felix Corten shot somebody out of a car (I don't know why, all I know is that it happened), I try to roleplay as a doctor but everyone ignores me or tells me to go away (which hurt my feelings. This was reason 1 reason 2: @Felix Corten was being a nice guy to me and @Elliot James, so to see him getting robbed and getting threatened with removal of his fingers, my friend and I take positions and initiate you can hear straight away in the stream that you knew it was an initiation, if they didn't tell you then that is not our fault @Mademoiselle
  7. My perspective can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/229106501?t=13m48s The 'initiation' comes at the 14 minute mark, but I can't even tell what they're saying. They've literally eaten their microphone. Will post POV soontm, but there's my video. Matty Mayfire POV: I'm told that we have Ling Long hostage after he tried to kill someone for taking a car that he actually gave to him. We're dealing with Ling Long when some dude eats his microphone and apparently initiates, although if you listen to my video, it's almost impossible to understand what he's saying. The only reason we know there was an initiation was when Kyle says there was. I go outside to try to find the dude, but can't find him. I end up getting shot from next me to while I'm looking around. The end. Edited 11 hours ago by DustyRP just looking over your stream. kiera (the Russian woman) combat logged. we can hear her at the start and then she disappears. also in the chat it says "kiera just combat logged" https://gyazo.com/0e3d381a6a2a58ca3b7adb41628e859a
  8. We spoke in ts and he said thy we are fine with anarchy. LingLong said that he heard the initiation perfectly
  9. I have been told by a member of anarchy that the initiation was fine and we do not have a problem with anarchy. I just simply thought the guy climbing the ladder was part of anarchy taking a position on the roof.
  10. Hi, I am Ben Brass (the one that initiated). I initiated on these people (I knew they heard me as they said "we are getting held up") and run behind a building, and then onto a hill. I see people run around and I see a guy climb the ladder. I thought he was a bad guy trying to get a position.
  11. Yes I know but there was no way I could of prevented it. @Sivister
  12. sorry I was hiding in the apartment buildings for a bit but I then had to log off.
  13. because I only had until 12 o'clock on my pc (which I forgot about). so I shot him then ran off to wait my timer to run out but doing so, I was going over 12 o'clock so my perents came up and basically turned my pc off.
  14. The perma death of elliots player was planned 1 hour before hand while we were looting before we went into cherno.
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