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  1. @Hofer we have decided that we just wanna archive a lot of us are really busy and would like to come back to the group at a later date
  2. @Mugin if thats the case which i agree they would be tougher dont you think that would also not be able to run since they are nearly frozen
  3. @Saunders alright I’ll add those goals you said to add and yea I’ll go ask him I know he plans I playing once he fixes his pc but I’ll get an update on him
  4. My Pov i met these guys at the town right next to novaya and one of them said that they just got robbed and my character being a good guy we helped him and so we went to novaya and set one of our guys up at the well and they rolled up I was in a food stand surrounded by zeds and @WulfeGirl and his boys helped me out and with them I then crashed and I loaded back in and one of them was already dead and so I go to cover and I hear “come out with ur hands up or ur dead” and so I ran out and killed one guy by a guy at the well that had his hands up this guy would be my friend @Felix Huber and so I shot the guy by my friend went a re loaded and came back and killed him and then I was told the other guy ran away and so me and my friend split ways from the other guys which I don’t know the names of ooc and me and my friend got out of there
  5. @Hofer some of the newer ic goals I added were more unique but I’ll add more and how to make things realistic basically just getting my group to know more about the military and make sure we have our facts right and not disrespect real military by not knowing our facts and what we need to know to do a proper military group
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions ill add more stuff to the group page now
  7. Establish strong connections with similar groups [ongoing] Acquire information on all groups good or bad just so we know whats going on between groups and know how to help in all situations. [ongoing] Infiltrate all groups that pose a threat to survivors purpose of this would be so we can have knowledge of everything that group would know and stop them smart and efficiently . [ongoing] Help any struggling groups that are innocent or like minded to our cause we would help them with food, water, medical supplies, ammo, and guns. [ongoing] Create undisclosed hideouts all around the province to hide extra supplies in case of emergencies. [ongoing (day 900)] Seek out any and all service men or women that are willing to join the cause and recruit them so we can become bigger and stronger to fulfill our goal of making the wastelands a better place. [ongoing (day 900)] Provide security and protection to people that need/want our help so they can have secure environment not only for themselves but for visitors. [ongoing (day 920)] Set up a main base of operations for planning and storing food,water,ammo,medical supplies, and guns for when we need to help or supply other struggling groups. [Achieved] Make sure no war-crime goes unpunished, hunt down Chedaki and NAPA forces that are still around [Long-term] Negotiate peace between factions that have no true purpose in fighting. [Long-term] Form the CIC, Central Intelligence Corps, where information can be filtered and judged for validity. [Long-term] Provide protection and correct behavior at the charity camp at green mountain [ongoing] Create an armory at main base for personal use for when we have to go to war with different groups [ongoing(day 875)] Find out the routes and which The Time uses to gather slaves and mark it on a map [ongoing] Set up communications to the outside world to see how the state of other countries is and see if there would be any more military coming into chernaus [ongoing] Find out what potius cras's plans are and see how they can be stopped if said plans are detrimental [ongoing] Put together a marksmen squad to do overview on meet ups and or any attack so they can help the other fighters that are up close in the fight. [ongoing(day 880)] Put together a combat medic squad to assist the up close fighters in fire fights. [ongoing(day 890)] Set up little hide outs for our recon personnel so they have a place to change clothes and get food so they can change identities if there cover is blown. [ongoing(day 930)] Provide good and realistic military role play for the server to enjoy. Offer satisfying good guy hostile role play. Have a interesting group for people to interact, role play, and make great stories with. Teach good military role play and all-round good role play etiquette. Provide Structured Military Role play. Leader Badger ( @HaZardouZPlayZ) Co-Leaders N/A (looking) Squad-Leaders Hollow ( @TitanTango) Qrow ( @Phoenix Is Fun) Minutemen Ghost ( @NickYakov) Icarus ( @Skittlez) Windwalker ( @Scarecroww) Cyborg ( @Cyborg21) Gaz ( @Adray) Texan ( @KadenDaSniper) Reaper ( @PrestonVC) Holiday ( @ConsulNemesis) Six (JoshyMV) Yalko ( @Felix Huber) Python ( @Discam54) How to join: 1.Message @HaZardouZPlayZ with your character profile and why you wanna join 2.Find us ingame RULES TO KNOW BEFORE JOINING Rule 1: Commitment In joining Operation Custodia, your character is being placed under oath. "I, (Insert Name), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the rights of the individual person; that I will dedicate my life to the livelihood of others; that I will obey the orders of the officers appointed over me; and that I will proudly give my life for Operation Custodia." In taking this oath, your character is swearing their life to the goals of Operation Custodia. This means, once you characters joins Operation Custodia, their is no backing out, unless the character is discharged. Your character is allowed to apply for retirement, however the decision is left completely up to the commanding officers of Operation Custodia. You as an individual may leave our ranks, but your character must be left behind. Any character who chooses to desert Operation Custodia will be hunted and perma killed. Rule 2: Roleplay Etiquette Operation Custodia aims to provide a serious, military simulating approach to DayZ roleplay. This requires you to pertain a somewhat serious manner, especially when interacting with outside parties. Excessive memeing during serious situation will be met with consequences. Rule 3: Representation Understand that in joining Operation Custodia, you are representing the entire group with your actions. We do not commit acts of banditry or terrorism. Please keep in mind, Operation Custodia aims to help the individual, and does not commit selfish acts. SPECIAL THANK YOU TO @Coco for the graphics
  8. I’d like to point out that the cowboy man did not need to initiate he didn’t shoot anyone he put his hands up when we came he did not fire a single shot so there for he did not need to initiate on anyone
  9. My POV: So I was in the woods with my buddy and i got told that some of people that were apart of anarachy were by the clinic in vybor so me and my friend run up to them and after a small period of talking we yell for them to put their hands up and my friend said to the other guy that he needed to stand up and put his hands back up in the air mind you the guy hands in the air and put them down and so he told the guy to stand up and put his hands back in the air and gave him 5 seconds and counted down the man did not comply to my friends demands so he shot and killed the man the other guy that was complying pulled his gun and decided to shoot my friend he retreated to the gas station i then proceeded to flank the man and kill him I do not have any video of the situation
  10. my personal opinion is that, Perma death adds more realism to rp because people wouldnt get into gunfights all willy nilly like they do now. I come from servers that have perma death and its so fun and has more serious rp on this server there is defintley good rp but theres a lot of pointless gunfights and hostilities the bad sometimes out ways the good. Now on the other hand perma death can be abused but then thats what admins are for if you get perma killed for little to no reason and you feel its invalid you can always report it. I also get non perma because you wanna make the perfect story for ur character but with perma death ive had some great stories i had a character last for 9 months on a perma death server and it wasnt boring campfire rp he was apart of a lot of gunfights and wars and conflicts and he made it through. It would be really cool to see perma at some point but its unlikely.
  11. *Badger would hear the radio chatter* “This is Badger a leader of Operation Custodia. We can assist you, but we would need more information.” *lets go of ptt*
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