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  1. Selina was born in Berlin Germany a very weird kid her parents were worried about her because she was hostile to other kids and always got in trouble in school, she was mean mostly because other kids bullied and picked on her. Once in high school though she got her act together and would hit anyone that would piss her off and just wanted to get school over with. She wanted to become a doctor but her parents tried to control her life making her do things she wasn't interested in, getting tired of their shit once she graduated and got a job she moved out to live on her own. It was hard for a while on her own paying bills, going to college, and going to work but she managed. a few years later she graduated from college depressed her parents didn't come to her graduation, but it didn't matter anymore she decided to leave and live somewhere else away from Germany to many bad memories and her parents not even acknowledging their daughter. Getting her things together and taking a plane to Chernarus, one of her friends lived there she met in an online class in college her name was Emma. Emma told her it was small but everyone was friendly and kept to themselves, that sounded nice for Selina as she didn't like crowded places funny because Berlin is a very big city. Settling in the area with Emma they got to know each other more and Selina got a medical job there of course for awhile she had no idea what everyone was saying, but lucky her Emma knew russian and taught most of their tongue to her that still didn't help due to her thick German accent. So she just stuck with writing papers and prescriptions that was easy enough because people rarely said anything to her, unless it was about their medication or illness. As Selina and Emma were getting comfortable with their new lives they didn't know what was coming that would destroy it all. Selina was at work like always doing her own thing some strange things have been going on really sick people were coming in that day which made her feel uncomfortable, Emma a nurse in the hospital with her got bit by one of the sick citizens she said she was fine and kept on working. It wasn't long till everything went to shit the ones that died came back somehow and started attacking everyone, Selina freaking out ran around the hospital trying to find Emma she wasn't going to leave without her. Selina saw her same place she was before but hiding under her desk she was scared and Selina saw that but they couldn't stay. "Ve got to get out of here." Selina said grabbing her wrist dragging her terrified friend behind her to much in a hurry to see that Emma was showing signs of the sickness. As they both got in the car Emma seems weaker barely breathing and cold to the touch Selina put a hand on Emma's shoulder. "Are you ok?" Selina asks and Emma didn't answer this wasn't looking good. Selina felt for a pulse Emma didn't have one anymore causing Selina to be shocked she was fine a moment ago she didn't want to leave Emma here but she had to she was gone. Leaning over Emma's body she opened the passenger door before attempting to push her body out of the car, when doing so Emma began moving again causing Selina to jump back away from her. Emma slowly looked over at Selina with blank eyes before letting out a groan and going for her, but Selina was ready for this and kicked what used to be Emma in the face causing the corpse to flop out of the car onto the ground. She quickly shut the door and started up the car driving off as far of what gas was left to take her not looking back once. What seemed like hours her car finally ran out of gas at the side of a road, she didn't get out just locked the doors and put the seat back to rest thinking about Emma and if the rest of the damned country was overrun to, one thing's for sure nothing will be the same after today and she must survive the dead if it did spread.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/29115-nightmar3rgamer/ Why the verdict is not fair: Not fair cause I shouldn't have been Black Listed for not having the game just been busy lately and haven't had the time, but my friend showed me this website so I just signed up and started so I will be prepared when I get it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: [email protected] is my only steam profile I now have the full game of DayZ. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be un-Black Listed and permission to make another white list forum. What could you have done better?: Yes I should've gotten the game before filling out a White list forum that was my mistake.
  3. Valentina was born in Nashville Tennessee she was raised there by her parents which they soon helped her grow to become a mature woman, she went to school for a long time and learned some German in College after that she studied and soon got a job to work in the medical field to help people even though Valen didn't really enjoy the human race. She enjoyed helping people in a way but got used to it cause humans weren't going anywhere for a while. A couple years later her mother died from old age and her father died from lung cancer. Being sad, and lost she decided to move to a smaller place and settle. Valentina made her way to Chernarus Chernogorsk an ok quiet place not really used to the area or the language she kinda struggled around, but she learned some basic Chernarussian and got around. A week before the so called Chaos Valen was liking it here in this place and didn't mind being on her own, Shes made a few friends and met a few guys trying to get her number. Life was going well but slow for her. The day the chaos happened the town was in a panic and she had no idea what was going on until she looked out the window in a patients room. Weird, screaming people were chasing after others eating them and biting them. Valen ran out of the hospital getting to her car, a few dead surrounded her car trying to get to her she gets angry and backs up running some over before driving off to get away from the infested town. A few hours later the gas in the car runs out but she made it to another town running into a house it was empty, looking around she didn't find anyone. She goes upstairs to get some rest and made sure the doors were locked so nothing could get in. The next morning she woke now knowing this did just happen and she must now survive on her own until she finds someone or dies in this now broken world.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/29115-nightmar3rgamer/ Why the verdict is not fair: Not fair cause I shouldn't have been Black Listed for not having the game I am going to get it soon just been busy lately and haven't had the time, but my friend showed me this website so I just signed up and started so I will be prepared when I get it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I won't make another White List till I get the game and know that I'm not Black Listed anymore, and [email protected] is my only steam profile so I do not have the game yet. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be un-Black Listed and given time until I can get the game and not Black Listed again or Banned. What could you have done better?: Yes I should've gotten the game before filling out a White list forum that was my mistake, and I won't fill it out again till I get the game.
  5. Ramaa was born in Chernarus and lived her whole life there so she learned Chernarussian but her parents weren't originally from Chernarus they didn't really know Chernarussian that well but her parents taught her English. She grew to become a butcher and chef cause she enjoyed doing it with her mother, her father was a doctor while her mother was a chef so she learned many things from them and has some experience from her father with medical work. Ramaa is a very dark mean woman not dealing with anyone's crap, if you wasted your chance you better not show your face around her ever again. A few weeks later that's when the chaos started many screams could be heard from many civilians, she looked out a window seeing people trip over each other or nothing trying to get away then saw a dead looking person eating another one alive. As she was staring in shock she didn't notice a rotted walk into the shop it made a weird growl sound before running at her full out screaming, with a gripped knife she stabbed the smelly thing in the face a few times until it fell limp near her feet. Looking around scared and covered in it's blood she runs out the back getting into her car to drive away from the town until she no longer had it in her sights. A few hour drive later Ramaa finally came to a quiet empty town, but she was wrong about it being empty she saw a couple rotted limbering around. So she quickly made her way into a house with the door unlocked checking to see if anyone was still home but had no luck finding no one. The day was long and tiring, she was confused, scared, and by herself but she knew now she must now survive until she dies or gives up to this cruel broken world.
  6. Clarimonde was born in Dallas Texas but her parents didn't stay long there and moved so she didn't grow up to get the country accent, they moved to Virginia to settle and raise Clarimonde. She grew to be a very feisty yet tough going person and help many lives with her job as a Doctor, who knew one of her patients would be the man she would fall in love with they love each other even if David is a bit insane. She was loving her life but David was getting bored of staying in one place and wanted to see his parents so Clari helped save money for her, and David to go to Chernogorsk, Chernarus. Once they got there they drove over so many empty quiet roads they saw no one not a living thing, They stopped by a gas station needing to fill the tank Clari and David noticed that no one was working the pumps and then a crazed infected came running out of a shack attacking them. Luckily it did not bite either of them but it was making a lot of noise and so was Clari screaming in fear. They attracted more of them. Eventually there was a horde David ran off and so did Clari....but in the opposite directions. Clari soon saw that David wasn't behind her she was scared and confused hoping he was ok, But she was cold, tired, and hungry so she went to a nearby town to check it out. The town was empty and quiet only things she saw were more of the rotted, so she went into an abandoned house to get some rest. She now knows she must survive some how and find David if he's still out there....
  7. Mikayla is from Phoenix Arizona she worked there as a nurse, but she decided to move to Severograd, Chernarus when her parents passed from old age. She talked to her boyfriend Zavier about moving he gave in and went with the idea about moving to the decent town. Two weeks before the attack they stayed and lived their lives getting plans to soon get married, and start a family. The day the attack happened she was in a patients room and saw the chaos from the window, she panics and tells her patient she'll be back. She call's Zavier in a panicked manner he tell's her to get to the car so they can leave. She makes it over and gets into the car. They drive off. Mikayla and her boyfriend make their way down to a town west of Severograd called Ratnoe. They find a place to stay there for the night. Later that night she started noticing abnormal changes in behavior. He seemed to cough a lot and sneeze a lot. Zavier also looked pale and red in the eyes. She told him to let her check him out because of his strange symptoms but he denied it. The next morning Mikayla woke up. Zavier seemed to be still asleep and was turned away from her. She wiggled him and he turned to her immediately attacking her and screaming. She jumps and rolls off the bed and he goes for her again but she kicks him down. She bolts for the kitchen and shuts the door. She then grabs a frying pan ready to bash him. She warns him but he breaks through the door and goes straight for her and then gets bashed with the pan. He then grabs her ankle going for a bite and she hits him again. He gets up once more screaming. She hits him again crying. And then over and over again until he finally stops moving. She falls onto the floor with salty tears pouring down her face. A week later she came to realize that this world has changed for her. She must learn to survive somehow.
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