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  1. Lol maybe it was you I've been hearing I was in the North West airfield yesterday and heard multiple shots in the area was very hesitant to approach and firing in patterns, because I didn't want to attract the wrong people.
  2. Yeah it's rare to run into people on server 1, only thing I ever hear rarely if I mind you are gunshots and that's it.
  3. Appreciate it @G19RP had a lot of fun even though I got fucked up by your people, just happy I'm still alive. I got lucky twice in a row when it came to running into your people, but eventually the luck would run out.
  4. Had a good time with @HaZardouZPlayZ and his character, we had a good character build up yesterday and today! Hope to rp with you some more you potato.?
  5. I don't want to start a new topic basically on the same thing, I'm in the server I downloaded everything fine, but screen is black I can't see anything, but when I hit tab or esc I can see my character and exit. I just can't see my surroundings at all I don't know why.
  6. Ok I don't want to start another topic on the same thing, but since the update I don't know if someone else has this issue, but the DayZRP Mod isn't coming up for me in the launcher and when I launch the game the screen that shows your character goes black. I've tried verifying the integrity files, restarting my PC and I even watched the dayz workshop update, but I didn't see the game itself update. When I try to join the server the bad version thing pops up, I even read the topic that explains how to fix it and tried it and it didn't fix it.
  7. Jesus Christ, went all out didn't you?
  8. Didn't really run into many people today and when I did we didn't group up or stayed to talk long, but I was at the airfield on server 2 and a group of 3 guys just jogged right past me XD didn't even see me. I've never laughed and been so confused in my life, still had fun traveling by myself and getting new medical things for my character.
  9. @CrescentGent Yeah boiiii! Glad I met you and your character hope to rp with you some more, read up on your character and he's evil? He didn't seem evil. ?
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