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  1. Hello my name is Oskar White. I am the last of my family, name and pride. I've lived a very good life before all of this shenanigans. I had a wife name Camry and she was the most beautiful thing I tell you what. And of course I can't miss out on my 2 children that were the world to me, both boys one named Leopold and the other named chad. They lived a good life but a short one along with my wife Camry. They all 3 got massacred by those mutant things. They are no good to anything in this world. Matter of fact its ruined now. There are no more hot sunny days it's just gloomy and everything is a wave of depression out here. That's where I want to come in and intervene. Im talking take trust, honestly, and loyalty to whoever there is or whoever I find out there. But i spent most of my days at work traveling the world. It started when i was 18 years old i saved up a bunch of money with two of my other friends, we bought a RV and traveled all 50 states at first and we made the whole trip with a few twist and turns but we did it in a hair over a year. My profession was a Entrepreneur/ Traveler, I did many things for many people that were great and as i said previously i would like to make that more pronounced to everyone that things can change back to the ways they were we just have to fight and not give up under any circumstances. Those creatures just came out of nowhere there was an outbreak it happened so fast it's was almost in a blink of an eye that my two kids and wife were brutally killed by those sick things. But i've been on the road for sometime now and i'm getting the hang of things better and better everyday, I mean you could call me bear grylls out hear but i'm not into the whole piss thing. Ive learned alot since this has happened, to fight no matter what and if things don't get better they get worse for the best. And make the best out of any situation you encounter with any other human. I also have learned fake trust, honesty and sympathy it's all fake unless you meet the right people and settle down with them but always be on your toes at all times until you can 100 percent trust them with your life up the the chances of you taking a bullet for each other. That's the kind of relationships we need out here in this crew world. This is a call out to the world so please if there is anyone out there anything out here, please respond back if you see this and try to find me and seek my intentions with me and we can make this world a better place one by one.
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