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  1. dont worry im all ears but i had a group on prophecy and asylum that has all black and the ruined Russian gas mask I find it give the creepy feel to a character and its very distinct and the backstory im still developing but want people to hear about it ingame but i will post a backstory that give enough detail to let let you understand but also to get people curious and wanting to learn more about the group. I fully understand that firefights will be enviable but ill try to avoid it (not always) and the reason why they torture and spread feel if because of the history of the leader of the group https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4872/. this is an idea i really want to try and want to succeed but i dont have alot of experience as the evil cult character. i had a really good crazy doctor which developed into an amazing story and ill be drawing from that to make the character succeed yup i plan to get as much feed back and i want to plan the group so everyone involved understand the primes of the group and the name will more then likely change as i just picked the name as its what came to mind
  2. Little is know of Cyrus's childhood or life before the infected. some say he was a regular visitor of the insane asylum wing of the prison island and he has incredible urges to inflict pain on anyone he deems fit like they are his play toy. he speaks about a place where he and his follows can roam free and take out there anger and psychotic temptations on the vulnerable. Only a select few know of his past or his future and those who learn of it are quickly disembodied and used in a great feast to whatever god he believes in. all the records of his stay at the insane asylum where destroyed when the outbreak took place and its said he laughed as he watched the infected take the men around him. They say he even killed his psychiatrist with a rusty piece of metal that slowly killed him. He spent hours with the man and no one tried to help due to the loud screams of anger that came out of his mouth. he was like a child laughing at the silly faced the parents made to stop a child crying
  3. i have this cool idea for a group. the group will be called the protectors and they are a very evil cult like group which has a hidden background which will be revealed in game if this group kicks off but the main goals of the group would be as follows 1) Spread a fear in the lands forcing enemy groups to join together or put there differences aside 2) have a really interesting backstory which will hopefully want people ingame to try and learn. 3) hold onto a selected area while raiding known campsites for victims to barter with or set as an example. I hope this group doesn't turn into a PVP group as will try my very best to avoid it in order to have a great story line that could possible get new players involved in rp by fearing the Protectorate the dress code would be all black with the old Russian gas mask shown below that is ruined to make it more dark looking. and the plays style will involve torture (if those involved allow) and strictly story driven here are some pic to kinda set the mood if you guys are interested or have ideas to help develop this idea please share with a reply or a PM
  4. right so i am currently trying to play a conman/heist artist who will be trying to infiltrate groups in order to take there valuable items and also will be holding up people with a unloaded weapon for the most part just as a challenge and for good RP as ill be doing my best not to kill unless absolutely necessary as well all hate being killed when being help up. but anyway my question is does anyone have any tips on how to make it a good rp experience for all involved and also i have some questions regarding disguises 1) i have a Santa beard which i will RP as a fake beard that i can put on when i need to change my ID somewhat so if i meet a group and want to infiltrate ill put on the beard when im with them to give the impression i have a beard etc and if im ever held up ill put in chat that the beard is in a bag with glue. 2) Am i aloud to put on a accent and i dont mean like a really good accent but rather a fake accent that when you speak they know its fake in order to make it harder for people to ID your voice. for a better idea of what im talking about If you ever watch the ocean movies (ocean 11, 12 ,13 etc) you will understand as i want this character to be around for as long as possible and i noticed alot of military and crazy cult type groups so i want to add a someone normal generic character who isnt crazy "yet" PS if you would like to join me in this RP idea then feel free to send me a message
  5. Max was born in Co Limerick in Ireland to a poor family who would rather drink then look after him. at the age of 5 he was taken in by his uncle who at the time seemed like a business man but in fact was a career criminal and a very successful one. at the age of 10 Max start his career as a thief starting small by pick pocketing and shop lifting. at the age of 16 his uncle decided to train him with the help of his friend. after 3 years of training and practice his uncle decided its time he got a shot at the big prize. Max would be involved with numerous bank heist across Ireland before leaving the green isle to mainland Europe where he would use his wealth to get close the the upper classes and steal very valuable family jewelry and heirlooms. After stealing a map from a wealthy minister in Poland he noticed it was a Mongolian map which he thought would let him to a massive stash of Mongolian war loots but on the way he had to pass through chanarus but it wasn't as easy as he thought and now he has no choice but to make his money in this lawless land
  6. I am currently not able to log into the server without being kicked and it says not your active character even tho on the website it says active character and my name in game is the exact same as on the character on the forum
  7. right so if i remember the RP correctly i was at the bar just hanging around talking with the staff and members of the public when the red star guys show up or at least thats what i think they are called. i believe Yuri was a member i spoke with briefly. while we where hanging around i notice a guy in a yellow rain coat being rude so being the irish lad in the bar quckly told him to watch his mouth and use manners when ordering drinks. needless to say i didn't like him in character. but i was chatting with someone else at the bar and we both heard shots at the market so we decided to take a look. cant remember the persons name but i know they where english. when we got to the hotel and crashed plane we saw a body int he middle of the road and i notice the guy with the yellow jacket standing over it so we decided to have a little look around and then we saw 3 people escorting a hostage to a building near the market and we thought it was the people who ran the market so we got closer and heard some commotion between the tied up guy and the 3 gunmen, swear words etc. So we decided to run back and inform the Communist aka the black beret guys and told them what i saw which i listed above. i believe i told yuri who then told ther commander in which case i repeated what i said and told them i can show you where this is going down. Thats when a man in crowd said the situation was under control the guy tied up tried to rape the leader or something of that nature so i said oh well then if its under control then ill go have a drink. i only told you guys (communist) as a concerned citizen and wasnt sure if you guys where the police or something and thats where i left the situation. what happened afterwards i dont know as the communist left with the bar staff and i logged off not too long after. Logs will prove i didnt get hit or kill anyone involved witht he firefight afterwards. my name ingame was Patrick or paddy Finnegan i believe. sorry for the slow response busy with IRL stuff so dont have much free time. hope this helps
  8. Paddy is MIA with serious injury Paddy came to chanraus only 2 weeks ago in order to try and secure a route for weapons from russia to be smuggled to the port of cherno to be shipped back to northern ireland but this task will take time and contacts will be needed in order for paddy to complete the task for his cause. One thing about paddy is that he is one for steering trouble and getting people to fight just for fun. he is also not one to be messed with as when words are spoken about the cause and the IRA he takes them to heart and is quite a good shot. Paddy is a loyal and proud member of the Irish Republican Army and devoted his live to the cause of a free United Ireland. Paddy is a cheeky man who is always one to lighten the mood unless his other services are needed. his father and father before him where all members of the IRA so it runs in the blood and that is why paddy takes it to heart
  9. Radio static on repeat " .-.. .- .-.. .- / .. / .- -- / ... --- .-. .-. -.-- / .. / .-.. . ..-. - / -.-- --- ..- --..-- / .. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / ..-. .. -. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .. / .--. .-. --- -- .. ... . / .- -. -.. / .. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / .--. .-. --- - . -.-. - / -.-- --- ..- translated to "LALA i am sorry i left you, i will find you i promise and i will protect you"
  10. So hanz and fritz came to this land to set up the first German Techno disco in cherno . hoping for it to be a success they worked hard but when the outbreak came out they decided to spread there good vibs by trying to set up a moving disco. will it be a success lets find out. one thing is certain you will not feel sad or down when you meet ze techno kaisers. You will hear them on the radio letting you know that the disco is on the way and if you you want ze private audience we can arrange it too just for you.
  11. His name is Seb and he is 42 years old. he is from Denmark and lived with his daughter Lala. Her mother died when she was 10 in a car accident. when his wife died seb lost a part of himself but kept his mind focused on raising his daughter and loving her. he would read lots of stories to Lala before bed. He knew that Lala found it hard to make new friends because she was different and not in a bad way. Watching Lala grow up and going to college made him feel proud and thankful that he didnt do something stupid that would have left her without a father. So for her 18th birthday he decided to take her away for a week to a small town called Kamensk as he knew Lala liked small towns and the country. A few days after they arrived he saw the outbreak on the news and not too long after he would see it in the streets of the small town so he packed what he could and took Lala away from it all. they lived in the forest and travel around for a while but one day when seb went to get food something triggered him and thats where the story starts
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