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  1. Rain Alexander was born in Chicago, Illinois. He had two younger siblings, twins Flin and Felisha. When Rain was seven, his parents divorced. His mom moved to New York city to peruse her dreams of becoming a big-time journalist, and his dad stayed in Chicago. For the first year, Rain and his siblings would visit their mom, but after their dad lost his job and sunk into a deep depression, Rain decided to stay home with him full time and try to help out financially. It wasn't easy for a nine-year-old to find a job. No one wanted the responsibility of hiring a kid. So he got smaller jobs; delivering papers, helping out his neighbors whenever he could, anything to earn a few dollars. But it was never enough to pay the bills and buy food. Rain had been taught his entire life that you had to work hard to get by in this world, but he was starting to see that no matter how hard he worked the universe would never be fair to him. So, he put on his game face and went to the local gang in his area. He was terrified, but what did he have to lose? His siblings were pretty much at his mom's full time now and his dad was still sitting on the couch wasting away. Rain went to the gang and pleaded that they let him join. He knew he wasn't experienced but he knew he could learn quickly if they gave him a chance. The leader heard him out and let him into the gang. Rain didn't prove himself through until he was twelve; when he shot an opposing gang member who had come onto their turf with intentions of causing a fight. Before then, Rain was a pickpocket. But after that incident, he was officially one of the boys. As Rain grew into a strong and capable young man, the gang grew as well. They started moving their crimes internationally. Two months after Rain's twenty-first birthday, he was asked to take part in a critical mission. He was to so overseas and retrieve a ring. The ring was precious; it had a rare and valuable gemstone on it that had been stolen months ago and added to this ring to hide it. Because of its value, Rain was to retrieve it in person. He would fly there, give the man his money, take the ring in a ring box and return to America. If stopped at customs he would say he was going to purpose to his girlfriend.He was sure his father wouldn't even notice he had left, but just encase, he left a note saying he was going on a vacation courtesy of work. He got onto the plain and was off. Before he knew it he was at his destination. The trade was easy; he found the guy, inspected the ring, killed the guy, and was ready to go home with both ring and money in his possession. His boss had been talking about how this guy had been double-crossing him on sales, so Rain had to take things into his own hands. While relaxing in his hotel room the night before departing home, he watched the news and discovered some sort of virus was infecting people and making them hurt others. How had he not heard of this before coming here? The airports were shut down. The newsmen rambled out information about symptoms and how long people had until they started attacking the uninfected. A map showed the cities that had been infected. The newsman warned people of bombs that were coming and to evacuate. Rain flicked the tv off and packed lightly before heading out.
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