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  1. This is what the server needs to fix offline base raiding +1
  2. Šimon Jaroš was born in Novigrad, South Zagoria in May of 1986. His childhood was very calm and somewhat good. The young Jaroš participated in TV commercials broadcasted around South Zagoria and enjoyed the spotlights a lot although being slightly pressured by his parents to excel in his acting career. It eventually evolved from the commercials to doing plays in the school theatre which made Šimon started to become a notorious juvenile actor in Novigrad. Due to his ambition to become famous, Šimon eventually dropped his family in order to pursue a international career in a very naive way once he became eighteen years old, getting a role in a Chernarussian movie launched in November of 2005 called The Bloody Star about the Russian Army warcrimes post World War Two where he played as one of the most important characters named Moose, a Chernarussian man that moved to Moscow in hopes to get a better life only to be brought to the Gulag for the false reason of multiple kidnap of children and threason against the Russian federation where the only "proof" given by the Russians was that he was a immigrant, sounded and acted like a psychopath. In the movie he was eventually executed with the other Chernarussian main characters for trying to escape the russians. After the movie came out in 2005, Šimon Jaroš got a lot of attention from the public for his great acting as a secondary character that got well highlighted in that movie. By the start of 2006, he moved to the United Kingdom doing the good old commercials until he was brought to another movie in 2008 called "Finding Maria". This other movie he portrayed the life of Alexei, one of the main characters, a Russian man that ran through South Zagoria looking for his kidnapped daughter's tracks, Karine, with a group of Russians looking for their missing family members only to be executed by a unknown local militia. As he grew older and his career expanded, he started to take more and more ambitious projects. After every project he did, Šimon's mental health started to degrade even more, he slowly started re-acting as his old beloved characters when no one was watching which slowly became their own personalities. In the year of 2017 he did his last movie appeareance as Dmitri Bogdan, a russian criminal that was fighting a super british spy and kidnapped their boss. Dmitri during the movie kills multiple members of his gang in brutal manners... in a intense fight against the spy, Dmitri knows he will get captured by the man, shooting the spy's boss in the chest and swallows a pill of cyanide right, dying with the boss. After that movie, Šimon Jaroš attempted to get more roles but his mental state was critical, he was lost in his favorite characters, randomly switching personalities between Moose and Dmitri depending on his mood. He returned to South Zagoria and bought a apartment in Novodmitrovsk to get a psychiatrist's attention, the treatment worked well and he even got in touch again with his family, getting back with them in good terms after a long time, so far everything was fine until the infection began... slowly his mental state went bad and he got used to his old way of living. He avoided the human contact because of the war going on between two different groups for months which made him escape every person he spotted. He unfortunately only realized the war was over by December of 2020 and by the time he tried to become a social being again, he was too scared and most of the time, was seen as a insane man much like Moose.
  3. +1 This will only affect the people that are constantly doing shit to people and not owning up to their actions when caught. For the sake of realism and the roleplay's integrity, let this go through, please. I'm tired of seeing child soldiers that fuck people up but never own up to the consequences of their character's storyline progression because certain rule like this doesn't exist.
  4. Anything that can give everyone a fresh air somehow works for me, never heard of this map but the screenshots looks really nice... It would be a shame if we just kept Chernarus, right?
  5. This dude does a amazing work, whenever he is taking more requests ask him right away, it is truly fascinating!
  6. Livonia is a shitty map and I have a lot of confidence that it wouldn't be a long lasting map, you'd also be forcing every new player to pay for a DLC while we have fairly good maps in the workshop that can easily host the server, I honestly don't see how this is a option in some peoples eyes, it wouldn't be any good if you think of the mass pop of the server which are literal whitenames usually fresh to the game and to the old players that can't be bothered playing a large, shitty map that requires them a long playtime for a roleplay session - Keeping Chernarus or moving to Livonia wouldn't fix the issues being addressed by the community.
  7. Imma go with the homies with a +1. Anything that is new to the mass pop that can enhance the roleplay somehow, I'm all down for it.
  8. Yes and yes. If the person had put time into it, there were a couple of options that could fit everything that was inside the storage container with no problem.
  9. Server and location: Namalsk, Brensk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 25/12/2020 ; Around 19:30 Your in game name: Runian Kuzco Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged on, walked around and noticed there was a missing storage container and in it's place, a bag full of its contents were left on the ground to be despawned. Besides that, everything seemed in order.
  10. Gotta give massive thanks for the roleplay today to a couple peeps: @Aron73 for the epic RP while drunk, @Saraharas providing great RP as usual and special shoutout to @Millicent, it's been great to meet up with you again after months, really missed RPing with you!
  11. I personally love Namalsk... Chernarus for me really got old after playing for seven or so consecutive years since ArmA 2 DayZ, I can walk around Chernarus with absolute no problem because I know where everything is which personally makes things easier. Namalsk however brought me things that I missed about the game, the hardcore survival aspect as well the feeling of a unknown land to explore. The secrets of the island helps so much that in general, it helps me keep motivated to play and I feel many others are also in the same vibe. If only the item shop and etc worked in Namalsk it would be much more perfect but so far my opinion is that Namalsk >>> Chernarus. At least for RP
  12. Welp, title says everything. I personally feel the map lacks a lot of civillian type of buildings, for example, the map can easily be resumed as three villages, Vorkuta and the industrial/military areas... I found this mod that adds a couple more locations to the map which could help when it comes to the general lack of places. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2319528529&searchtext=
  13. Greetings, fellow inactive forum user coming by to drop you a feedback. Well, this one is not a positive experience at all. First of all, I can describe my unique quality experience with your group: I was sitting in my shack minding my usual character business, multiple of you start peaking me through the holes as you are interacting with the fishing camp which is not related to me or my people at all. Little to no RP effort put from this group of people, they just roamed around like the usual large group wanting to initiate since the beginning, obviously I already knew it was coming, just exchanged words for you to go away and respect my privacy. Shortly after, all I hear is "You have ten seconds to move out of your shed." I obviously did not comply to the request but from my perspective, poor initiation, you didn't give out consequence in the initiation... As I looked around I saw someone pointing a what seemed to be a M72 on me, this specific member that killed me gave a "proper" consequence and blew me up a second after. Every time there is a military group of any sorts, it ends up full of people interested in PvPing rather than RPing, my experience with you guys proved that you are not different also quite interesting to hear some of this russian people with no accent. Either way, I wish you guys good luck, truly do wish you guys improve.
  14. I look so confused with the phone in hands lul
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