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  1. After a good while thinking it through I can only come to the theory the map is in Norway!!!! ( Cool original answer xD xD ) My thoughts for the lore is that we will be about four years into the minecraftian apocalypse and the red posters we see in the trailers belongs to a group of people that developed a strong dominance in the region but unlike what people are thinking of paramilitary or military remnescents, I think this group has been spoiled by Aron73 in the current lore!!!!!! They are all Chameleon's malignant soldiers that escaped the Sweden military after a secret operation and t
  2. inb4 the news Roland is bringing is just that one weapon sling... jokes aside, I'm excited to see what's going to happen, can't wait to play Bambi Von Heiroh
  3. Emil was born 1996 in Novaya Petrovka, his father was an alcoholic and his mother was a cashier at the local supermarket. During the Civilwar Emil has seen unimaginable thinks which scarred him for the rest of his life. After the war Emil was struggling at school, hardly passing any classes expect a few select classes he found interesting. The said classes that Emil did enjoy were IT and Chemistry. He would always try his best doing his best in these classes especially in Chemistry class taught by Juri Sobecki. In 2014 Emil was on his last year in Highschool he started to stream on a popular g
  4. Bambi Von Heiroh was born in America in the year of 2004. He had a good childhood considering he was a lonely child, his father used to work with construction while his mom used to spend her time taking care of their home. As time went by and Bambi grew older, at the age of six years old he got his very first computer and got introduced to games by his secretly unknown gamer father. The very first game he started to play was Counter Strike 1.6 until he heard of a testing version of the best game ever created... Minecraft. That is when Bambi started playing this game non stop receiving multiple
  6. So now I can't do marriage RP?! ngl i'd really love to have a list of words that is banned other than the n-word and the f-word. Are words like retard still able to be used or do they fall in somehow?
  7. Today's RP was quite fun. It was awesome to roll around with you guys today and I hope you guys enjoyed the comic relief as much as I did. @Earl @logn @[email protected] @Ethan-J
  8. Timberwolf's POV: I arrived like 7 minutes or so after that happened and the body was already laying lifeless... When I arrived I was instantly told to deal with the only hostage left ( Mike ) and started to interrogate him for information of why they shot our friends the day before. The man was being interrogated and that is when I hit him with the hammer as you all can see in the hitlogs. That is all from me.
  9. Please man, that is something we all need right now!!! Not a heavy mod, looks good and ik a lot of high pop servers are always using it so +1
  10. Hong Ka Gowan 05/29/1996 - 05/14/2021 Cause of Death Shot by a bandit in the forehead after making a innocent request in a public frequency to get some food and 5.45x39... Last words 停止吧,強盜一個英雄會來,有一天阻止你...這是你的時間到來的時候 榮耀到香港
  11. Hong Ka Gowan was born in the year of 1996 in Hong Kong. The chinese man had a good life however... full of regrets and sorrow. This is not like every story in a fairy tale despite of his fantasies. Hong Ka Gowan wasn't diagnosticated with dwarfism but he was very small which was a reason for people to bully him a lot throughout his life. One day, after dealing with a lot of anger, he decided to go on youtube and know more about the military. Sadly, to Hong Ka Gowan, he was unable to join the military and unfortunately saw himself failing in life, he wanted a solution to his problems and
  12. It was a pleasure RPing with you @beatbapple669, I hope we did give you a well deserved and honorable ending, I'm sure this will be impacting a lot of character and bringing a lot of development to them. Thank you very much for letting us be the one finishing your story arc. Hope to see you around!
  13. Welcome back people, it's been fun interacting with you in the past and I'm sure now it will be much better, good luck in the second run!
  14. I'm honestly +1 most of them besides the Stalker and the Tigr... Stalker sure wouldn't fit the apocalypse theme and the Tigr mod hasn't been updated for almost a whole year now... Another thing, the clothing modpack although it looks amazing but have you seen the weight of some items? Pretty sure I saw a vest weighting 68kg.
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