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  1. Luke was born in Dublin, Ireland. He was working on a oil rig in the Green Sea. He met a close friend called Caleb they worked together for many years. As he was working on the Oil rig he heard conversations about a strange flu spreading around. So Luke was like nah fuck that and made efforts to bail from the Oil rig. Luke got on a life boat and eventually ended up in Chernarus. He spent a few days scavenging for food trying to find his friends from the oil rig. After a short time of dealing with the current crisis Luke has gained somewhat a foothold in the local area.
  2. Sick graphics best of luck with the group lads.
  3. I say we get rid of the winter map. It's cool the first few weeks just gets annoying after awhile.
  4. I think I might be playing with another group or something because ever since I came back I have been on the receiving end of initiations and the only accounts of being the aggressors was two situations on prison Island for me. It's also quite funny for people saying that we only care about PvP. If I recall since 2016 these guys who have been playing together since have created a shit ton of hotspots. Sure If you go browsing here on this wonderful site and go back in to the history you will see during dark times Anarchy was pushing the lore forward with it's loremasters. But it's the usual nah Anarchy are a PvP scum they don't care about RP yet again If you noticed that @G19RP and @JimRP has brought back the weapon permit system and more. Creating a massive checkpoint for people to come role-play with. Anarchy has done nothing but RP'd with people. But Hey who cares right? Just ban them right?
  5. RP

    Tiger Time!

    *Luke would pick up the radio and speak* "There is no hope for you guys" "You live in your own shit and piss" "You claim to be this beacon of hope yet, you hide behind massive walls and in fear you stay there 24/7" "There is no hope or no claims of victory or nothing" "It can take a potato to hold a corridor" "You can spew shit on the radio all you want we don't care" "Enjoy living like the rats you are" *Luke releases the PTT*
  6. POV. I spot some lads run down the hill I tell @NorwayRP to run but noo he wanted to stay and talk to the men. That's when it went down hill they surround us and they tell us to strip down. A man walks up to me and asks to see my genitalia. I take off everything but my pants. I pretend to be super ill to delay time for any potential allies to show up. G19 shows up bluffs them out takes a gun and shoots them. I am unarmed a non threat so I place my hands in the air and get shot. I wake up stating I am unarmed and they shoot me again finally killing me.
  7. Thanks for the RP today @G19RP @NorwayRP That could of went terribly.
  8. Thanks for the great RP tonight guys. It's good to be back
  9. Hey guys been watching videos/looking on the forums just wanted to say good stuff on the RP side keep up the good work Don't let the haters/doubters get ya down.
  10. Can I join this group? I heard many things about this.
  11. best of luck with the group. I love the graphics.
  12. @JimRP Sick tattoo dude. I will be getting one soon enough.
  13. Great RP from the lads. @Helix @G19RP @Hex let's see where our internal campfire roleplay leads us.
  14. Just wanted to thank you guys for the RP today. Real shame about the peace though maybe one day.
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