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  1. The fuck someone actually asked me to ERP. 

  2. We All Need To Chill Out

    Well said +1
  3. @Nihoolious @Squillium @Puncture @Pepe Jones @Lewis scott cheers for the RP tonight really enjoyed it. I loved being a deputy it was shame about the ending though.
  4. Luck ain't on my side today. 

  5. Your cat scares me.

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    2. ExoticRainbow


      lmao at least it isnt Alfie

    3. TheProxJack


      Who's chatting shit about bald cats 

    4. evanm23


      @ExoticRainbow can you shut the fuck up 

  6. 10/10 RP today really enjoyed it. 

    1. Undead


      Really enjoyed your rp, gave me flashbacks to 2013 . Was fun stuff

    2. TheProxJack


      All I saw was a madman in a truck

    3. Undead



  7. The RP was fun really enjoyed it, Lad.
  8. Brian O Krey

    Brian is from Dublin Ireland. When he was a young lad he was fascinated about the 1916 uprising against the British empire he spent most of his time in and out of prison over petty things (Armed robberies) When his time in prison he got himself involved in with the wrong crowd and before he knew it. He was a full blown member of a small gang that would smuggle weapons up to the northern part of Ireland to make easy cash but overtime he found himself more attached to actually join the cause he contacted his close friend John he was a member of the IRA to get him in when he joined in Brian first job was to meet contacts over in Libya to discuss a potential deals over time Brian became a highly valued member of the IRA doing jobs all over the world making endless contacts. On The Good Friday Agreement on 10th April Brian was furious with the IRA decision on peace so he decided to take a form of absence from the IRA he contacted his contacts over in Russia to set him up well with a place to sleep and eat. before Brian knew it he was sent to a shithole known as Chernarus. When Brian arrived there in Chernarus he decided to make a business he set up a small pub and got business flowing one of his Russian friends came to him for a visit one day and asked him with help with his small arms business Brian decided to help him out and before he knew it he was in the works of a big organization. Few years down the line Brian found the love of his life it was a Chernarussian woman that worked for him in his pub before he knew he knocked the dumb bitch up with a kid and then came along Liam 17 years later Brian found himself bored sitting around in the pub waiting for something happen then he turns on TV and find outs that some weird shits going on then he hears some weird shit outside and he finds his wife Natasha munching on some dickhead Brian panics and runs back into the pub to find Liam. He was nowhere to be found Brian packed his bags and went on the run.
  9. haha

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      Water and sleep!

    2. SweetJoe
  10. Watch your spray control. 

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    3. Cocomii


      I need that spray Control guide! 

    4. Elmo
  11. Rest In Peace Justin Timberlake


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    2. Jxkey


      He really is bringing sexy back with that hat corrrrrr

    3. SweetJoe


      I guess you mean brought, cause hes dead dude.

    4. Kieran_Hales


      To soon @SweetJoe to soon.