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  1. The Salt levels are high. 

  2. *Louie presses the PTT* "Congratulations you just made yourself a target." "Why you defending a group that fucked you and then threw you out the door." "Jesus." "You must feel used and it saddens me that you go crawling back for more." "But then again that Russian bloke seems like he cannot do the job but an annual 101 gangbang must suit your needs." "so do us all a favor and release them, kids, you kidnaped yeah" "Ronnie told me everything he even showed me the bruises fucking hell" *Louie releases the PTT*
  3. Is this even active anymore?
  4. *Louie presses the PTT* "Why don't you pipe down and let your big boys do the speaking I have no clue who you are nor do I care." "Stop filling the radio with your nonsense I can barely understand you." *Louie releases the PTT*
  5. *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "No, I am not trying to act big or something" "I'm teaching them a valuable lesson on why you do not fuck with me and my people" "They decided to capture some of my men at a boxing match couple of them got injured." "I never got an explanation or an apology." "So the option now is to burn the place to the ground." *Louie releases the PTT*
  6. *Louie laughs and picks up the radio* "You are all on another level of stupid if you think I'm trying to be a King" "You can chat much shit as you want you know right well when we go back up there same shits gonna happen." "You will lose the town again then turn around and go nice one lads we won that won" "It's what you sleaze bags have been doing over the past few months claiming false victories." "Now it really shows how creative you are with your insults to just call me a Leprechaun." "So do everyone a favor go to Russia and claim your false victories there." "Also to the bitch that is claiming Akrasia is dead stop kidnapping children you horrible excuse of a woman." *Louie releases the PTT*
  7. *Louie picks up his radio* "Hello, Real Chief King Emperor President Doctor Louie here to speak again." "The North is mine not yours stop with these lies." "All these people do is put false claims on the radio." "They claim to beat everyone when in reality they get slaughtered." "This is amazing chaos is what we need here in this shithole" *Louie releases the PTT*
  8. I feel that was a job well done.  :* :* 


    1. Nihoolious


      thank you for reminding me why i stopped reading radio chatter

    2. lukzo2024


      This one reminds me of the old days :D

  9. *Louie presses the PTT* "What you on about we left for a bit to go deal with some other shit." "Thanks for telling us you went back there." "I will be back up there shortly don't worry" *Louie releases the PTT*
  10. I'm not making it shitty lmao I thought it was hilarious. I need video on it there something in the works :-)
  11. cheers lad.
  12. *Louie picks up the radio and speaks.* "Hello, this is the real King of the North Louie." "So yeah the tyranny of 101 is no more." "We went into their homeland and murdered them." "Folks nowadays would call it a slaughter." "Any 101 who was not present during the attack, listen to this message, Your town is now occupied by my rebels so fuck off and don't come back or what just happened will be repeated." "To my boys good shit on killing them you did well soon enough we can get out of here I heard there is a guy trying to build a boat down south." "Anyhow to all the banditos of the lands feel free to rape and pillage the north their so called guardians have been crippled." *Louie screams down to one of his boys get the good shit out lads its time to get shit faced laughter can be heard over the radio and it cuts out"
  13. @evanm23 do you got video?on when they were calling us homosexuals for 40mins and then trying to push us to fight them.
  14. "How are you still alive I killed you and cut up your body" - Anonymous.