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    "S1: KoS in kabanino - 27/12/2018 dont know time mid day"

    POV. I go to Kabanino to go take bunch of people hostage I then get handed a Megaphone I was going to state who I was but I was interrupted the first time. A black fella decides to walk towards me I notice he is sick I tell him to get away from me so I do not catch it. I call him rude names since my character is a new profound racist after his dealing with Kamenci. (He was a slave to them for awhile) I then get told that some lads were sprinting my way so I run away to get the drop on them. I slip away get into a position and state for everyone to place their hands up in the air or they will be shot I state this numerous times. The OP runs towards me he hears me clearly indicate for everyone to put up their hands up and he pulls out a gun so I start to shoot him. We spray him down he dies a firefight endures out. I then eventually get to the hostages I do not take any weapons from them. I then state that I am now going to be forming a massive government and that I will be creating a Summit in the next few days and I expect them to attend or essentially we will hunt them down. Shorty after we spot a resistant force begin to assemble on the hills to take revenge for the recent attack I get told over the radio who they were I state on the radio that they will get shot unless they leave they decide to fight I end up dying in the conflict. To the OP you openly broke character stating that it was RDM. You clearly heard my initiation and claimed it as a fake you died due to not taking my demands serious.
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      Even I had to see if this was true, F ?

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      I was gone for a day... what happened?


  3. LukeRP

    S1 | Novaya Industrial | Invalid Execution/Ruleplay | 2018-12-23| ~23:40

    You are incorrect I got stuck in their gate then I crawled behind some cover then died. There should also be hit logs on me with someone shooting me.
  4. LukeRP

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

    @Sylva you are a good guy. I wish you the best on what ya do next.
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    Happy Holidays to one and all from toxic community Lukzo2024. 

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      Merry Christmas.

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      Thanks for the earrape Louie, Happy Christmas.

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      Have a merry christmas ?

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    Merry Xmas big guy much love ❤️


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      Hope you have a good one mate!

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    Settlement Protections

    We had settlement rules before and they did not workout. Settlements always pop up and die after awhile it is how its been here. I would like to suggest that Settlements be only owned by approved groups. To get a settlement they would have to message staff with a location and once staff gives them approval for the location they can build right away. This would encourage more people to create groups etc.. maybe even reward them with a base box. Then what we can do then is have it that once a week a settlement can be contested so any approved group can go in and make claim to it.
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    Thank you for proving us with a server all these years much love ❤️ 


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      Providing us* I had a few

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      Merry Christmas bois! 

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    S1 | Novaya Industrial | Invalid Execution/Ruleplay | 2018-12-23| ~23:40

    I was bandaging after getting shot by the guys Tony just killed then Dean Hall blessed me with his presence and I glitched out and died. POV. The lads are fighting Saviors and Tony needed my support so I go to help him he kills some dudes I bug out in a fence I then manage to crawl behind some concrete then I drop dead. I was not present during the reported situation.
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    You disappoint me. Its nearly Christmas. 

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    Close the report its nearly Christmas. 

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    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    I would disagree and push for the report to be closed since I created it.
  13. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    You know what Its nearly Christmas and I do not want to see people punished in this report so I would like for it to be closed.
  14. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    I want to state a few things in the report. Regarding the accusations on myself here on the report. Baiting. You came to me and screamed my name and told people to initiate on me. The only reason I came to follow you was to speak to you. If you did not want me to speak to you. You would not of deliberately screamed my name and ran away, you would have simply walked way. If you look clearly it looks you are the one that baited me in to the situation, I was clearly confused on what was going on since you just screamed my ears out which hurt, I am not going to lie. I then proceed to walk up to you to talk, You then gave me vague responses saying I may get shot. If I took what you said as an initiation and I was trying to bait KOS rights I would have opened fire. If you look at the video again I am stationary. Now If staff considers his rights valid would it not be ruleplay since he had the capability to capture me and give roleplay. Regardless, If I followed you or not you were planning on initiating on me regardless. NVFL. At no point did I actually think that I was going to get mowed down for trying to roleplay with you. Back to you stating I may get shot. It is not a clear initiation you did not give me a demand or a consequences you gave me a maybe or an If. that right there is not clear no matter what why you spin it. Even if the rights on me are considered by the staff team to be valid I would like them to look at ruleplay You had the man power to surround me and capture me and provide roleplay instead now before you turn around and try to argue anything you had the intentions initiate on me regardless. I want staff to look at Bad RP from The Saviors and baiting from Moody. The video from the man himself would suffice.
  15. LukeRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @MrPanda and @ExoticRP Thank you gents for the nice internal RP much love xoxo
  16. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    No build up I walk up to a large group of people and start to speak I then hear him scream my name and run off and I then give chase and then that is the conversation. Due take note that I spoke to two saviors prior and told that I mean them no ill intent and I do want to speak to him. (So If they got videos hopefully they can post it to make it much clearer) If you take a quick glance at this report here. and read this line here in which I will quote. "In this similar situation, the person is warning you away from a potential threat to your lives. It does not grant kill rights" Moody said verbatim "you might get shot" "You may catch a stray bullet" If he explicitly told me Jamie that "My friends are going to shoot you If you keep following me" Or had a gun himself and aimed it at me and said "you keep on following me I will shoot you" I would of walked away, All I wanted to do was have a conversation with him and he refused to and it got hostile. To also add in why would someone scream my name then run off just to tell someone to fuck off multiple times?
  17. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    I approached a large crowd of people trying to speak to them he screamed Luke Krey!!! then continuous ear rape. I followed him to speak to him to find out what is going on and then he tells me I might get shot. His video is cut. If someone screamed your name would it not peak your interest? for you to go speak to him? If he explicitly had a group of people aim weapons at me and say If you follow us we will kill you I would clearly walk away. What If I bump into you in Vybor and I say hey If you go to VMC you might get shot? does that grant me kill rights If you walk to VMC?
  18. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    The initiation was not clear. If he stated to me "Hey If you keep following me my friends are going to shoot you" I would then understand. Telling me hey you follow me you might get shot that could mean numerous things. For example. There is an ongoing situation and you may get Miss ID. I am going to now quote the rule below
  19. LukeRP

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    Server and location: S1 NWAF. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54 Your in game name: Luke Krey Names of allies involved: @MrPanda @ExoticRP Name of suspect/s: @MoodyOG and Saviors. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I spot Saviors at NWAF I speak to two of them behind a green mound I tell them who I am and I state I mean them no ill intent. I then walk over to a crowd and start a conversation with some people Moody then screams something at me I follow him I then try to start a conversation with him. Eventually we are standing still having an exchange of words when Moody goes quiet ordering his guys to shoot me. Moody claimed on steam that he told me that If I follow him I will get shot when I clearly did not hear that and the only clarification of anything was him stating that If there is multiple groups here and I might catch a stray bullet. Moody then gave out the order to one of his friends to shoot me so he could avoid the ban since he is on amnesty and is trying to find a loop hole in the system to avoid consequences. I am willing to drop this report If his video clearly shows him stating If you follow me you will die, (due take note I did not hear this) I will state the kill on myself does not make sense since the accused and I are standing still in the middle of the airfield having a conversation both stationary I am not pursuing him at the point of my death.
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    Free Territory

    you have been marked my favorite Aussie.
  21. LukeRP

    Noveya Compound.

    *Luke picks up the radio and speaks* "I am sure you will be dead soon enough John but if you somehow survive" "I hope for your sake the rumors are not true about you" *Luke releases the PTT*
  22. LukeRP

    Noveya Compound.

    *Luke would be sitting in his new office and would pick up the radio and speaks* "Hello people of South Zagoria" "My name is Luke Krey" "I have seized control of the compound in Noveya" "The previous owners have seemed to have abandoned it" "I tend to change things up here for example the abundance of supplies here are now free to everyone who comes up here" "To the previous owners known as The Saviors I will give you 24 hours to come here and surrender" "I hope to see you soon" *Luke releases the PTT*
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    The Embassy [SPG-24]

    Nice group best of luck.
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    Sorry Bro @MurasakibaraRP


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