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  1. LukeRP

    Falk's Message #1

    *Luke picks up the radio and speaks* "What shite are you talking about now Falk?" "Actually ya know what come talk to me as soon as you can" *Luke releases the PTT*
  2. LukeRP

    Uprising [87.78]

    *Luke picks up the radio and speaks* " they are still around you dumb fool I just spoke to one a few mins ago stop spreading lies" *Luke releases the PTT*
  3. Farmer-BorisRP

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  4. LukeRP

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    We already had a discussion in PMs about this clearly you are quite upset with the outcome we are not making changes if you are not going to give us genuine feedback then stop posting thank you.
  5. LukeRP

    To Declan

    *Luke would be pick up his radio and press the PTT and sing out a song for his old pal Declan* "Sé do bheatha, a bhean ba léanmhar" "do bé ár gcreach tú bheith i ngéibhinn" "do dhúiche bhreá i seilbh meirleach" "'s tú díolta leis na Gallaibh." "Óró, sé do bheatha bhaile" "óró, sé do bheatha bhaile" "óró, sé do bheatha bhaile" "anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh." "Tá Gráinne Mhaol ag teacht thar sáile" "óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda," "Gaeil iad féin is ní Francaigh ná Spáinnigh" "'s cuirfidh siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh." "A bhuí le Rí na bhFeart go bhfeiceam" "muna mbeam beo ina dhiaidh ach seachtain" "Gráinne Mhaol agus míle gaiscíoch" "ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh." *He would pause for a moment then speak into his radio* "You know where to find me we need a chat" *Luke releases the PTT*
  6. Farmer-BorisRP

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  7. LukeRP

    Bang Bang

    @MrPanda sort him out.
  8. Eagle

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    This golden egg


  9. LukeRP

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    I picked option 3 its the best one +1
  10. LukeRP

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    1. Falk


      What happened this time

  11. LukeRP

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Here is the video I would also like staff to have a look at baiting. I find it quite strange under the circumstances that 10+ people are already set up ready to shoot. I tell him shits off limits and he goes out of his way to provoke us.
  12. LukeRP

    Is calling your characters ethnicity white allowed?

    Did staff say it? or was it just a random community member?
  13. LukeRP

    Is calling your characters ethnicity white allowed?

    calling yourself white is not offensive at all lmao.
  14. LukeRP

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Server and location: S1 Vybor Industrial Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-11-08, 00:22 Your in game name: Luke Krey Names of allies involved: Kamenci Name of suspect/s: The House. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Pretty much a few boys got spotted out at Cross roads I go over talking to one of them saying this is Kamencis land and they should not be here and shit noticed that they were clearly setting up. I head back in to Vybor Industrial I get followed I tell them shits off limits so is the water. Some guy asks if he can take some I refuse him call him a couple of mean words he walks off. I spot the accused then later and we have an exchange of words I tell him the same stuff as the previous person he then protests it and argues with me then pulls out a bottle of water and tells me he took it from the well and that he is going to take more I get sick of his shenanigans and tell him to put his hands up. His boys on the hill start to pop rounds down at us the suspect then runs into a industrial building and tries to kill Rebel with a sledgehammer he gets gunned down hence not valuing his life. I have added a new post with a video and with an adding of the baiting accusation.
  15. LukeRP

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    Angry Greek man caught stealing. 




    1. Enigma


      How'd you get that?