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  1. I'll take any map at this point to stop the bickering and split player base. Remember folks it's just a game
  2. I voted no. We don't need a creepy Steve to pull up in a zombie outfit just to be edgy stick with the ponchos
  3. Who cares that they joined the group just let them play and have fun. Anyhow the thread looks cool can't wait to bump into you guys again Also Happy Holidays
  4. *Luke would pick up his radio and speak* "Be careful dealing with these folk" "They are AJ lines the notorious drug dealers from Chernarus" "Not a charity" "Avoid this place at all costs" *Luke would release the PTT*
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I came back on amnesty. Why the verdict is not fair: It's absolutely fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was being bit toxic and got myself banned when in reality I should of just left instead of spamming the forums to ban me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like my appeal to be accepted since I've been active the last few months. What could you have done better?: Not get invested in the drama. Just log in play and just do my part to be a positive community member.
  6. Group page looks great. Had fun bumping into you guys the other day. Best of luck with this and happy holidays
  7. There's always someone complaining about how RP is stale. If you are finding it stale then look in your own RP before making comments. In most cases, I tend to just try and make things fun for myself not depending on others. There have been numerous occasions that I was getting minimum RP from someone but I kept pushing and ended up with rewarding RP. Just to point out If you are not having engaging storylines with people then why not create them yourself? Nowadays it seems most people put more effort into complaining than actually trying to get things popping.
  8. Yeah, I'd say add them. This could be dope for events and stuff
  9. Welcome to all the new roleplayers. I can't wait to roleplay with you all
  10. It all started when we went to GM and decided to take the people that live there hostage. We get the lads to start the RP with them. I set up overwatch in the tower to secure the area. I spot a shit ton of dudes rolls up... looks like something out of the return of the king. They then shoot our hostages for no reason making things quite awkward. We begin to shit talk to each other in the area and it goes on for quite a bit. They tell us how they are going to murder us etc.. the usual shit you would hear. They tell us to surrender but it was contradicted by some guy telling us we were going to die regardless... So I was like yeah Nah I ain't going to surrender. Eventually, they use some sort of biological weapon on me and I get sick so I decided to comply with the terms that it's just me coming down. Some guy was saying how I will go to jail or court and to keep me alive. At this point, I thought it was going to be a good situation however this was ended abruptly with invalid demands by telling Turk to surrender or I die... They lined me up and ask me who to pick so I was kinda like yikes so might as well just keep going with it. I think @ImKrullix tells me to convince them so I started screaming "ahhh don't kill me please don't". Then they send me to the shadowlands where I now await till November 23rd for the expansion to release.
  11. I don't think we really need rules to protect events at all. If you want to host an event either hire a group to protect the event or call a ceasefire with the groups you are fighting. Back in the day, we use to host events all the time without relying on rules.
  12. I'm down for seeing events like this. However I won't be attending due to the non-hostilities part. I'll stand by the hold your own regarding events/settlements.
  13. thanks for the amazing internal RP tonight @TurkRP
  14. This is great. We should add this and bring back base building for it.
  15. That's a cool picture my guy. Where was it taken?
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