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  1. LouieRP

    I thought IC was IC right? Right?

    1. Keira



    2. LouieRP


      I just ain't going to talk to people out of character anymore cba. 

    3. Lad


      Don't be silly Louie. IC doesn't stay IC, you of all people should know this :^)

    4. LouieRP


      urite urite but now I'm like right I know for a fact If I am hostile the first thing they aiming for is a report.

      so yeah campfire RP ill stick with till beta. 

    5. UndeadRP


      I mean it isn't going to change at beta. Haven't u been doin this shit for ages? NOTHINGS CHAANGED LOUIEEEEEEEEEEE

    6. Brayces


      IC should be IC! >:O 


    7. LouieRP


      yeah maybe fuck 

    8. Lad


      OOC is the best IC apparently

    9. Brayces


      @Lad Nuuu!! 

    10. LouieRP


      Ya know what I think its time @UndeadRP Ima start make reports on this shit. 

    11. Lad


      @Brayces yes :^)

      Isn't like bringing OOC into IC situations and vice versa like against the rules or something? if not it should be tbh

    12. Tony

      I'mma be blunt. I speak out when something needs spoken out. Someone kill thrills and causes unwarranted coastal visits, someone harasses folk OOC'ly or someone just blatantly trolls... I'll always cross over to OOC land and frownie face it. 

      Never seen that with you. Any video where I'd saw you do hostile RP, I've been impressed. You have a shit hot intimidation factor. And as far as handling any OOC grievance, I've always found you to handle it respectfully. Bumping into you in game, I got you on casual mode and it was a pretty decent encounter.

      People have their grievances, but me personally, I've never seen you to warrant them, or at least I've never seen any evidence which would state otherwise. So take that as you will man, but I don't feel the fault is on you. I find your RP to be respectable.

    13. LouieRP


      Yeah sure fuck it I think I'm going to focus on having a good time now. thanks for the kind words. 

    14. Keira


      Louie is great, we got more RP planned, dont you worry @LouieRP I got your back, we will make it work

    15. OskuRP


      I have to disagree with Tony...whatever happened you 100% deserve it and more Louie ;)

  2. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Brodie come in do ya hear me" "The lads are getting sick of people chatting shit on the radio and they want to go and attack the Socialists again" "I'm losing control over our friends they are getting angry and want to slaughter everybody who is chatting shit" "What should we do?" "Also hows the medical issue" *Louie releases the PTT*
  3. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "You are a good man Brodie" "So what we doing today then lad" *Louie releases the PTT*
  4. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Yeah you are right Brodie you are also apart of our family you are my brother" "Yeah I got me a family now fuck yeah I got something to fight for now" "Let's go teach our enemies why they shouldn't fuck with us" *Louie releases the PTT*
  5. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "You see that I don't like it that people are trying to gat the wife ya know she's a good woman and she started farming in the town so I don't want her to die" *Louie releases the PTT*
  6. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Yeah you are right Ill come talk to you and the boys soon" "Take care" *Louie releases the PTT*
    • LouieRP
    • Brayces

    don't do it

    1. Brayces


      Oh dear Louie, do what pray tell?


    2. LouieRP


      No points pls ty

      weird mash up GIF

    3. BorisRP



  7. A message about my supposed protectors...

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Ulman you know right well it may not be today or tomorrow but eventually we will find ya" *Louie would then think about the movie Taken and quote Liam Neeson* "I have been trained with a specific amount of skills to hunt fuck boys like you" "Also send Amelia my regards" *Louie releases the PTT*
  8. A message about my supposed protectors...

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Wait that's Ulman chatting shit" "Fuuck" "I let that guy in my house I also saved his ass" "Well looks like I'll be paying that lad a visit" *Louie releases the PTT*
  9. To My Brother Brodie

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Yeah fuck man" "The lads were saying I've gone soft and there were talks of them putting me down" "I'm going to have to take leave from town for abit" "Take care Brodie" *Louie releases the PTT*
  10. A message about my supposed protectors...

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "I agree the town is not safe for people who fuck around and wave their hands and don't speak for days but apparently the man now has a voice" "Bad shit happens everywhere there's a nice reality check for ya bud" "Boris" "Ehhh you know what to do" *Louie releases the PTT*
  11. LouieRP

    who was driving the orange truck? 

    1. Fang


      it was me

    2. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado

      sike it was I

    3. LouieRP


      I knew it

  12. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had some good campfire roleplay today it was 10/10
    • LouieRP
    • DustyRP


    1. Chewy


      I was just thinking the exact same thing.

  13. LouieRP

    Well that was a good night love you all. 

    1. Keira


      nini Louie luuu

  14. LouieRP

    I miss PvP

    1. Pep


      you are bad at it anyways 

    2. ExoticRP


      Rolle added wars, why not start one?

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      War will be happening in the near futureTM

  15. LouieRP

    Revenge for Sultan sorry @Erik


    1. BorisRP


      internal RP

    2. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Jesus holy fuck I would have shit my pants.

    3. Mr.Panda


      I forgot I yelled that xD  

    • LouieRP
    • Peaches

    What was the point of that?

    1. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      I'm genuinely curious myself...

    2. William



    3. Whitename


      what happened???

    4. LouieRP


      he went into town shot 3 poor campfire roleplayers and died. 

    5. Whitename



    6. Hebee


      Rest in peaches, Thoughts and prayers for everyone involved in this.

    7. ExoticRP


      I'll be on the Tarkovsky discord peach boi

    8. Hebee



      The pleasure palace is where all the real roleplayers hang out anyway 👌👌👌👌

  16. LouieRP


    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    2. KyleRP
    3. LouieRP



    4. KyleRP
    5. LouieRP



    6. KyleRP
    7. Keira


      ERP is best RP

    8. NateRP


      Edit: did I hear natERP

    9. DustyRP


      i like erp

  17. A gift from Anarchy. [Open]

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "I'm going to call you out on bullshit it was never going to be a trading post because I'll tell you why" "You lot came to my town trying to advertise The Children Of Falk? Who the fuck calls themselves that" "So what are you, traders or retarded cultists?" "Anyhow that stockpile was fucking ridiculous the people that struggle had a right to know about that and from the sound of things they took what they want" "Anyhow life moves on, have a good day" *Louie releases the PTT*
  18. Real life picture Thread

    @Brodie ty for the snapchat <3
  19. A gift from Anarchy. [Open]

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "If we find any more camps that have a massive surplus of supplies will we notify the hungry and starving citizens of South Zagoria where these supplies are" "Nobody should be hoarding shit spread the wealth amongst the hard working people" "Have a nice day" *Louie releases the PTT*
  20. LouieRP


    1. Play3rFTW

      you silly litlle irish potato whats so funny now?

    2. Kieran_Hales
  21. Lopatino Announcement.

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Hello this is Louie most of you know me as the guy who runs around with Anarchy doing fucked up things and yeah you ain't wrong but I did these things to survive like the rest of you I have done things that are not forgivable and shouldn't be which I'm willing to live with but yeah I'm here to announce a few things" *He would scratch his chin and begin to think about the ID process* "I come here today to state that all Russians and Chernarussins that want to enter Lopatino will be required to be vouched for and when that can be done they will be required to create an ID in the church" "The reasoning for the ID process is that Russians/Chernarussian people came into the town to blend in as normal folk just to open up and spray people down these people use nothing but terrorist tactics to provoke fear and violence in the town thank god that we had great warriors on standby to save the town" *He would then think about the men that he met in Novaya and that who attacked the town* "To the people that were in Novaya, your ambush failed there are a few injuries but nothing too serious do us a favor and not attack the town if you want to duke it out with Anarchy give us a time and a place there is no need to harm the innocents that reside in Lopatino" *He would then talk in a very serious tone* "Shooting innocent people is not worth it without the hardworking people in this place it will crumble into ashes" "Leave Lopatino alone" *Louie would then think about all the people that are afraid of Lopatino* "Anyhow to people who are afraid to come to Lopatino, yes Anarchy has a bad rep, yes we have done bad shit in the past I'm not asking for forgiveness Lopatino is a safe place its not run just by Anarchy there are other groups here contributing to making the place great" "Everybody who enters Lopatino is equal we go off one thing and that is respect" "Lopatino was created of the image of equality we don't want no monarchy nor government to tell us how to live we do not want to follow the old ways If we sit here and try to rebuild something that failed us we are doomed" "Don't hold grudges its nothing but bad for your health" "Have a nice day" *Louie releases the PTT*
  22. LouieRP

    Turns out I'm an asshole and a daddy. 

    1. BorisRP



    2. Play3rFTW

      welp................don't know if i should say congratz or sucks to suck(whatever you preference is)