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"Louie and the Bhoys"

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  1. LouieRP

    Mate no bog roll in the gaf till later how the fuck am I going to take a shit. 

    1. Zero


      wot did u just say to me m8, i wil fuk u up i swear on me mum.

    2. WesternRP


      Any magazines

    3. LouieRP


      nothing in the house mate I think I'm going to die. 

    4. WesternRP


      May use the ole hand

    5. Josei


      WELL THEN.

      Anyway, hope you have a lovely time in Greece. ❤

      Take lots of nice pictures, stay safe boys.:D

    6. LouieRP


      ty ty

    7. Play3rFTW

      drink a fuck load of ouzo

  2. Distress Call. [Open Frequency]

    *Louie would be hiding in a house taking cover he then picks up the radio and presses the PTT* "Lads I need back up I'm in the town of Kamensk" "There's a bunch of military-looking dudes coming after my ass" "Fuck these cunts there are loads of them" "Ahh fuck I'm spotted hold up" *You could hear loud gunfire in the background* "Shit they are surrounding my building" *Louie would spray his AKM down the hallway* "Fuck they are pushing my building" "Fuck fuck fuck they are throwing flashbangs in" *You would hear more gunfire and then shortly after it you would hear men scream at him to surrender it would then cut to static*
  3. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, Thank you to all the staff for their hard work good job guys.
  4. Staff Appreciation Thread

    If I was staff I would make amazing changes.
  5. LouieRP

    Big Decisions. 

    1. SweetJoe


      Just make them a little at a time. Youll be ok.

    2. BorisRP


      Bildresultat för akward gif

    3. WesternRP


      Do whats best.

    4. LouieRP


      I made to many but fuck it man I gotta do what I gotta do. 

    5. JoffreyRP


      Just send them at me, I'll make them for you.

    6. LouieRP


      Joffrey I did the deed ya boy is now single

    7. JoffreyRP


      Well, it's never easy. Chin up, and move forward.

    8. LouieRP


      That's the plan. Greece in a day so can't wait to get fucked up. 

    9. UndeadRP






  6. Community Summit

    I feel the love for Anarchy
  7. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Eh Nah it's not a trap" "I'll be at Novy church this evening" "you can show up if you want I'll be there" *Louie releases the PTT*
  8. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Hello my name is Louie" "I come here today to let you guys know that I will be surrendering myself to you guys in Novy" "The guilt I have after killing that pregnant lady is overwhelming me" "I will be there later today" *Louie releases the PTT*
    • LouieRP
    • Nihoolious

    You only did it for the beans. 

    1. Rolle


      I'm starting to suspect that as well :D 

    2. Nihoolious


      I just wanted to get more beanz than Squillium for making a serious discussion thread urite

    3. Rolle


      Option 1: This is OK




    4. Nihoolious


      pretty good poll options if you ask me

    5. Strawberry


      please change the profile song as it is hurting my ears, and I like to regularly visit this profile

    6. Nihoolious


      lol sorry i cant lower the volume for when it starts playing it annihilates my ears to

  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    My overhaul experience with staff recently has been poor and I'm starting to feel that they are out of touch with the community and this is very bad. I would love to see staff say hey you made a mistake. Come talk to us on Teamspeak and let's try to figure this out instead of hitting them with the book and banning them. We need to find a middle ground and cooperate with each other If we do not do that then this community is doomed. The fact that the GMs never got a chance to pull logs or the other accused couldn't even post their POVs just to be pushed away like that shows disrespect and I'm starting to doubt that community value even exists here. The guys that were banned put in countless hours of their lives here and some of them invested money so for one Admin to go hey fuck this Ima rule 4 you because you are arguing your case is ridiculous. I want to see change but I don't think it will happen.
    • LouieRP
    • DustyRP

    One of our RP bros was murdered. 

    1. DustyRP


      I'll pour out a 40 into a glass in his honor

    2. LouieRP


      I would say not to drink but let's get pissed. 

    3. DustyRP



      lets get white girl wasted. 

    4. BorisRP


      they are in valhalla now....

  10. LouieRP

    That is just wrong and I am utterly disappointed. 

    1. Peaches


      considering somebody with ZERO warning points got yeeted, it is. and has never had a warning point smh

    2. Mexi


      I mean, look at it this way.. Anarchy won't be the main person(s) to avoid ICly now. :trolle:

    3. WesternRP


      Don't get into a report with a admin. I generally didn't know they could do that in a report.

  11. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    You better wear some red lipstick We should be creative and not try and copy someone like negan.
  12. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    nope not going to happen.
  13. LouieRP

    Hello roleplayers

    1. Pep


      waddup louie

    2. DustyRP


      Hello friendo

    3. BorisRP



    4. LouieRP


      ill be ingame tonight boys

    5. BorisRP



    6. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      im a pvper thank you

  14. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    We are all equal we should only brand ourselves as human. God bless u all
    • LouieRP
    • WesternRP

    You aint a RP bro anymore

    1. WesternRP



    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      its better this way tbh

  15. Events "Protection"

    If people complied there wouldn't be PvP. It's as simple as that.
  16. Events "Protection"

    These rules are a great Idea Rolle +1
  17. LouieRP

    Yeah, a short break will do me a good one o7 

    1. KyleRP

      O7 my niBBa

    2. BorisRP


      yea this community will probley still be here 

    3. Species


      Go have fun in Greece

  18. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Wrong there pal We have a ridiculous amount of people with us" "So yeah to all of you lads chatting shit it's a terrible idea to turn this into a pissing contest I bumped into 8 of you guys in Gorka by myself and you lads ran off pissing yer pants" "Do yourselves a favor just resign move on with your lives denounce the CDF like your suppose to and you can live yer happy life around a campfire sharing stories and ya never know ya might even find yourselves a woman" "Also" "Aaron fuck off the radio no need to feed them" *Louie releases the PTT*
    • LouieRP
    • WesternRP

    Sort it out quick

    1. UndeadRP



    2. LouieRP


      This lad is MIA I'm putting pressure on him to get his shit sorted for holiday. 

  19. Boys Only Thread

    why you gotta ruin a perfectly nice thread This is why we can't have nice things.
  20. Stealing my credit I see lmao
  21. LouieRP