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  1. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    Oh okay, I don't know whats going on anymore.
  2. Reports and Radio Chatter

    +1 I would prefer this as a minigame that's a better idea. If people wanna use radios we should use the actual in game walkie-talkies etc..
  3. For The Record

    *Louie would pick up his radio and press the PTT* "Hello this is Louie from Anarchy we condemn these folk that you call the Skintakers" "Anarchy will be hunting these people down since they have taken proud citizens of Novy against their will" "We will decimate anyone who proceeds to help these so-called Skintakers" "Have a nice evening" *Louie releases the PTT*
  4. About requesting to close reports?

    Aight ty for the quick answers. Staff, you can yeet this.
  5. About requesting to close reports?

    Yeah but is banning people always the best thing to do based on current circumstances with the game and the community?
  6. About requesting to close reports?

    So uhh recent report I noticed that both parties agreed to close it. But staff now can keep it open If both sides agree the situation was bad but they both learned they can improve on it what is the point in keeping it open and banning them? It was the OPs right to report it why is it not his right to close it? This is a community end of the day we should have value for each person that plays here. It's just kinda shitty to look at yeah Ill be honest I wouldn't have done what @NateRP did sorry bro but the OP has more than enough reason to go afk and the OP was clearly new wouldn't a verbal be suitable? So I remember back in the day when both sides would agree to close a report and they would close it what has changed and why did staff still pursue this? If this is TOS thing then just yeet it.
  7. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  8. Cya

    See ya in a bit Maxwell.
  9. Who got you in/motivated to make you stay in DayZRP?

    I was recently going to quit but my friends convinced me to stay. tbh fuck drama who cares its just a video game end of the day.
  10. LouieRP

    I think something is missing ???


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      The biggest sad react

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      OH NEIN

  11. LouieRP

    I hope everyone has an amazing evening. 

    1. UndeadRP


      Hey man you to! :^D

    2. Lyca


      I hope you too <3

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      Ai bruv, you too. 

    5. Play3rFTW

      pretty sums up the past 12 hours for me


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      Been good so far :) 


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    Good shit

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      Legit me earlier when I was stuck in the toilet. 

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    Good song.

    1. TheRedOne


      69/69 best song ever

  12. To My People

    *Louie would pick up the radio and press the PTT* "Fuck lads I'm in a situation the hospital was a shit fest the whole place got swarmed out of it with infected but I managed to steal me a car and I'm en route home" I'm about a day or so out" "I feel kinda fucked, to be honest, but I stole me a shit load of meds" "It should do me well" "Be home soon" *He would releases the PTT*
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    1. Eagle


      Get lost you leach. 

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      Image result for rick james gif

    3. Eagle


      Get lost you druggo. 

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