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  1. Qui Derelictus

    I don't see an Issue so here they are making their own branch of NATO lets be honest it's a big fucking thing. I cant make a group saying I'm the Chinese army so when someone makes Chinese special forces I cant demand it to be archived. I think everyone on this thread needs to take a step back and just relax it's a video game. We should let people play what they want to as long as it is coherent with the rules and they work with the loremasters to make it to standard. To the actual members of the groups, my advice would be work with the loremasters and the admins to make it better and do not listen to the naysayers.
  2. Qui Derelictus

    Best of luck with the group. Be cool if everyone ya know would give them a chance to roleplay it out before tryna dog it or nitpick.
  3. Get out of jail card idea

    Try this. 50 euro 15 points for 4 months. They make one mistake which leads to 10 points they are then on 25 close to that perma again makes them think about their choices. I've no clue I'm just throwing out ideas, some of yall need to chill out though they ain't criminals. Heres a quote to all your religious folk out there. Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you But if you do not forgive others their sins, Your Father will not forgive your sins.
  4. Get out of jail card idea

    +1 I agree with this. a lot of players who have been banned flame the shite out of me and honestly I don't care to see them back playing here It will be great to see more people playing again.
  5. Get out of jail card idea

    This is a great Idea do it.
  6. hello, roleplayers. 

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    2. SweetJoe


      Cool, missed ya wackadoo. Ya have fun?

    3. Infamous
    4. HALEZY


      were ya been lad! long time no see

  7. see you roleplayers in 2 weeks. 

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    2. Major


      Buh bye brah

    3. SweetJoe


      Come back in one piece. 



      Oh and Enjoy yourself.

    4. Lost

      have fun bud

  8. Evening roleplayers. 

    1. Puncture


      Evening X-Pvper

    2. Nihoolious


      afternoon fellow inactive roleplayer

    3. Infamous


      There ya go free beans. 

  9. Do people still care?

    No offense but the events just seem dull and boring to me. I would like to see an event based on the prison Island with guards and inmates and that shit that be cool.
  10. hello

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    2. Infamous
    3. Oliv



      You used to be a good admin

      That made me chuckle.




    4. Iso


      Love you Oliv :x

  11. haha

    1. SweetJoe


      Your that guy who they say is anti famous right?

  12. This game looks fucking mint LMAO


    1. Boston Basher

      ive got it, the VOIP is trash tho and the community is cancer

    2. warmr



  13. haha

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    2. Stiflex


      You laughing at the people having to approve all your posts?

    3. Infamous


      Nah that got lifted ages ago I was too active on the forums I guess. 

    4. Chewy


      Yeye we stopped that shit ages ago

  14. I just... there is no title worthy...

  15. Oi, staff why you stalking my page out of it. 

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    2. SweetJoe



    3. Infamous
    4. SweetJoe



  16. haha

    1. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver


    2. Stiflex



    3. SweetJoe



  17. I honestly wish I could speak my mind. 

    1. Boston


      It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

    2. Stiflex


      You need an anger translator. I think they're called lawyers nowadays...

    3. SweetJoe


      It'll be ok mate.

  18. Good morning fellow roleplayers. 

    1. Boston Basher

      Hello yes good morning fellow roleplayer

    2. Iso



  19. I wonder If people that ERP is the same type of lads to get a prostitute in GTA. 

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    2. Infamous


      Nah fam I'm a man of God no pixel titties for me till marriage. 

    3. Stiflex


      It's like sexting. Nothing wrong with it apart from everything but people are still doing it.

    4. HALEZY


      When you pick a prostitute up in gta and forget your playing in first person..... Yea

  20. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Drugs are good for you.
  21. We do not know basic maths LMAO. 

  22. Aight fuck it hostile group inbound. 

    1. Stiflex



    2. Venzzy


      The boys?

    3. Infamous
  23. anyone else miss the banter in firefights cuz I do. 

  24. I honestly feel the same There was a time when I would put a shit ton of effort into my roleplay just to have it shit on by elitists. I'll be honest it completely discouraged me and my friends to put that 100% effort in. I'll give out an example when I was in The Saviors at the time I was co leader we had an objective to take a specific location so we went in and acted hostile the result to this was a PM to my group leader at the time telling us If we act hostile they will refuse to roleplay with us like Christ on a roleplay server Ya gotta focus on OOC to fix the shit like seriously but yeah... I can't honestly be fucked with making a new group or making an effort anymore I know for a fact that even if I do that 100% effort in somebody will come in and try shit on it.
  25. The good and naughty list

    Naughty Boy.