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  1. Yall need to chill. 

    1. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      See I swear if we all sat down and shared some cold ones everyone would cool down.

    2. Infamous


      true that.

    3. SweetJoe




      pretty chill Ami-rite?

    4. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

    5. SweetJoe


      @Species As a staff member, Are you propositioning me for sex?  This behavior makes me feel uncomfortable and therefore classifies as sexual harassment. It sickens me that this has happened and I will be filing a formal complaint with Dayzrp's Human Resources department.  Good day to you sir, And please for the sake of all the children here, please find help for you sex addiction before you harm anyone else.