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  1. Can I join this group? I heard many things about this.
  2. Infamous

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    best of luck with the group. I love the graphics.
  3. @JimRP Sick tattoo dude. I will be getting one soon enough.
  4. Great RP from the lads. @Helix @G19RP @Hex let's see where our internal campfire roleplay leads us.
  5. Infamous

    The Wolf Pack [Open - Strict IC Recruitment]

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the RP today. Real shame about the peace though maybe one day.
  6. @G19RP Thank you for the great RP the other day. I wonder what is next for our adventures.
  7. If the RP is done correctly I don't see a problem with it. However most cases it's connected to some really dodgy shit.
  8. Infamous

    The Wolf Pack [Open - Strict IC Recruitment]

    I am here to drop in some feedback. Since my first encounters to looking at the forums I have noticed some stuff that is quite odd. I will start with this OOC goal. "Provide outstanding roleplay to the best of our abilities for everyone we come across" When you guys created a camp and wanted to do a neutral hub and be at peace with the hostile groups why ruin that? Why go out of your way to end what could of been potentially ever lasting peace with some of these groups? If you guys want to be left alone why start conflict? Also why are some of you guys granting people perms to take fingers or to scar your characters then completely dismissing the RP that happened why? Now onto Shroud's video uploaded on a report. You are playing a song that was released a month ago how is this outstanding RP? This is out outright immersion breaking and makes no sense what so ever. Why was this done? for memes? Now on to this goal. "Maintain a respectable image within the community" A member of your group was quite clearly upset with the outcome of a situation that your group caused. He went out of his way to shit post about it claiming rule breaks that did not happen? What was the point in this? He then proceeds to then go on a stream and shit talk people saying they only care about PvP. He then goes out of his way to do this on stream. I don't understand why you would complain about PvP and then proceed to gloat about kills you got on stream? The RP I have witnessed recently does not make sense and I hope you guys can get this sorted out.
  9. Infamous

    Slava Chernarus

    *Belenos picks up his radio and speaks* "Hello my brothers I will be there shortly then we shall spill foreign blood" "Slava Chernarus" *Belenos releases the PTT*
  10. Infamous

    Attempt to make the server more survival-based.

    I am not really for survival mechanics. However less gun spawns would be awesome and make ammunition a struggle to get. I would love to see two groups just attacking each other with melee weapons. (Just don't use the two-handed axe)
  11. Infamous

    Thank You <3

    No problem dude. It's always good to see you ingame.
  12. Infamous


    Thank you guys
  13. Infamous


    Thanks guys.
  14. Infamous


    Hey man. I don't think we have spoken before, however If I am mistaken Is there any particular reason why this was posted? Also thank you guys for the welcomes.
  15. Infamous


    I guess it's time for me to return to this place. It's nice to see new faces I hope to catch you all in game. @Roland thanks for the second chance.
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