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  1. 2 weeks left on final...

    1. Western


      its time

    2. Oliv


      2 weeks left till I can appeal my final...

      I fixed it for you

    3. Infamous


      Nah Nah you just gonna take me off it ye

    4. Iso


      @Oliv remember the brown paper envelope I slid under your desk a few weeks ago, make sure it happens ;) 

    5. Shane
    6. Iso


      @Shane calf pics

    7. Shane


      the best kind of nudes tbh

    8. Infamous


      But serious note though lads 


    9. Iso


      Jaysus Storm Ophelia's getting fair rambunctious now so she is

    10. Infamous


      ah sure don't forget about storm brian on the way cant leave him out. 

    11. Iso


      Ah to be sure to be sure i'll be closing the curtains, brewing the lyons and watching reruns of Coronation Street til it all blows over

    12. Shane
  2. haha

    1. Kyle_Jones



      K E K

      what we laughin at

    2. Infamous


      It's a secret Jones_Kyle

    3. Kyle_Jones


      Copy that FamousIn

  3. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    Simpsons is a good anime and anything usually from DreamWorks. there pretty solid. oh and Rick and Morty that's an amazing anime.
    • Infamous
    • SweetJoe

    You just gotta lick an orange


    1. SweetJoe



  4. Disappointing tbh. 

    1. SweetJoe


      What is?

    2. Infamous


      something with heights and horses. 

    3. SweetJoe


      Well you just gotta mount her and keep going.

    4. Infamous


      no, sometimes you gotta dismount. 

    5. Stiflex


      Quality shitpost, will visit profile again.

    6. SweetJoe


      Its rude to call your own shitpost quality. @Stiflex

  5. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    I don't think this is the right way to go about it. This should be handled via a PM its not fair to publicly shame people when they make a mistake. The people involved here have provided me with the utmost high-quality roleplay in the past. We have to take into notice somedays people can have an off day. @Rolle Suggesting a rule 4 over this is not fair man It ain't I get it you want this amazing server with high-quality roleplay but we are never gonna get that we will always get off situations like this and to be suggestions harsh as fuck punishments it ain't right dude. It's better for us to help each other with something like this then dogging each other for it. If we put more time into helping each other the community would be such a better place. Now to all the people complaining about Bandit RP or Hostile RP either do something to help instead of bitching or in fact make some hostile characters and try it yourselves it's ridiculous the amount of shit some groups get for being hostile at least they are taking the time out of their day to do it. Anyhow even the best of role players can have a hiccup anyhow were only human after all.
  6. im gonnae crack yer jawwwwww

    1. Infamous



      Image result for weeman scottish



    2. Iso


      I heard that in Lukz  Infamous' voice, jesus that shit gives me flashbacks

    3. Infamous


      Old days were the best. 

    4. Iso


      Time for a remake :x

    5. Infamous


      When I get off of final Ill be active as fuck. but right now gotta take it step at a time. 

  7. So I walk up to a lad who said he has voodoo magic I diss him and call it bullshit 2 mins later @Kirov Mironovich and @SweetJoe drop dead for no reason. 

    1. Kirov Mironovich

      Kirov Mironovich

      Yeah fucking woke up with nothing stairing into nothing ness... the world was going white and then dark white and dark and then.... endless fields of green a tent and an ak... O>O SPOOKED O<O

    2. SweetJoe


      we died because we believed in voodoo power.



    3. Kirov Mironovich
    • Infamous
    • Sylva

    Hello, I'm just posting here to let you know that If you get involved in a hostile situation where someone is captured. The hostage and his dynamic gain kill rights on EVERYBODY involved so when you started acting hostile towards the hostage and openly tried to give them a rope and was looking through his inventory this granted them kill rights.

    In future, I would recommend ya don't get involved in something that can put you at risk of dying. by looking at your account you are fairly new and to be honest, the rules can come across very confusing and can indeed conflict with each other so I would recommend using the mentor program  *link* now I'm not calling you a bad role-player or anything but I'm pretty sure they can help you with miscellaneous things. I don't mean any offense to this post it's just some friendly advice.

    also a little explanation on how dynamic works and how hostilities work. so yeah if you read below it pretty sums up why they shot you. You gave out rope to assist in the hostage scenario you openly showed distaste towards the hostage and made no indicator to show that you did not want to be involved. 



    1. Sylva


      I appreciate the advice, really. And thanks for taking the time to write it out :) I'm always trying to improve my RP, so any tips, even small ones like this, are much appreciated. 

      I am not sure where I stand on whether or not I was in a dynamic group with the two other men. I can see both sides of the argument, but stand by my original statements.


      • 7.5 Remember that kill rights are still subject to rule 5.2. You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them. Think about if using kill rights is viable in the current situation.

      I don't believe that Dusty and his group HAD to kill us. They could have just as easily RP'd the entire thing out, or even just initiated on everyone, telling them to put their hands up. But instead they decided to kill everyone. I think it was missed opportunity for some fantastic hostile RP,  but instead it ended with three dead bodies and some fresh loot for the victors. 

      That's my take on the situation, at least.

      But thanks for the tips! If you want to talk more I'll be in TS for the remainder of the day :) 

    2. Infamous


      Yeah, no worries I agree there can be circumstances to where capturing you would be great and further the roleplay. But you gotta take into consideration what are the hostage-takers dealing with? 1 2 3 armed men. If the cons outweighed the pros sometimes you gotta use the kill rights save yer bud and get the fuck out.

      Since you did not permadeath.

      its quite simple what can come next you can roleplay out the injury find a doctor or find a group of lads to back you up and you can hunt them down and seek revenge. there are so many ways you can still further the roleplay even if it did end with you dying.

      anyhow I'm gonna stop pestering ya best of luck. 

    3. Lyca


      Well that's good advice.  ^_^ 

  8. Looking to buy some guns [Open Frequency]

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Head up around Severograd and contact me there ask around for a man named Louie" *Louie releases the PTT*
  9. Looking to buy some guns [Open Frequency]

    *Louie picks up the radio and responds* "We have vehicles to trade that can come fully stocked with meds and food" *Louie waits for the man's response*
  10. *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Hello me and my associates are looking for some gentlemen to sell us some guns" "We are looking for ten automatics a couple of pistols and a shit load of ammunition with it" "So yeah anyone out there let us know" "Yeah cheers" *Louie sits on his chair waiting for a response*
  11. Didn't play Counterstrike in ages pop in for an odd game drops a 40 bomb. 10/10


    1. SweetJoe


      change your name to luke tbh

    2. Infamous
  12. Bye

    I have no clue why I'm tagged in this but goodbye you are a nice kid.
  13. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I told them I was good at ERP and they let me right in.