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  1. Mexi

    "Vito has joined The Riptide Collective"

    My penis is ridiculously hard.

  2. *Sets up trap*
    "Hey , err Vito 63 is out .... you should come back"
    //does it work

    1. Wire


      I'ts not very effective...

  3. When you think about coming back to RP but you see drama popping off in the community...IMG_0001.JPG.c5ad0b1902dd8cb938d61b2f76a166dc.JPG


    1. Vito


      the start of something great... 

  5. *Fox presses his PTT and speaks into the radio, a southern man's voice would be heard* Hey its Mr. Fox, seeing as how our last business venture went "smoothly" I've been asked by my current employers to contact you again for the same deal.... give me a shout I got your payment ready for ya's. *Fox releases his PTT and awaits the reply*
  6. Bet... lmfao, facts tho snapchat killin my phone
  7. *Fox suddenly wakes up nearly falling out of the chair he fell asleep in, his rifle hits the floor and he spills his bottle of dip spit. Then grabs the radio and presses the PTT* Huh... uhh wha'.. shit..uhhh what you reckon' yall boys need for say one of them drybags full of canned food, gots me a shit ton of 9 mil, shotgun shells, 7.62s, anything ya need. We been busy building quite a stash to pay yall. Also have an assortment of weaponry... Russian sniper rifles and American made automatic weapon systems... give me a price I'll come up with the payment for ya don't yas worry. *Releases the PTT and picks up his old dip from last night, tucking it back in his lip*
  8. Gunna miss you homie, you know if you wanna come back we always got a place for ya

  9. *Fox searches through a bag full of ammunition for his radio, once he finds it he presses the PTT and puts it to his mouth, a redneck's high pitched voice would be heard and some chewing tobacco would spit on the radio as he speaks* Hey uhhh this is uhhhh... Fox... met a few of your runners the other day near Zelen..Zelenamagorsk, or some shit. We made a business transaction and agreed that we would receive a backpack of canned food and we would acquire a backpack with an assortment of all types of ammos for you boys. We have the payment for ya'll if you boys got the goods we can set up a meet for the exchange... gotta' get this merchandise gone so get back to meh at your earliest conveniences. *Fox releases the PTT and picks up some of the ammo that fell out of the bag, jamming everything back in and zipping it shut.
  10. *Fox grabs his radio - a redneck with a high pitched voice would be heard* "Hey Bryson get a load of this guy! Hey man we'll be in touch!"
  11. Daniel Garvey is a small town boy from Orange, Texas. He grew up in a stern old fashioned American household with is Mother and Father - Steve and Ann as well as his two younger sisters - Sarah and Carol. Daniel went to a small high school where all the boys knew they would end up working in the oil fields but Daniel wanted more. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the US Army as an infantryman. He deployed twice to Afghanistan and upon retuning from his second deployment beat the shit out of two officers at a bar and caught a DUI charge fleeing the scene. Daniel was kicked out under UCMJ with a Dishonorable discharge. He went home where he worked as a technician at a local Valvoline changing oil but he wanted to get back into the suck. He got a call from an old Army buddy a few months ago who asked him if he was interested in contract work, obviously Daniel jumped right at it. They first went to Syria where they were assigned as tower guards at a refugee camp, Daniel fucking hated it. The smells and disease, this wasn't what he wanted. He missed the convoys, late night foot patrols, talking shit to his brothers in arms in a HUMVEE on ECP. It wasn't until February of 2017 they found what they were looking for. They came down on a contract to Chernarus, protecting convoys of oil moving through the country, it paid well and Daniel needed the money. Turns out while he was in Syria his dad took off from home leaving his mom and two sisters penniless. His goal was to rack up as much money as possible and start sending it back home, however long it took. Everything was going fine until the day the infection broke out...
  12. Narcos Season 3, lesssgetitttt #hype

    1. Dew


      Still haven't watched season 2

    2. Vito


      my guy you slackin 

  13. You tread in dangerous waters lmfaoo
  14. Since military humor doesn't go over too well here, here's some love from Afghanistan. :D11221763_1221554821191421_6712406252948955287_n.thumb.jpg.865122b4197aa358d7690b8d8928fb87.jpg

  15. Awesome sit down with @Taryn @Roach @Tony And @Dank Mems, really well done. Looking forward to the future of RP between our groups.
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