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  1. Mental

    S1: BadRP - NoveyaPatrovka

    Very well, we will close this report, however we would like to say this. @Peanut and @JNL, you robbed the OP and provided little to no RP throughout the time he was your hostage. You simply took his gear, said a few words and then ran. This is considered BadRP, as seen in the rules: If you are going to take someone hostage you need to make sure that you provide a sufficient amount of roleplay. Saying this, roleplay is a two way street and that responsibility is carried across both parties. As the OP has decided to close the report, you will not be punished for this. @Puncture We would like to mention your use of OOC in this encounter. As stated in the rules, you should only use OOC chat only if it is absolutely necessary. Please remember this for the future. With the above said, we hope you all learn from this experience.
  2. Mental

    KOS in Kabenino 00:00

    Seeing as the accused has been permabanned, we will close this report. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused.
  3. Mental


    So glad vehicles are back and better than ever!!11!11!11!!
  4. Mental

    Lying in a report and "positive attitude"

    There have been plenty of threads regarding solved reports, you misunderstand the OP's intentions. Ryan, as Rolle stated on the verdict, you're better off PMing him about it.
  5. Mental

    Will We Bounce Back?

    It's a real shame to see some good people go out the way they did. Some of them did a lot for the community in their time in staff, tbh that's how I'm remembering them. We may bounce back, we can only hope. DesolationRP has to happen
  6. Mental


    You and your ally were killed by a player who went on a KOS spree. He has been dealt with internally and due to this we will close this report. We are sorry you had to deal with this.
  7. Mental

    S1: BadRP - NoveyaPatrovka

    Your ban will be removed, keep an eye on this report in case we have any further questions.
  8. Mental

    S1: BadRP - NoveyaPatrovka

    As @Peanut has been online since he was called in and has not provided a POV, he will be temp banned until he does so.
  9. Mental


    Only got one slaughter today, better than nothing
  10. Mental

    New website Premium perks

    Still, I think it would look bad. Dis ^
  11. Mental

    New website Premium perks

    Do it, you won't. No that looks horrible IMO, the gifs would lag the forums into next tuesday.
  12. Mental

    Server 2 change

    That's how its working now, as long as we know what the queue size is.
  13. Mental

    S1: KoS in NWAF 25/02/2017 | 01:10 AM

    Very well, we shall close this report, but we will say this: @Nihoolious, we can understand that the situation was a little hectic, but you still need to confirm your targets. The OP logged into the situation, not knowing what was happening and was immediately killed. As he was not apart of the ongoing firefight, your kill on him was invalid. You need to always confirm your targets before you shoot to avoid the risk of killing an uninvolved person. You have been in the community long enough to understand the importance of correctly IDing targets. That being said, everybody can make mistakes and we hope you learn from this one.
  14. Mental

    Server 2 change

    This has nothing to do with which server people play on, but more-so what playstyle they are feeling that day. Oh god not this again. No, we are never having a PVE server, ever. That's essentially how this works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Mental

    S1: KoS in NWAF 25/02/2017 | 01:10 AM

    @Alcatel have you decided what you want to do with this report?
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