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  1. Laurence Taylor

    Lore wipe and maintenance time plan

  2. Laurence Taylor

    Lore wipe and maintenance time plan

    So just to 100% confirm... KOS from 23:00 BST tonight or 23:00 server time? just dont want to get into trouble for 'trying' to kill someone... even though, i'll more than likely die!
  3. Laurence Taylor

    Sudden Computer Crashes After Launching Dayz

    sounds like a CPU overheat to me, check the fan is working correctly.
  4. Laurence Taylor

    The Aussie in Gorka 4pm EST

    Fucking yeah lol How was I? feedback would be appreciated. thanks dude
  5. Laurence Taylor

    The Aussie in Gorka 4pm EST

    I agree, I was enjoying it loads. The hostility is fine too but i think he just got too hostile too quick and therefore didn't give enough time for anything to develop but i think he should stick to the idea and just tone it down slightly.
  6. Laurence Taylor

    The Aussie in Gorka 4pm EST

    I completely agree with you in almost all cases however this was a peculiar one as although there wasn't a 'by the book' initiation so to say; I did feel as though him pointing his pistol directly at my head for an extended period of time even after me telling him to stop or I'd hurt him definitely granted the outcome. That being said, I would not see the OP in a negative light if he were to make a report as i would like to see what others' opinions are on this case. thanks for your input Matt
  7. Laurence Taylor

    The Aussie in Gorka 4pm EST

    If anyone/OP is interested, footage of from my POV; please note it doesn't include me meeting the fella on the police station roof as i was using shadowplay and it only does 5 minutes (idk if you can change it?) also excuse the awful accent attempt. i've only just started the character.
  8. Laurence Taylor

    The Aussie in Gorka 4pm EST

    hey buddy how's it going! I was the aussie, i'll hope in a TS and have a chat if you like. I did try looking for you on the forums and ts etc but your in game name is different to your forum character name. Also i've got it recorded if you/anyone else would like to see it. As the OP stated it was a very weird situation, however, I believe i acted fairly considering the circumstances and with accordance to RP/the rules & my characters characteristics. sorry if you feel hard done by, I must say that your character was very unique and i enjoyed it as it was a change but tone it down a tad otherwise this may be an all too familiar outcome. He meant the calibre not the amount of bullets used haha! But yeah thank you for sharing your opinion, that was 100% my mind set. Although the RP could of been great, i wasn't going to allow my characters life to come into harms way!
  9. Laurence Taylor

    Chernarus Hunters Association [Post Lore-Wipe] [WIP]

    cool, i'll have a think and get back to you. got plenty of time anyway (not 100% sure when the wipe is?). I've only just recently joined back the community so I'm just settling back in for now, but this is definitely something i'll be interested in.
  10. Laurence Taylor

    Chernarus Hunters Association [Post Lore-Wipe] [WIP]

    Love this idea, it's basically what I do anyway. tend to stay away from canned food and military equipment/weapons and I steer towards improvised backpacks and tools. Might think about joining if you don't mind having a bit of a mad Aussie bloke running around representing the group
  11. Laurence Taylor

    I'm Back

    Welcome back dude, can't say I remember you but I'm sure we've probably crossed paths before. Enjoy your time here yet again!
  12. Laurence Taylor

    Post pictures of your camps!

    fair enough, i'll more than likely still give it a go just to see what the crack is. cheers pal
  13. Laurence Taylor

    Hello from Canada

    Bonjourno may'te Take it slow and don't jump straight into the deep end, This community takes some getting used to but ultimately its great fun once you've got the hang of everything. Make your presence known around the forums and get RP'ing as soon as your completely familiar with the rules. If you've got any questions then feel free to PM me or anyone else here for that matter as everyone here is always happy to help! Also here's some threads that will probably help prepare you for some scenario's that you're likely to face whilst in game: Taken hostage https://www.dayzrp.com/guides/roleplay/so-you-have-been-taken-hostage-a-basic-guide-r23/ Taking a hostage https://www.dayzrp.com/guides/roleplay/the-essential-guide-to-taking-hostages-r24/ Better RP skills https://www.dayzrp.com/guides/roleplay/improving-your-rp-for-yourself-and-everyone-else-website-update-r29/ General Tips https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/73645-the-only-guide-you-will-ever-need-for-dayzrp/ Also, pro tip: Always be recording/using shadow play... this well help you LOADS if/when you in the unfortunate circumstance end up being on either end of a report. Enjoy your time here !
  14. Laurence Taylor

    Post pictures of your camps!

    awesome, is it an actively played game within our community or are there very few people playing it atm?
  15. Laurence Taylor

    Post pictures of your camps!

    why have i never heard of this mod/game before? it looks amazing.. could someone PM me and explain exactly what this is?