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  1. I'm totally for this, I hope my opinion doesn't come across as arrogant and i certainly don't mean it to if it does, so I'm totally open to feedback from my comment; that being said basically, the way I see it is like this... Based on a specific players level of roleplay (good or bad) it is normally heavily reflected on that person's character, the depth of their backstory, the uniqueness of the those two and the all-around effort and therefore the overall investment that they have in that character. So with that in mind, it normally means that the people who are serious about roleplay tend to be more cautious when it comes to expressing their character IG and therefore not suffering from the Big Dick mentality (not necessarily saying that it means not being hostile). so, the people less invested in their roleplay (which isn't a huge issue) would be the ones affected by this more so than the more serious ones in the community. And with my first-hand experience with big dickers, I would definitely say the people who come across as the untouchable immortal super soldiers tend (99%) to be the ones who don't have a heavily detailed and in-depth character and backstory. hope I kind of made sense. *disclaimer* this is just my opinion and I in no way mean to say that either heavily seriously RP'ers and more casual RP'ers should be treated differently within the community. RP is there to be enjoyed and some enjoy it more than others and vice versa, for example, I would say I sway more towards the casual side of the spectrum.
  2. did you find that in Vybor/try and craft a gillie gun wrap? i made one of these yesterday by accident ?
  3. Thanks man I appreciate it, was so refreshing to have some fun hostile RP for once. Really made for a good experience for everyone involved I thought. Really hope to cross paths in game again soon!
  4. thats good to hear, noticing lots of familiar names around actually! also.. .your avatar makes me sad... poor Ragnar ? thank you fellow vet
  5. thanks guys, and yeah I'm keeping away from the triangle from now on! ?
  6. Yeah I'll hover over the mouse with my phone next time sorry mate
  7. I think you're being quite obnoxious and rude, I was merely asking a question.
  8. Sorry I'm on my phone, it didn't show the title ?
  9. yeah its no problem, it led to me running into some other guys who offered to help me get revenge which led to some good RP, we( i did anyway) died taking revenge so went full circle basically haha. and likewise, see you around! thank you and thank you! ? sorry getting used to the *new* forum, See above
  10. My first experience back and it was a drop weps 10 secs.... patience running thin already lol
  11. well you're a VIP so you're being very modest by saying you're completely irrelevant. also... logo designer *cough* yes, please *cough*.
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