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  1. TiviylScratch

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    I was talking about the characters. They had gotten the clearance to be immune long after VDC announcement came out.
  2. TiviylScratch

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    But if they came out so recently and got clearance by major to be immune why should their immunity become void?
  3. TiviylScratch

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    No some of these characters and changes to said characters came out during January or a just a few days before hand.
  4. TiviylScratch

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    But what about those who got with other lore masters like Major and got clearance to have their characters immune to the infection?
  5. I got the vibe of a twisted Winnie the Pooh book while looking at some of your graphics and I kinda love that XD In all seriousness though everything here looks pretty good and thorough, I do not know how to feel about the song but that is just personal preference. Good luck with your goals and hope to see you guys out there in the apocalypse!
  6. You are not wrong. I will agree with you on that. However you say it gets boring being top dog on the server than why have you put yourselves there MULTIPLE times? Black Fangs, Common Wealth, Anarchy (more than once) became top dog of the server enforced laws and dictated what could and couldn't happen and where you could and could not be. In all honesty people have tried to stop you more than once people stopped the Fangs, Common Wealth, and Anarchy but you guys never let any one win and put laws in place to where one wins but you. Its never fun when you have a villein who can never be beaten even in the smallest battle. Same thing goes for a hero is never beaten. When ones group has most of the good PvPers of the server, numbers, and a streak of winning even when they really shouldn't people just get to the point of "screw it" and just roll over. I mean I and many others used to fight and try things against your groups in the past but nothing ever works. And those lore event in the past that Anarchy has won have put them on a pedestal to where no one in the region can really touch them. I do not like that you guys as a group have had to break up and do the whole "cowboys and Indians bit". I appreciate what you guys were and are trying to do there but I feel like it is a bit to little to late.
  7. Here let me explain a little better. - I agree people need to progress lore themselves but in some areas it is kinda hard considering a few issues you'd run into of "How would you know that" or there being only one lore master to go to now to see if this makes since given the world of the lore. - I would like to see Anarchy push for something that has a bit more meaning lore wise. Like having medical people study the infection or lead teams to figure what caused all this chaos. There is only so much you can milk out of 15-30 people waging war against any military or government force that is not their own and winning when they are very much so logically outnumber and facing people who have far better weapons and training than they do. The only thing I have seen them really progress is the fact that SOME HOW a bunch of rag tag bandits and raiders can group up and beat back actually trained and well armed military forces. I personally find it lore breaking and unrealistic that a single group of about 15 to 30 people can control a entire province and pretty much dictate what goes on in the server. I agree hubs are a place where people come together to role play and stage cool role play but when it is controlled by a evil group and you have to go through them to seemingly do ANYTHING it feels like I am walking and role playing in "Nuka World" a town controlled and ran by hostile as fuck people with all the good guys under their thumb as basically slaves or cannon fodder.
  8. What the server needs: - Lore progression. - Interesting places to role play at out outside of lopatino and Anarchy territory. - Hostile groups that are actually interesting with their motives like those who used the infection as part of their story. - A role play hub that does not feel like Nuka Word. The issue here is not hostile rp itself. It is the kinds of hostile rp we get in game. More importantly the stagnation of role play as of late and the cycle the role play we are seemingly stuck in.
  9. If feel like I am jumping hurtles and trying not to step on land mines when I post an opinion on the forums sometimes XD


    1. TiviylScratch

      Wow I typed if instead of it, I need my coffee.

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      Is that OOC hate? See you on the forums Kiddo... 

  10. I mean I find my myself having to agree with other people on this thread in that it is not fair to make a judgement after only a few hours. That being said however I will agree with @Dakotaen in that you came to town at a REALLY bad time. If there was a attack recently the town is pretty much gunna be dead. HOWEVER, in my opinion it feels like people are trying to keep Lapotino up and going when there are a lot of factors going against it. Seemingly now you have alot of attack and battle popping up in and around the area which causes people to not want to be there cause lets all be honest here, NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN A WAR ZONE! I and my friends used to go into Lopatino and trade off hard to get and unique medical items both in game items and rped out items. People seemed to like the role play and stuff we brought but eh. I and my friends were told by a member of Anarchy that we were not needed there anymore because "we bitch to much". Because of that me and my guys do not really go around there to often. I really want to say that I have fun in lopatino but honestly the only thing that saves that place is the fight night stuff and that is starting to get boring. I mean I do not mean to sound overly rude but the events that I have seen Anarchy put out have either been a PvP event where Anarchy is ALWAYS the winner or a "summit" where we are told you HAVE to help out the economy and run a business out a town you HAVE to be in Anarchy territory. So please forgive me if I think that these events are a wee bit of a joke. As far as splitting up and bringing back that second group, why what was the point? Anarchy is already a hostile group and has for lack of a better term has the Moretti group under their thumb and use them to help enforce this new economy thing and shut down any town that does not fallow along. I am sorry but I can not see how you guys are pushing rp along for other people when you are forcing a entire province of people to fallow your rules. How is that fun? You do not need hostile role play to make things interesting be a bit more creative.
  11. ~A fruity Russian sounding voice would come over the radio~ Ooooh... I love the riddle game... The answer is Severograd...! But since you are board perhaps Panzer can give you riddle to pass time...? Slippery Slip and Dove Doo De.... Reaching for me we give a show to make trooper next to you blush red with glee...! What am I...? ~Just before the fruity Slavic voice would leave the radio waves listeners would hear him say faintly "Shit... I think I made it to easy..."~
  12. If I may throw my opinion into the ring here; First of all I do find this whole idea a tad bit interesting and I would like to see how this all plays out. I really do not see what people are complaining about. This is honestly one of the better ideas I have seen pop up in the suggestions thread. I do find it a bit funny personally some of the people with more hostile characters are complaining about this though. That being said give it a shot. It is not like Roland made hostile role play nearly impossible to do, hell in all honesty I can see this rule making things easier and quicker for hostile characters.
  13. TiviylScratch

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Oh no the boys are back in town...! XD It will be interesting to see you guys back in game again. Good luck is all that I can say
  14. When has it not been in chaos? XD But in all seriousness I do feel ya. I am a fan of not letting dynamics have shared kill rights anymore because of the issues I have had in game in the past and a bit some what recently. Defensive kill rights I could see buuuuuut, I can see how trying to figure that whole or deal out rule wise would be a mess so I am just kinda against it all together. That is coming from someone who is a part of a sort of dynamic. Unpopular opinion here but I feel like it has gotten boring because one group has made themselves top dog and no one wants to do anything because of said big hostile force. When Anarchy was split up into three different groups there was CHAOS. Vigilantly cops running around enforcing "laws", A group of nationalists running seemingly apposed to foreigners saying that they were in charge of anything in the land, and Irish gun runners supplying arms while on a quest to fly home to Ireland. Mean while you had other groups running around fighting one another and doing other things that added to the chaos. There is also the factor that during the summit Louie stated that if one person went against Anarchy, all of us would pay. Nothing against Louie because that was a interesting night of role play, but it is stuff like that makes people not really want to do anything or "raise hell" and cause chaos. I agree with you here, we do need another group to help try and push lore forward. I would love to see more infection lore come out cause I kinda found the whole BPR and Anarchy VS. the world story a tad bit boring. I mean do not get me wrong it pushes lore forehead and had its fair share of interesting moments, but I feel like a group who tries to push for finding the origin of the infection or to hear how the outside would is doing again. The "war" story line as I call it, granted has gotten a bit more interesting since Anarchy has seemingly cut off ties with BPR since the dirty bomb attack on the CDF and refugees. ((I still love your lore Major though!)) Even though this is coming from the stand point of someone who rolled a lot with dynamics I do have to agree with you. Since dynamics have been cut out of the equation things it has promoted role play that can progress things quite nicely.
  15. TiviylScratch

    The Summit (v2)

    ~A crackly response would come over the radio~ Do ya not think that this is a bit of a short notice there...? ~There would be a short pause as a audible sigh and a bit of hard coughing could be heard~ I will see what I can do... No promises if my men can show up... a lot of them have been injured lately due to... ever so lovely people to say the least... I will try to get there myself but I can make no promises... White Raven Trading will be in touch... ~The signal would cut off quickly fading into static~