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  1. Tiviyl


    From what I have seen most everything is handled on a case by case basis and depends on the circumstances like @Para and @Clumsy said above. I think both of them answered this quite well. I personally do not understand why this situation caused a whole thread to be posted. If you had a problem with a member of staff and\or feel as if they gave you miss information about a rule or rules, why not go to a higher member of staff and get clarification and\or report said staff member? I just really do not understand why this was not just a civil discussion over Team Speak or private messages and is instead a messy thread topic.
  2. Tiviyl


    The only two grievances I have here is that I think the pictures from in game should be a bit bigger and be edited to be a bit brighter. I also think that the text could be a bit bigger, I mean I do not have bad eye sight but the small text makes it look a little jumbled and hard to read. Beyond that most everything here looks good, nice work guys.
  3. Event Canceled Due to the event not getting much traction and a seeming lack of interest in this event I am going to be canceling this event until further notice. I may bring back this event in the future or bring back some form of it in the days to come. Sorry to those who may have taken a interest in this event or wanting to see this event happen.
  4. Tiviyl

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    Honestly Taryn they will never find someone to replace ya. You did good a job as staff and I always thought you did a fair job while in staff even if we seemed to rub one another the wrong way.
  5. - As the day dragged on the voice of a well mannered man comes creeping through the radio waves. The signal would be weak and full of static the further and further east in the province one finds themselves in. Despite the static the man would still sound well mannered and proud by the way he speaks- To the forgotten people of the province of South Zagoria... During the next few passing weeks you may see odd looking men and women wondering around countryside... More pacifically people wearing military like clothing along with black hats with red stars on them... They are not here to enforce any sort of laws or order on you... But we ask that you cooperate with them... In turn... If you are in need of food or water they will help you to the best of their abilities... - The broadcast would cut off into static soon after the man finishes his last few words. There would be a odd feeling in the air around those who listened to the short broadcast. Something tells those who listened in that by the man's tone, this would be far from the last they would here from him and these men. -
  6. Updated event thread -Updated event date- -Added minor event guild lines and rules-
  7. Well... The main over arching idea of this event was to start of a small series of events that would give the server a small story line to fallow and give us some possibly interesting times in the server. I felt that this little event could be a fun little thing to do to progress character stories on the server, but more importantly to just give players something fun to do. I am going to address these points one by one; - During the days leading up to the event there will be radio chatters posted in the radio thread from the Black Sea Movement. People may see members of the BSM moving around the area scouting the area out. There will also be chances where a member of the BSM may stop by some of the hot spots in game for a while. - As a far as people being invested in the goings on beyond the first point. People may see this as a opportunity to acquire weapons and equipment from a military like force or may be threatened by the idea of a military like force trying to take a foothold in the area. - The blowing the dam up part is in place so that neither side can role play having electricity after the event is over. Mostly because its rather power-gamey and we have no lore masters to say that its ok to role play having electricity. Oh yes Kyle there is PvP.
  8. I will fix the misspelling XD and as far as the date change I will look into that I will look for a good date. I will put it on a Saturday or Sunday later on tonight once I figure out a better date. The event day is going to changed to a day on the weekend but I have to plan out a proper day first. So maybe you will get to partake in it if ya want to.
  9. Operation: Hydro-Impuriam As the sun slowly crept up into the sky and the rays of morning light bled through the branches, the sound of hastening footsteps broke the natures silence. Rushing between the trees and hopping over roots was a man draped in camouflage. His rifle clanged and rattled on his back while his clothes rustled against the bushes. He rushes into some kind of militaristic camp, passing men going about their day until he reaches a humvee in the back of the camp. He beats on the window of the vehicle till a man in sort of officers uniform cracks open the door. The panting man salutes the officer before handing him a piece of paper and tiredly staggering off. The man in the officers uniform looks down at the paper with a cocked eyebrow before unfolding it and beginning to read it. His eyes widened as his eyes glided over the words on the page. Suddenly he looked up from the paper with a smile on his face and a fire in his eyes. He would reach back into the hummvee behind him grabbing a air horn from the passenger seat. He blows it and as its cry echos men and women around the camp stood up and began rush around, One man runs up to the officer standing at attention. The officer nods to the man before turning and looking up at the black flag that hung off the humvee radio antenna. Over the past few days there have been reports from people around Myshkino of odd glent like reflections coming from the woods and odd numerical codes coming over their radios. One man could of swore he saw a guy with a military uniform rummaging through the woods. Now the radio waves are filled with nothing but people blabbering about the men around the Myshkino dam. Men in Gorka and TTSKO are locking down the dam for something. It is unclear if these men have bad intentions but very little about them seems friendly. However that all changes when those in the area pick up a transmission; “I want you to protect that handyman at all costs do you hear me… No one leaves that dam until he gets its turbines working or he drops dead… is that clear…!?” These men are trying to get the dam working, but to what end? Some out there may see this as a threat to their power in the province and others might see this as men trying to help the people of the province. DEFENDERS People of The Back Sea Movement Engineer - Troopers (1\8) Captain Matthew Dove - - - - - - - ATTACKERS (0\8) - - - - - - - - HOW THE DEFENDERS WIN You have to do all of the following: -Hold the dam for 45 minutes while the engineer gets the turbines up and working- -Keep the engineer alive at all costs- -Keep the attackers from bombing the turbines of the dam- HOW THE ATTACKERS WIN You have to do all of the following: -Kill the engineer- -Force the soldiers of The Black Sea Movement out of the area or eliminate them- -Bomb the turbines to keep the dam out of commission- OUT COMES Attacker Victory The attacking force will capture Cpt. Dove and will learn vital information about the Black Sea Movement’s plans for the area as well as gain the upper hand in the next event involving the Black Sea Movement’s forces. Defender Victory The troopers of the Black Sea Movement will win the battle but it will be a hollow victory as the turbines will overload causing them to break down. They will retreat back into the woods and plan their next attack. The attackers will not learn anything about the plans of the odd men or earn any sort of leg up in the next event involving the Black Sea Movement. The Black Sea Movement Marches for the dam on August the 25th of 2018 and will begin repairs at 6:00 PM Central US time\12:00 AM London time ((Date may be subject to change)) Event Rules -Defends must wear identifying clothing. This identifying clothing is as simple as wearing a soviet pilotka cap, a red star movement hat, or wearing ttsko\gorka camouflage- -Attackers can wear any kind of clothing they deem fit- -Gillie suits, even partial suits are not allowed- -To win the event, all goals for your side must be completed- THIS IS A PVP EVENT BUT ROLE PLAY IS A MAJOR PART OF IT. If you have any suggestions or questions about the event please ask away!
  10. - Matthew Dove - - Captain of the Black Sea Movement - As a man who payed close attention to the civil war that waging between in the country, he found himself studying both sides very closely. He believed in what the Chernorussain Defense Force was fighting for, But he could never quite get the propaganda of the Chadaki movement out of his head. Although he shunned their message, he found himself drawing closer to the movement. The pride of its members, the passion of its soldiers, the attraction of its propaganda and art; all of these things drew him closer although begrudging to the Chadaki movement and it's ideals. As the civil war came to a end in the country and members of the moment were tried for their crimes, he found himself hiding symbols of the Chadaki away among his other possessions. He continued gathering and hiding away memorabilia of the movement till the day the virus stuck Chernarus. As the virus ravaged the countryside and a better day looked to be no where in sight, he began to work his way around the country talking to other survivors. One by one people turned to him and his words. Men, women, and even children began to listen to him and become inspired by him. People remembered what the flag he stood in front of while he spoke stood for, despite that though they listened to him and began to look up to him. As he amassed more followers, more and more people began to take him seriously and joined up with him. Farmers, factory worker, and even soldier and so many more began to fallow Mathew and help spread his message around the small camps of survivors here and their. More and more came till he had amassed a small army. He began to use that army to help guard and protect camps and clear out towns to make it safe for people to move back into them. Recently, he has began to move some of his men towards South Zagoria but to what end no one can say. Only time will tell what He and the rest of the Black Sea Movement have planned for the province.
  11. Tiviyl

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    I am no PvPer but, I could throw my hat into the ring as one of the Burnouts but I do not have any villain characters who are addicts. I guess I could make one up or bend my David character a bit to fit into this event. Seeing the team sizes though, I really do not know how me throwing my hat into the ring is going to help out with making this event happen.
  12. I have some concerns about some of the ideals and things that members of your group could\would do, but as long as you stick to doing it to "Orange" characters or characters you have a history with you should be fine by most accounts. Just be careful with how you play your cards I can see how things could go south with this group rather quickly. Good luck and I hope you prove my apprehensions wrong, is all I can really say.
  13. Tiviyl


    It just takes time man, It took me about 2 days for me to get white listed if I remember correctly. Just bide your time, If I were you I would use this time to brush up on things that have happened in the server and the current state of the lore. It gets really confusing if ya do not.
  14. If I may ask Genji, When you stated "You and friends of yours" How did you deduce that David knew Tivian well or was his friend? While speaking as David Levens in the radio thread I state the fallowing; "Qualified doctors... Qualified medical people...? Be glad you even have people like him out there to help you despite how I have seen people in the province treat people of medicine... Last time I went to a place that was not Pulkovo to get anything from a medic of any kind I was nearly shot for no reason... watched a woman get gunned down and a member of those doctors in Vybor got kicked out of town... Hell at least this Tivian guy keeps free food, medicine, and supplies to help anyone who comes to his door..." In those lines of text the character David Levens is stating what he witnessed in the town of Vybor when it went there. He than goes onto state what my other character Tivian tells everyone who came to his town; that being the free food, meds, and supplies to all who came to Tivian's door. As for the first part of the text, he is questioning why people are worrying about things like qualifications when you have someone giving out free meds and supplies. I must ask how can you gain the knowledge that David would have any ties to Tivian beyond just doing some sales to him or know Tivian well enough to warrant making a statement about David knowing Tivian well or being a friend of his?
  15. I have had google drive video links stop working after a while of them being shared. Please let me know if the link stops working so I can edit the report to fix the link or make another reply with a new link to the video.