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  1. My character is Kain Yien. She's protective, adventurous and thoughtful. She was a british artist that planned to travel the world with 3 of her friends. Sam, Josh and Charlie. Sam was persuasive and resourceful. Josh was complex. Charlie, a wannabe director, was her closest friend. from Kain's journal : One day, my friends and I decided to take travelling seriously and travel lots of countries in Asia, including Japan, because I love japanese culture. Later on we travelled countries in Europe and ended up in Germany, where we met Josh's old friend Sean. Sean also loved travelling and was planning to travel as many countries as he can. But as first, he wanted to visit Greece, where he professedly grew up. He told us so many amazing stories with his grandfather who lived there. He told us that he never got back to Greece after his grandfather died, but now, he'd love to see the it fter all these years all over again. Josh decided to take Sean with us and travel to Greece together, since he felt bad about forgetting and not saying a word to Sean for years. I understood that, but I didn't know Sean so well and I don't trust strangers. I talked to Sam and Charlie. Sam declined immediately, she said she'll continue travelling when we get back from Greece. Charlie and I were thinking a lot and decided to go. Not having a single idea about how bad things are gonna get, about what are Sean and Josh actually planning, about where they actually plan taking us. It was the biggest mistake we've ever made. The next day, when we were about to leave the apartment, Josh came to Charlie and asked him about helping him with bringing all the bags to his car. Twenty minutes later, he told me to get to the car, that everything is ready. I noticed that the car is behind a building, perfectly hidden. It really weirded me out. Why would you park a car like that? I entered the car and noticed Charlie was missing. „Where's Charlie?“, I asked. I didn't get an answer. I got really scared and decided to get out of the car. I knew something wasn't right. I was trying to reach for my backpack in the back of the car without them them seeing me. In that point, I noticed there are no bags. I looked behind myself. The only thing I saw was Charlie. Tied up, with a piece of clothing on his head. Josh noticed me and immediately pulled an injection out of his backpack. I tried to run out of the car but it was locked. I started being dizzy. I saw Josh giving me narcoticts through the injection. The last thing I saw was Josh saying „I'm so sorry, Kain“. Later on, Sean, with a loaded gun on his table, was telling us about the help he needs from us. He said that he has a „good friend“ called Marco in Chernorus, that works in an American base, but from now, he also works for him. Sean told us about contacting him and getting lots of informations from him. Sean talked about infected, mutated people in there and the virus. I don't know why, but I believed him. I heard about people not being able to cross the Chernorussian borders. Something must have been in there. Either it's a virus or something else. They needed to find more information about the virus. More than Marco knows. Then Josh came and told us that we are gonna have to get through the borders to the base. It was the only option we had. „How do we get there without them shooting us in the border or locking us somewhere in the base?“, I asked. Josh didn't say anything and left for few minutes. Then came back with a map of Chernarus. „Here's the plan. I'm gonna show you where and when to cross the border without anybody seeing you and what you are gonna do after you cross it.“, Josh said. He also said he's gonna get us to the border and after crossing, we're gonna be on our own. Josh pointed at the Green sea. „This. That's how you're gonna get there. I'm gonna get a boat in Russia and take you two to Chernorus. If you go through the beach, there's a better chance that they're not gonna catch you.“ „And then, you're gonna have to find your own way into the base. I don't know sh*t about it. But you can try to get somebody's ID card without killing him, obviously.“ „Oh, I almost forgot.“ - he gave us a piece of paper. „This is where to call when you get there and find more information.“ Few days later, we got to Russia and were going to get the boat. Charlie and I had a plan. Not an escape plan, nor a plan to kill Josh. We wanted to know if he actually told us everything he knows. We didn't care about anything, but the virus. We wanted to find out if it's actually there and if there's a cure for it. We wanted to help. We were near the beach and Charlie decided that it's the time. Charlie punched Josh in the face and I reached for the gun next to Josh and pointed it at him. „Did you plan this the whole time?“ Charlie asked. „Sean would kill me if I didn't do so. I didn't want to do this.“ „Well, is there anything more to know about the virus?“ I asked. „Nobody knows where it originally came from. That's all I haven't told you.“, Josh answered. „Good, now také us there.“ I said. An hour later, we got to Chernorus. We walked through the beach as fast as possible. I got all of sudden really nervous. There was a chance of getting shot or killed by another people in there or meeting the the infected. But I still wanted to get to the base as fast as possible. After a while of walking we saw a military car going after us. We couldn't do anything but put our hands up. Two guys got out of the car and asked „What are you doing here?“. They obviously saw I got scared and then laughed and went „Are you the ones Sean sent?“. I put my hands down said „Yes! Are you Marco?“. „I am. Now, get into the car, I found three dead bodies and took their ID cards. I thought Sean told me there are gonna be three of you. Nobody knows they died so you can use the cards and pretend it's you.“ The ID cards belonged to Shennon, a nurse. Felix, a tech guy and a soldier called Ted. I took the nurse one and Charlie took Felix's card. After a long while, we got to the base. And the people in there looked terrible. They seemed to overworked and tired, wanting to go home. I asked multiple people about the virus, while Charlie was trying to find more information on Felix's computer. I didn't have access to go there, so I couldn't talk to him. Days were going extremely fast. First day was really weird, but nothing really happend. The second day was the same. But the third day was crazy. They woke me up from a nap saying they need me to go to the laboratory immediately. They gave me a radioactive suit and left me in a room with a guy that was also in the same suit as me. There was a dead body of an infected, mutated little girl. He gave me a list of things to do, including injecting her stuff that might work to remove the infection. None of that obviously worked. Three days later, the sh*t got real. I was going to Charlie's office for the first time, hoping nobody is gonna see me, because if they did, things would get worse. I needed to tell him everything I have seen and that we need to get out as fast as possible and that the cure probably doesn't even exist. I knew something bad was gonna happen if we stay. And I was right. I heard the alarm sound all over the base, I heard people running outside and taking loaded guns with them. Minutes later, I heard screaming and shots. Many shots. There was an another nurse yelling at me to get out, that the mutants got into the base because people killed the infected ones and that just made it worse. I tried to find Charlie, he wasn't in his office, neither near it. I decided to grab the first gun I saw and a backpack, without knowing what is in the backpack. I was running around the base, trying to find Marco or the guy that was with him the day we arrived. I went out and saw many dead bodies. I realised that there's not enough time for looking for people. I ran out of the base as far as I could. Hoping Charlie is still alive. After a while, I finally found a house that seemed to be safe. The only thing that was there was a dead body of a guy holding a guy. It was definitely a suicide. I layed on the ground and for the first time a while, I had finally time to think about what just happend. With a tear in my eye, I searched the backpack. It was Charlie's backpack. With his dead phone, a journal and a pencil. I've been here ever since. I'm writting this journal, staring at the body and thinking about how to survive all this.
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