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  1. Thought it would be Namalsk. This looks boring, just more of the same.
  2. Fixed custom outpost would be a good start. One in the east would be great to get more people away from north-west chernarus.
  3. Yeah this map will probably take quite some time to be finished and I'd actually prefer something that feels close to Chernarus. It shouldn't be too long for Namalsk to be ready which used to be one of my favorite maps, although it was much harsher and pvp heavy.
  4. -user was cautioned for this post-
  5. Night time RP back on DayZ mod was great. Sitting at the campfire, talking shit, singing songs and constantly meeting new people. Would love to see this coming back.
  6. @SketchParker Put some noise canceling headphones on your misses ears if that's an option. I'm working in an office from time to time with a desk where the copier is pretty close and it can get a bit busy sometimes with people talking or walking past. Those headphones work really well and get me focused. I usually don't even notice people if they are next to me asking for something. But depends on her work and if she even likes wearing headphones or listening to music while working.
  7. I think it will only end up in people playing the most preferred one, which will probably be SA when it's finally in beta with mod support. So for the time being its great to give people a choice, cause there are probably a few people happy with a proper Desolation RP Server as long as it's not on Tanoa. :D
  8. For me personally it's just that I don't get the Dayz atmosphere at all. Had the same Problem with Exile on Altis. But it probably just takes time to get used to it and I'm interested in how the RP and interaction is going to be like.
  9. Wow haven't been playing for a while and now that. I always thought how an epoch rp server would be, really excited right now.
  10. This one looks awesome and the new entrance is way better. Really looking forward to visit it when it gets added.
  11. Maybe he's still looking through the board sometimes? So anyway thank you for this starter guide.
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