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  1. Anna Schönbaum was born in West-Germany in 1990 as the only daughter of a factory worker and a nurse. When she was 5 years old her father died in a car accident, leaving Anna and her hard-working mother behind. Food was scarce but Anna didn't complain knowing that there were people worse off than her. When she was 17 she went on a school exchange to Chernarus where she met her late husband, Mikhail Stroganov, and fell in love with him. Anna kept in touch with him as she finished her German education and moved to Solnichniy in Chernarus with him 2 years later, at the age of 19. She worked as a nurse for a year, gaining some valuable and life-saving experience, then she got pregnant at the age of 20 and again when she was 21. Determined to take better care of her children she became a full-time house wife while her husband took care of his Pizza-Restaurant and the financials. Anna found out about the Infection through the Radio since she and her husband couldn't afford a TV. Just like most of the other people living in remote areas she simply assumed that the Government would take care of the threat. The waves of refugees came as a surprise for Anna, most of Solnichniy's citizens joined the attempt to flee to Elektrozavodsk, leaving the wounded behind. Anna, being a Nurse, wanted to stay behind to help and heal the Victims, her husband agreed and offered his Restaurant as Refuge to support Anna (she would later find out that her husband got bitten by one of the Victims they were taking care of). They were however forced to leave when more and more infected were swarming south into Solnichniy. On the Road to Elektrozavodsk Anna bumped into Lincoln Veller and Kaine Wilson. The 2 men noticed Anna's husband's strange behaviour and recognized the late signs of the Infection. When her husband tried to attack their children, Sarah(7) and Peter(6.), Anna was forced to shoot him dead to protect their lives. The shots raised panick causing Anna to lose her children in the Chaos. Veller and Wilson took her along to protect her and journey through the land as she tries to find her children.
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