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  1. Sophie

    Death Match

    Ohh noooo, that is a trap. they will not fight, but run into the sunset together, real bromance @JimRP vs @Falk
  2. Jade is sitting in a house alone, trying to put her self together, she hears her friends on the radio and grabs it, and presses down the PTT. I will of course attend. I can’t belive he has left us all. I will never forget the day he proposed to me, his amazing laughter and big heart. The saviors will always be my family, no matter where we go from here. Looking forward to see you all, and let’s celebrate John Moody’s life. She let’s go of the PTT, and lays down in bed, counting the hours.
  3. Toez is gonna be one of jades best friends, i am sure of it
  4. ohh damn, did not know it was gone, that must mean i haven't died in a while and i usually die a lot hahaha
  5. You can kill yourself with the stone knife
  6. i am not sure that is right, because in another report, not about him talking like peter griffin, but in a report regarding a serious situation, he can be heard talking like peter griffin. if it is him, or another dude doing the same
  7. i am very confused here. i am pretty sure that you were not the guy
  8. Server and location: Server 1 Novaya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/2-2019 20.40 Your in game name: Jade Rose Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Peter (don't now last name) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video Detailed description of the events: So i was in novaya to check out the saviors place, and this guy named peter "funny enough" was running around talking like peter griffin from family guy. it was very unserious and trollish from my point of view. i am all for bantering and making jokes and so on, but this just seem like trolling to me. it did not seem like he was just impersonating peter griffin, but it seemed like that was just his character. the way he acted, and the things he said, was just very trollish. well you can check the video out and see for yourself. i think it says in the rules not to make up a character based on a person from irl, cartoons and so on. https://plays.tv/video/5c65d88e0e75cf7a04/wtf
  9. HOLY CRAP!! i didn't know it was you! ?
  10. i did not know anybody died from your side before this report. and also, when your friend decided to run out of the house after the restart, he could see i stood there, with no gun out, and could have told me to put my hands up.
  11. Listen, once again, I was not with them like that, I stood outside the door, trying to calm down the situation, and I did not shoot at the door, I ran to the shed to hide when that happened. I was there because I wanted to know what was up with you guys. I even helped you shooting infected that was after one of your guys. And it would have made sense to take me hostage when I stood there with no gun or anything. If I wanted to help those guys holding you up, I would have taken out my gun.
  12. I want the report to stay up, and see what the staff says about it, especially because they used the restart for their advantage, and because instead of running out and straight up shoot me, when i did not even have a gun out, they could have taking be hostage and maybe used me to get out of the situation, since they thought i was with the guys. the rp just got cut off, and that sucks. also you guys keep blaming me for forcing you to do things in rp, when it is all up to you, and i did not force you to do anything. last thing i am gonna say is, i even said in game "i will only unlock the door, if the guys inside the house want me to" and that is because i didn't want the rp to stop by people shooting each other.
  13. You guys were acting so weird and trolly at the well, so there was not much to say, you guys was talking, so i would just be interupting you. I am pretty sure the guys weren't after you to rob you, but was trying to find out what the deal was with you guys, because you were acting so weird.
  14. after this i am done with the back at forth. we were not talking about the noises (when we are doing eachother) the chernorussian guy said that i haven't tried to be with a man like him, and so on, because we were talking about, that many men don't know how to treat a woman. you came up to us, while we were having a convosation, and you started to ask weird things and so on. you could just have drank out of the well like everybody else, instead of drinking out of the fountain, that is not even on, so that water is simply not clean.
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