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  1. Sophie

    Everybody Loves Sal

    Jeg er vild med din karakter, han er så cool og fantatisk good accent, jeg kan slet ikke høre du er dansker
  2. dimitri

    • dimitri
    • Sophie

    Howdy partner


    1. Sophie


      What the hell hahahahha


    2. dimitri


      C'mon down to ram ranch 👌🏻

    3. Sophie


      have you made a place in game called ram ranch ? 😛


    4. dimitri


      Omg yes thats the best idea ive heard in a while 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  3. Sophie

    Various Shenanigans

    I hate you!!!!!!
  4. Sophie


    WARNING! Disgusting things being told. 

    So i just wanna kill myself right now, i feel so guilty! 

    I was at the hospital today with my stepmom who last week had a blood clot in her brain, to get a check up, and get told what caused it and so on. while we are there my dad calls, telling us that he has shit him self in while sitting in the couch, (he is on oxygen 24/7 and have almost no muscles in his legs) he did not have time to go to the bath room, before it ran out of him, so i take a taxi home, and he is covered in shit, so i clean as much as i can, and tell him we have to go out to the bathroom so i can give him a shower, i get him out there with help from his walker. i get him to sit on the bath chair. then i clean some more, but then i have to get him to stand up, so i can clean his backside, and i tell him to take his shoes off so he doesn't fall, but he tells me it will be fine, and he grabs on to the sink and a thing on the wall, and starts lifting himself up, and then he fucking glides, so he fell backwards, i was standing behind him, so i throw myself half under him, and catch his head, but his back hits the edge the are closing the shower in. He weighs over 100kg (220 pounds). Thank god he don't go uncosciouses. I then get him to sit up against the wall, and tell him i will call an ambulance, because i can not get him up myself, and they need to check if anything is broken and so on. the ambulance people come, and get him up into the wheelchair, and thank god nothing bad had happen to him, other then he is gonna be sore tomorrow. but jesus i feel so guilty that he fell. everything is so hard at the moment, with my stepmom just had this blood clot in her brain, she is thankfully okay, but nervous to get it again of couse, and then my dad being so sick. and i just got told yesterday that my mom have osteoporosis, and i am trying my best to help everybody, and i am so exhusted. i am just waiting to get told i have cancer or some shit. And my stepmoms kids, don't have time to help, or it's very rare, because they work so much, and have their own familys to take care of. and my sister lives far away. I don't work so i can help a lot, but next week i am gonna start with a lot of treatment for my anxiety, going to a psychiatrist, and meeting with my mentor 2 times a week, and maybe start in internship somewhere, to see how much i can manege to work. it's all just a lot right now. it's just hard that all these things is happening at the same time. my brain is going crazy. i am so overwhelmed. 


    1. Cuntstable


      Hopefully things will get better , wish you the best and hopefully you and your family can get through this. 

    2. Sophie


      I hope so too. but the worst thing is that the COPD My dad has, can not be cured, and he will just get worse with time, and the same with my moms osteoporosis. 

    3. Cuntstable


      Best thing to do is to stay with them as much as possible and support them through this (which i know you are doing) , don't feel guilty about it , your trying your best and that's all that matters. 

      Best of luck to this though Soph , I can't even imagine what you are going through. 

    4. VodkaWolf


      I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this and I truly hope that both your parents health improves.

      Like I said to you on TS when we talked, remember that this is just a dark part of your life that will pass (and hopefully soon). 

      Nevertheless, I'm here if you ever feel like you need to talk.

    5. Oliv


      Jesus that's a lot on one plate. Do your best, make sure the others know they need to help out too, even if they can give you a break for half a day each, that time adds up, lets you take sometime for yourself.

    6. Samaritan


      I hope things start to become easier for you, sounds like you do a lot for your family but don't be afraid to ask for help even if it's just for a few hours a week. I'm glad you have sort help for the anxiety, hopefully it give you strategies to cope better.

      I know you feel a responsibility but you need some you time too. It sounds like you are doing your best which you can be proud of, you cannot do more than you are already doing.

      Life can be shit and be a struggle at times but keep putting one foot in front of the other it'll get better.

      I wish you the very best.

    7. Sophie


      thank you all for your kind words. i am keeping my head up, and doing as much as i can for them all ❤️

    8. Dakotaen


      Jesus, Sophie, that's a rough fucking deal. Your ability to deal with everything is beyond impressive.

  5. Sophie

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Jesus christ we had so much fun Girl Squard and calvin
  6. Sophie


    My dad just called me, to ask me to come down with a cigarette,, just so he can have one puff. even tho he should not smoke at all because he is on oxygen 24/7. I swear to god he is so stupid! 

    1. LouieRP


      I am sorry to hear that I wish you the best. 

    2. Sophie


      thank you! 

    3. Svenne


      It's so addictive after a couple of years, I'm sure you know. I know you smoke quite a lot but I think you should stop before it does permanent damage to you... Switch over to Snus instead 😉

    4. HartlssHeretic

      @Svenne *reported for absolute gross factor*

    5. Svenne


      @HartlssHeretic Hey man don't diss the Snus, it's good for you


  7. Sophie

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    there has be plenty of times in game, when people have to talk to the leader, or leaders. they can not talk to some of the others about different stuff, then the guys say go talk to for eksample louie. so you guys have proven that you have leader/leaders.
  8. Sophie

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    but the thing is, that there is a leader. end of story.
  9. Sophie

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    the thing i marked with red, are simply not true. I remember your character coming to novy, to talk to people, and your group, as the leader. everybody was referring to you as the leader.
  10. Sophie

    things and stuff

    I am gonna kill you !!!
  11. Sophie

    things and stuff

    Wait hold up!!! finish people are from finland, german people are from germany, and danish people are from denmark hahahahahaha
  12. Sophie

    things and stuff

    finish ? hahaha you mean danish
  13. Sophie

    things and stuff

    i totally understand you graipy. please don't be a stranger! And have an amazing summer with your wife and kids, say hallo to them from me
  14. Sophie

    • Sophie
    • Genji

    Are we ready ? 



    1. Genji


      Does it come in black? 😈

    2. Sophie


      hahaha, i bet you we could find one i black for you 😄

  15. Sophie



    1. HartlssHeretic

      L I P S H I T S