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  1. Will write later ....................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................................................ ......................................
  2. Corona lockdown is a bitch, but I feel kinda cute in this picture anyway
  3. Upbringing Where do I begin, well my name is Jade, Jade rose now. I used to be Jade Moralez, daughter of Eduardo Moralez, Drug lord and leader of La Family Moralez (LFM) My mom died when she was giving birth to me, my dad never spoke much of her, and he got mad when I asked about her. The only thing he said about her, was that I looked like her, and that I so often sounded like her. I was brought up under very strict rules, and I was never alone, there was always guys by my side, my fathers most trusted men. I was taught that family was the most important thing, and I learned that even though you don't share blood with people, they can still be your family, if you share the same secrets. The first 15 years of my life, I did not really know what my dad was doing when it came to business, I just knew he talked to a lot of people, in his big office, that I was not allowed in too. There was a whole house 30 mins away from our "real" home that I was not allowed to visit, ever. Even when I went out of the house, I was never alone. I did never think that the guys was around me to protect me, just to keep an eye out for me, because my dad was so respected, and didn't wanted me to ruin his reputation, by behaving stupid. I knew that my family was a big deal in our city, due to all the good my dad did for the town, like donating money to schools, hospitals, and so on. I never ask my dad what he did to get money, i was just happy that I could get everything I wanted, whenever I wanted it. The truth When I was around 15 years old, I began listening more carefully to what was said around me, and soon I began realizing that things was not what they seemed to be. One day my dad said we would have company, a family called the mendez. I had never heard of these people before, and it was weird that they all of the sudden would come to our home, our real home, where I stayed. We all sad down and the dinning table, and my dad introduced us all to each other. It was clear to me that my dad knew the man of the family, they talked about old days, and was whispering to eachoter, and then bust out into laughs. After dinner my dad, wanted to talk to me, the man called Hector Mendez, and his son Sergio in a private room. My dad started our conversation by saying "Jade, We are all gonna be one big family soon" I look at him confused, and he smiled at me, and nodded towards Sergio who was smiling too, and obviously knew what he was talking about. He then continued " You are gonna get married to this fine young man, and that will bring our family together" I looked at him, shocked. I yelled out "I don't wanna get married, I don't even know him" My dad looked at me with a very angry look, that I only have been used to see, sometimes when he came home, after many weeks at the other house. I felt instantly scared and I knew that I should not say anymore. I just sat quietly the rest of the evening while they all talked over my head, about business I knew nothing about. That night when I went to bed I was very confused, I didn't know why all of the sudden I had to get married, he had never mention this before. I was almost asleep, when my dad came into my room and sat on the bed, and told me that there was a lot of secrets I did not know about, that I soon would know all about. The next couple of days, my dad talked to me about the Mendez family, how respected they were, and how we were going to be a whole united family, that would stand strong. He den proceed to tell me what he was doing everytime he was away from home. He told me about his drug business and weapon business he wad the head of. Now I knew what our family really was, what we were doing, and I loved the power it gave me. Getting older I got married to serigo that I did not know at the time, and we became a family, the Mendaz and Moralez. I did not love serigo I just did what my dad told me. Now I knew that our family was in constant danger, from other cartels, and I been training, learning how to fight, and I became very fond of knifes and I was good at using them, I could throw a knife from 10 meters away straight into the heart of an apple. I became a rebel, one that did what my dad asked of me, when it came to business but outside of that, I did as I wanted. I got tattoo's that represented our family, my mom, my life. My dad was not happy about me becoming this hardcore woman that wanted to be involved with hurting people, but he let me, because he knew that my marriage with serigo was on the line if I did not get to be a part of it all, and he could not afford for us to "break up" with the family, we needed them as they needed us. I helped delivering drugs and weapons to regular costumers, and I was also the main person to decide what happened to those people, if they could not pay, I got high of the power I had, I loved it. Disappearing Now our family's was a even bigger thing here in Mexico, and we now began going on longer trips, out of the country. I loved traveling, and I was always safe, I had a lot of guys with me on these trips, and thankfully Sergio was needed somewhere else. Being in charge over people came natural to me. On one of my trips i came to America to do business, here I was told that the Mendez family was going to overthrow my family, that they were planning to kill my whole family, in order to take over everything we had build. I told my dad as soon as I came home from my trip, and he was furious. He knew that know matter who made the first move, people from his family would die. He wanted me to leave Mexico and start over somewhere else, and then return when and if our family survived, I did not argue with him, I wanted to get away. I was gonna leave most of my family behind in Mexico, and I knew that I may never see them again, but I also knew as my dad had taught me that I would meet them all again, on the other side, so I was not afraid, not even afraid to die. I had to do one last thing before I left, as a present to my dad and my self. I was going to kill Sergio. Lets just say he suffered a lot, and my knifes did the job. I was now going to go to a country called Chernaurs, here nobody was going to look for me, for we had never had business there. I arrived in a town called Chernogorsk and here I stayed, living in a big apartment, with a great view over the water. I traveled a lot through the country, seeing what kind of business there was going on here, thinking about starting something up, or maybe join a cartel. Half a year went by, and i got a lot of connections, to drug and weapon smugglers. I was going to be meeting up with a big cartel in Berezino, but shit went down. There was talking in the streets about a virus that has spread, and that people was dying. People fled in panic. me I was ready, my dad has always told me, that someday the dead would be walking the earth. I grab my weekend bag, and fled into the woods, killing infected people in the process.
  4. well i already love @Terra's character, amazing accent ?
  5. Sophie

    Death Match

    Ohh noooo, that is a trap. they will not fight, but run into the sunset together, real bromance ? @JimRP vs @Falk
  6. Jade is sitting in a house alone, trying to put her self together, she hears her friends on the radio and grabs it, and presses down the PTT. I will of course attend. I can’t belive he has left us all. I will never forget the day he proposed to me, his amazing laughter and big heart. The saviors will always be my family, no matter where we go from here. Looking forward to see you all, and let’s celebrate John Moody’s life. She let’s go of the PTT, and lays down in bed, counting the hours.
  7. Toez is gonna be one of jades best friends, i am sure of it ?
  8. ohh damn, did not know it was gone, that must mean i haven't died in a while ? and i usually die a lot hahaha
  9. You can kill yourself with the stone knife
  10. i am not sure that is right, because in another report, not about him talking like peter griffin, but in a report regarding a serious situation, he can be heard talking like peter griffin. if it is him, or another dude doing the same
  11. i am very confused here. i am pretty sure that you were not the guy
  12. Server and location: Server 1 Novaya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/2-2019 20.40 Your in game name: Jade Rose Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Peter (don't now last name) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video Detailed description of the events: So i was in novaya to check out the saviors place, and this guy named peter "funny enough" was running around talking like peter griffin from family guy. it was very unserious and trollish from my point of view. i am all for bantering and making jokes and so on, but this just seem like trolling to me. it did not seem like he was just impersonating peter griffin, but it seemed like that was just his character. the way he acted, and the things he said, was just very trollish. well you can check the video out and see for yourself. i think it says in the rules not to make up a character based on a person from irl, cartoons and so on. https://plays.tv/video/5c65d88e0e75cf7a04/wtf
  13. HOLY CRAP!! i didn't know it was you! ?
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