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  1. Dayz

  2. Cooking a nice steak <3

    From the album Dayz

  3. Hailee White

    Growing up: Hailee White was a busy girl, it all started when she turned 6. Her mom and dad wanted her to have something she could enjoy and spend time on in her free time, so they began taking her to gymnastic. Little did they know that Hailee was a natural talent, and it wasn't long before she participated in competitions. It took a lot of her free time, so most of her friends, where people she trained with. Hailee was very focused on her sport, and she always took care of herself, no alcohol, no smoking, and she was eating healthy. She trained at least 6 days a week. Becoming older: As Hailee became older, other things began to come into her mind, it was sometimes hard for her to focus on her sport. She wanted more out of life. She wanted to eat fast food, go to party's, coming home late, and sleep the next day away, and maybe even have boyfriend. But she couldn't because she had her sport to think about, and she knew how much harder she had to work, if she did any of those things. She always had this fear of disappointing her parents. The Trip: Hailee was competing in a lot of competitions, and so she often had to travel to other country to participate, and she loved to travel, but she never really had time to see the country she was in, because of the competition and the training. But this trip she was going to, was a bit different, because the same day that the competition was being held, there was no plane going back to Denmark, and it would be a couple of days before she could return home, so this was the time she could actually check the place out. She was going to a country that was called Chernarus. On the 6th of July she was leaving her home, with her team. They arrived in a town called: Berezino. there was a lot of people there for the competition. The competition went as predicted, she came first in her category. The day after the competitions they were going out to celebrate, this was the 8th July, But the vibe in the city was weird, and there weren't that much people out in the streets. The next day, the 9th of July everything got more weird, and we were all advised to stay inside, but we didn't really got told why, they kept us all in the dark, which absolutely terrified me. we were talking amongst ourselves that there might be a fire close, or something like that, but we were so wrong. That evening everything got worse, and there was shoots, loud bangs and a lot of panic. They were up all night, and the next morning the flight to Denmark, was supposed to fly them home. They were put in busses right outside of the hotel, and driven to the airstrip, but the plane never left. They waited and waited, and there was a lot of military there, maybe a war had broken out. They sat in the plane waiting, but all of the sudden the military ran in, and rushed people out of the plane, and into a nearby building, and there out of the windows, Hailee could see that they were shooting at people. But Hailee would soon learn that those weren't normal people, but very sick people, when they got attacked inside the building by the massive horde. Hailee ran out the back door, she ran and ran until her legs could not work anymore, and She managed to run back to the town Berezino, All she needed was someone to help her, show her how things work
  4. VDV drunk practice

    When you see the VDV leave the bar 😂😂
  5. I can promise that we are ?
  6. Omg the rp was fricking amazing today, so exciting and full of action! Thank you to @Quick @Combatsmithen @MistrWolf And the last guy which last name in game I can't remember so can't find him in here. And omg I can never look at a banana normally again ??‍♀️?
  7. Ohh thank you so much @Ender brenda was my first experince at all on this server, and lala hopes they meet up again
  8. Lala Jensen

    Her name is Lala, she just turned 18 almost a month before the outbreak. She lived in Denmark with her dad. Her mom died when she was only 10, In a car accident, so she have always felt the need to be with her dad to help him and support him, especially because he has never found a new woman to share his life with. He also enjoyed reading alot of books in his spare time and often read it to Lana mostly throughout her life, even to the point when she could read for herself, but now and then she liked her father to read it too her as she enjoyed his raspy voice. She was studying for media design, in a school only 20 minutes from her home, she always wanted to be close to her home and dad. She hated being away from him for too long. She relied a lot on her dad, for help, support and guidance. Lala did not have many friends, she had always been the odd one, for some reason. Maybe because she did not always care about the same stuff the other people of her age did care about. She loved her alone time, and the quiet. But as she got older she could feel that the love she got from her father, was not always enough, she wanted the same love her dad and mom have had. So she tried to be more outgoing to meet new people, but it was a struggle for her. When she turned 18 in June 2017 her dad gave her a travel to kamensk a small town in chernaurs as a present. When they arrived the 1th of July, she instantly loved the small town, it was friendly and quiet. But not many days went by, before a outbreak occurred. They fled the town when they saw people on the street get killed by uniformed men. They ran to the woods, and hid there for days. Her dad was good at making fires, and knew a few basic survival techniques, that he learned Lala. One morning she woke up to a note laying beside her saying "I am out searching for some more food, don't be scared, ill be back soon. I left the only book I took with me, read some of it, and before you know it ill be back, love dad" and that was the last she heard from her dad. Days went by and he did not come back.she was now in the woods all alone.