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  1. FREEEEDOM! Jokes on you, I'm collecting unemployment so IDGAF.
  2. Remembering the dead with @FieJaxon Ella's Bday Party, @Spartan, @Cosmo, @RogueSolace, @FieJaxon, @Lyca. Not sure who the two guys in the back are. @Cosmo tell me your secrets you big Russian Bear. @Taryn. Me, Cosmo, and @Alex Tayno quit. Hard bass dance off.
  3. Bet y'all thought I forgot about this. Here's some random screenies.
  4. Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *Eric would finish packing up various things before pulling his radio out and pressing the PTT. His tone would be professional as usual.* Ms. Kara? It's Grieves here. I should be able to make my way to Severograd either tonight or tomorrow night. Let me know if you think you'll be in the area. *He would release the PTT and slip his radio back in his pocket before beginning his travels.*
  5. Good news! Just found out today as of this upcoming Monday I'll be a full time employee at my job. This means I get pay bump and some benefits but I also have even more responsibilities to deal with. This has got me like

    Image result for morty twerking gif

  6. I kind of agree with Mexi when he said maybe jump forward about 1-2 years. Realistically that's probably about how long it would take for a complete societal breakdown to occur and it would be interesting to see people RP out rebuilding society using the new base building stuff. That being said we really should wait to see exactly how much interesting stuff beta really brings to the table here. Hell, it might even be better to wait for modding support to come out and perhaps we could push things just a little further with that. I don't see the point in a lore wipe. That would really just be a bunch of unnecessary work that wouldn't accomplish much. TLDR we'll have to see how beta really affects things.
  7. Who's willing to help me out and make me some basic graphics to spice up my character page?

    1. Taryn




    2. mark3390

      Well that was easy. I'll pm ya in a bit here.

  8. Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *Eric's voice would sound calm and professional.* Ms. Kara was it? My name is Dr. Eric Grieves of the VDC. I'm currently tending to other matters that require my attention, but I'm radioing you to inform you that I would like to arrange a meeting with you in the next day or two. In the meantime if you need to to consult me about any of your patients feel free to contact me anytime. I have several years of experience in emergency medicine and I am more than willing to share my expertise. I'll be monitoring this frequency for the next day or two until the issues I'm taking care of have been resolved. I hope you have a pleasant day and I'll be in touch soon. Grieves, over and out. *He would release the PTT and slip the radio back into his pocket.*
  9. The Seekers

    Looks good so far. There's some grammar and spelling issues, but that's nothing you can't fix pretty quickly. Good luck!
  10. Big shout out to everyone who made it to the event last night. I had great time rping with all the various people. We had a big enough turn out that I don't feel like going through and finding everyone's name on the forums because I'm feeling lazy AF today. Thanks again to everybody who showed up and made it a fun night.
  11. Oh man I've had a lot of odd jobs over the years and picked up a lot of skills. Brick Mason, machinist, cook, medical office manager. Hated the last one there. Currently doing machinist work at a company that refurbs parts for prop engine planes. Also I do leather working whenever I can get a commission for it. I just love working with my hands.
  12. @Mark...I'm sorry who are you. There can be only one. We're gonna have to duel it out for the name.
  13. Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    Work together!? What's all this nonsense. TBH I think a holy war between the two groups would be a lot more interesting. If you need any help with the religious aspects of this feel free to ask any time.
  14. Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    @Taryn yup, they beat us to it. It looks good you guys. I'm looking forward to meeting your new characters.