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  1. Well folks, thanks to RL being crazy I think it's time for me to to take a step away from the community for a while. This isn't a leaving thread because I will be back. In about a month or two things should settle down for me a bit, but until I get to that point I've got a bit of an uphill struggle to slog through. I want to give a big thanks to all the awesome people here I've played with. I'll name a few here, but if you're not named here please do know I'm still thinking about ya.

     @Taryn thanks for taking me in when I was just a noob who had no idea what the hell I was doing and thanks for being a good friend, even when I'm being a shitty one.

    @Cosmo You're the reason I'll be coming back in a few months because we both know I can't quit you ;P.

    @Petrovsky Love you, ya evil bastard.

    @Cal stay gold Pony Boy.

    @RogueSolace thanks for all the help with the infection lore and all the good times I've had playing Grieves in y'alls camp.

    I'll be back in a while like I said, but until then...

    Stay classy DayzRP.

    1. Mexi


      Best of luck Mark, hope to see you back soon.

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      Don't be a stranger, man!

    3. Mark


      Thanks @Mexi. I'll be back soon enough. @Jman14102 try not to get Ian killed while I'm gone. We've got business to finish :). Also, I forgot to mention that I'll most likely be on TS for the next few nights before I disappear for a while. Might even try to squeeze a little play time in.

    4. Cosmo


      Stay happy and hopefully see you soon! I’ll miss you boo 💖

  2. Aleksandr Vasilievich was born in Chernarus shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain. His father, Vasily, was a Russian factory worker who came to Chernarus in search of work in the late 1980’s. Aleksandr’s mother Elena was a homemaker. After the Soviet Union collapsed the two wanted to leave Chernarus to return to Russia, but found themselves unable to afford the return trip. They moved from Belezorsk to Solnichniy in pursuit of work. Vasily found a job at the nearby factory and managed to afford them a decent home in the town, but he and Elena never truly felt at home. They were discriminated against on a daily basis for their Russian heritage. Even though they had spoke about putting off having children until things were a little better for them shortly after the move Elena became pregnant. As a boy, Aleksandr was taught to be proud of his heritage. His parent instilled upon him traditional Russian values and ways. This often caused Aleksandr problems when he was young. He began to experience some of the very same discrimination his parents had received. Other children bullied him because of his background, but he never let that stop him from being proud of who he is. Vasily and Elena truly believed in the Soviet Union and the communist system. The two exposed Aleksandr to the teachings of various authors in the hopes he too would become a believer. Their hopes were not in vain. Aleksandr read everything they gave him and in time he too began to believe in communism. At around the time Aleksandr came of age he began to feel the call to revolution in his heart. Years of being discriminated against had left him feeling angry and bitter. He watched in horror at the mistreatment his people received in Chernarus. He wanted to take action, but he felt helpless. Nationalists within the country were persecuting those who tried to take a stand. Despite the obvious danger Aleksandr started sneaking out his home in 2004 to protest with his fellow ethnic Russians over their mistreatment by the Chernarussian government. In 2005 Aleksandr lost his parents. Vasily died in an explosion at the factory he worked at. The police and others investigated the explosion and ruled it an accident, but Aleksandr suspected foul play. Nationalist groups within Chernarus had been bombing various place known to be frequented by ethnic Russians at the time. His mother, stricken by grief, took her own life a few months later. Aleksandr soon found himself all alone in the world. After the loss his parents he started to attend more protests. He fell in with members of the Movement of the Red Star and when the government banned the movement he went into hiding with them. Aleksandr spent that time in hiding training with the other Chedaki. At first other members of the Chedaki mocked him for being young, but he was determined to prove himself capable. With the Chedaki Aleksandr had found a home and he wasn’t going to give that up so easily. He pushed himself through the training and eventually earned the respect of his brothers-in-arms. When war came to Chernarus Aleksandr was ready. The war changed Aleksandr. He saw the price he would have to pay for his ideals and at first it scared him, but he never doubted he was fighting for the right cause. It was here that Aleksandr first met Joseph Fedorov. The man encourage Aleksandr to press on and in time became like a father figure to him. Aleksandr served boldly under his command. When the war began to draw to a close Aleksandr started to feel that perhaps the movement was no longer on the right course. The war crimes being committed by the Chedaki were too much for him. Like many other members of the Chedaki he went into hiding after the civil war. For years he hid out in the mountains as the world kept moving on without him. He kept in touch with a few old friends but he mostly spent his time in hiding, living off the land. Everything changed for him when the infection ravaged Chernarus. After CDF failed to hold South Zagoria Aleksandr could finally come out of hiding. He met with other survivors and through them heard stories of the BPR. With nothing to lose he decided to investigate the rumors and headed toward Belozersk. The journey was dangerous and difficult, but when he arrived he met with a patrol that took him in and questioned him. He told them his story and after some deliberation the patrol took him to Belozersk. It was there that he encountered Joseph again. Joseph vouched for Aleksandr and after that Aleksandr was inducted into the ranks of the BPR. He trained with Joseph for the battles ahead and when the time came he was more than ready to fight again. He left Belozersk with Joseph and his small unit help the war effort. On May 8,2017 the unit was ambushed and Aleksandr was separated from his comrades. Only recently has he been able to get in touch with his commander and link up with his unit. Aleksandr is hopeful for the road ahead, but he knows it will be a difficult one.
  3. Mark

    Chernarussian Govt transmission

    *Grieves would be swiveling in a chair at his desk with an open bottle of vodka in one hand and the radio in the other hand. When he stopped spinning he would settle into the desk and press the PTT. * Captain Cernik was it? An associate of mine mentioned your name and said that I should probably speak with you sometime soon. I might be able to shed some light on Dr. Westerly's whereabouts. I'll be in touch. *He would release the PTT and take a healthy drink.*
  4. *He chuckles a little bit before pressing down the PTT.* Thanks for the offer, but I found a new radio. The damn button kept getting stuck on the last one. I'd rather not say exactly where it is because I don't want some dumb ass going looking for it. Just don't go North of Severograd. *Releases the PTT.*
  5. Mark

    To those 'Doctors Strangers' that are 'interested' in me.

    *Grieves would stare his radio in confusion for a moment before pressing the PTT.* Ma'am are you referring to me? Also I couldn't understand about half of what you said there. Look, all I did was offer you some answers that are best not said over an open frequency. If you don't want them, then forget I ever said anything. *Grieves would release the PTT*
  6. The Solntsevskaya Bratva (or simply The Bratva or “The Brotherhood”) are, for all intents and purposes, the Russian mafia. They are a group of thieves and mercenaries that ally themselves within each other for the sake of comradery and easier survival, as well as getting their jobs done easier with their simple and more complex alliances. Each member has their purpose and their abilities with the Brotherhood. Some of these people range from petty thieves to money launderers, murderers, abduction specialist and torture professionals. For a full history of the Bratva and it’s creation, see here. Growth Weeks after the infection began, the remaining Bratva emerge from their hiding. Spread across South Zagoria, they finally meet again in Severograd, where a meeting took place to decide what was best for the Brotherhood. They decide, despite not being able to contact home, that it was best to carry on working in South Zagoria. The few living members find work where they can, and begin to spread themselves across the city. They take on jobs taking hostage those who have wronged their employers, and committing petty crimes to test the waters. Each job becoming more and more bold. Eventually they become hired guns, as they had been before. They take to gathering information, and dealing it where they see fit. Shortly after their first few weeks in the country, The Bratva take on numerous contracts to defend, rob, murder and otherwise contribute to the chaos that is Chernarus at this current time. With their name becoming quite famous, they do what they can to stem the offers and filter only the ones they see as lucrative. One such job is to join the town of Svetlojarsk and assess is viability as a base of operations. They intended to gain more contracts, send out messengers, sell weapons and more. While there, a conflict broke out between a leader of the Chernaruski Bratva and a non-local citizen of the city from a previous contract. They attempted to execute the leader in public, but ended up critically wounding her instead. While they believed the Bratva had scattered, they went into hiding for the winter and simply gathered their stocks and weapons for the impending spring. Anarchy Any Law Enforcement Any Non-Participating Govt.
  7. As much as it pains me to do this I'm requesting an archive. Current groups have put us at a stalemate.
  8. *Grieves would grab his radio and stop to think a moment before speaking.* The man who originally broadcasted on this frequency is correct. The area around that military base is highly irradiated. Please avoid this area for your own health. *He would attempt to release the PTT but it's stuck. You would hear the radio being banged on something and Grieves swearing at it before the signal cuts out.*
  9. I realized yesterday that I have a lot of screenshots that I should have been posting this whole time. Oh well. Better late then never, right? First up, I've got some old screens from back in the Riptide days. My first time meeting the other Riptide survivors on my first character. @Irrelevant @Taryn I'm not sure what we found here, but I'm pretty sure it's something important The first(and only)Riptide pants off dance off. Taryn, @WulfeGirl, @Irrelevant Doing a little car maintenance and fucking with @Jman14102. Pictured:myself, Taryn, @Otter, @Vito
  10. Mark

    Mark's Media Thread

    I think so. I can't remember.
  11. Mark

    Mark's Media Thread

    Look at this fucking sunset! A big moment for @FieJaxon and @RogueSolace @Taryn...you broke the matrix.
  12. Mark

    Solntsevskaya Bratva Media Thread

    Just trying to keep this thing updated. @Mademoiselle I've taught Meika well. I'm so proud of her.
  13. *Vasily would speak into his radio.* We are here. *He releases the PTT.*
  14. Mark

    Doctor (open frequency)

    *Grieves would pull out his radio and speak into it.* Because from what it sounds like you have questions, and I have answers. That's a good enough reason for a face to face, right? *Eric would release the PTT.*
  15. *Vasily would press down the PTT and respond.* I understand that this may be busy day for you, but would it be possible to meet somewhere else. I'm thinking perhaps Stary Sobor or Guglova. *Vasily would release the PTT.*
  16. Mark

    Westerly to Utes

    *Grieves would grab his radio and press the PTT* I'm sure you weren't expecting to hear my voice again Mr. Everest. In two days time I'll meet you at the place you mentioned. *Grieves would release the PTT.*
  17. Mark

    Doctor (open frequency)

    *Grieves would pull out his radio and press the PTT.* In two days time I can meet with you ma'am. It would be for the best if we did not broadcast the meeting place over open airwaves like this. Switch to frequency 86.6 and I'll give you another frequency that we can speak on. *Grieves would release the PTT.*
  18. Mark

    A Call...

    *Grieves would pull out his radio and press the PTT.* In two days time meet me at our old FOB. You know the place. I'll be waiting there for you. *Grieves would release the PTT.*
  19. *Vasily would grab his radio and press the PTT. His thickly accented voice would come over the radio.* Mr. Pond. This is Vasily again. I can come meet you in about two hours. Will this work for you? *He would release the PTT.*
  20. I'm bringing back Grieves my old VDC char this weekend. If there's something I forgot to do for you on him or you want to arrange something feel free to PM me.

  21. *Vasily would hear the proposal over the radio and stop to consider. He would press the PTT. His voice would have a thick Russian accent and he would speak in an intrigued tone.* Mr. Pond. My name is Vasily. I am curious as to what this business you speak of may be. I may have to pay you visit some time here in future to learn more. I will be in touch. *Vasily would release the PTT*
  22. Mark

    A Call...

    *Grieves would grab his radio and press the PTT and respond.* Vik! Jesus Christ, where have you been? Don't give up brother. Come back to the safe house. I need to talk to you soon. *Grieves would release the PTT.*
  23. Mark

    Doctor (open frequency)

    *Grieves would press down the PTT.* From what it sounds like you met with my former associate. I'd be more than willing to meet you in person to discuss things. All I need is a little time to arrange this meeting. I'll be in touch soon. *Grieves would release the PTT.*
  24. Mark

    A Call...

    *Having just switched frequencies Grieves pauses for a moment before speaking. He would grab the others from where they were sleeping to pay attention to the radio. Eric would brief the others quickly before grabbing the radio and speaking.* You can stop searching for me now Mick. I'll tell you what happened just like I did the rest of South Zagoria. Stay tuned to this frequency. When I'm ready I'll radio with some details about where we should meet. You need and deserve to hear this in person. *He would release the PTT.*