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  1. My character, Joshua Brommer, is a retired KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte turned PMC contractor. After serving 6 years, he found it difficult to readapt back into civilian life, so turned to private military contacting. He was placed in charge of a small tactical group comprising of 5 members. He and his group ended up in Chernarus after the immediate break-out, His team was tasked with protecting government officials. When they arrived, the outbreak had caused chaos through the country, towns were in rubble and lives were lost. So now, Him and his team were stranded in unknown territory with nothing but their gear. So they did what they do best, they stuck to their Morales and assisted wherever they could, taking care of small problems that they came across This worked well for the group, until one day, they were patrolling around the outskirts of Berezino, only to be surprised by a group of bandits armed with AK-47's All of his group but him and 1 other were killed in a following gunfight, but Joshua managed to take out the remaining bandits. Unfortunately he was hit three times during the firefight, so he made an attempt to pull his remaining group member to safety. But the gunfight had attracted a nearby group of zombies, he had no other choice but to leave his man behind and sacrifice his group member to save himself, This was hard for him to come to terms with, this group was his family and he had lost it all. he managed to climb into a house where he was losing a lot of blood due to the wounds he left untreated, he passed out due to blood loss. When he woke up, however, all of his gear was gone. Assuming a good Samaritan patched him up and left him be. he saw that all he had was a flashlight and clothes. nothing was left of his original gear, wounded and slowly he began his adventure out into the world in an attempt to find other survivors to rebuild his group of soldiers and continue his orders from high command.
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