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  1. I get it, I've seen the loot explosions. Only on the EU server though. US server is where the issue is. It's also very hard to look were no one else has. I've found the most remote, deserted places with no loot.
  2. So I've been playing on the US server recently, and there has been almost no loot. I've found a welder's mask and a baseball bat in the past hour. It makes it really hard to survive when you can't find a weapon or food at least. Trees and bushes aren't reliable for food at all. It took me around fifteen minutes to get something from an apple tree, and it was rotten. Whenever the bushes DO give you something, it's a blue berry. So anyway, no loot. Die every life from hunger. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. CannedPakes

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my standalone GUID reset. //Voodoo: GUID Reset
  4. CannedPakes

    How many people have you killed in DayZRP in total?

    Zero. EDIT: Nevermind, ran over a guy with a bus on accident the other day.
  5. CannedPakes

    M16A4 rusty - M16A4

    Never knew there was such a thing.
  6. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks, I found it.
  7. I want to find the DayZ launcher in the files so I can make a shortcut, but I can't find it. Where is it located?
  8. Yeah, it updated some stuff and now it works. Thanks to both of you.
  9. I start from the ArmA menu. Let me download the launcher and see how it works. And yeah, I have the latest version downloaded.
  10. Whenever I try to join a DayZRP server it says I'm missing content that's been deleted. It says "dayzrp_assets" is missing.
  11. I think SA is much better than DayZ Mod already. It's more about survival, and that's what DayZRP is right?
  12. My first day I was kidnapped by a small clan, the LRA. They made me their slave for about 10 minutes then dropped me off with a can of beans. The next day they sent me a message asking if I wanted to join them. Of course I did, and stayed with them for about a week. I eventually got kicked out for inactivity.