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  1. *The radio comes to life* Oh! Would you like to meet somewhere? *The radio falls silent*
  2. Aparrently they removed lock sawing. Thread updated.
  3. The only action that’s left is the lock saw. Everything else is performed by directly dealing damage to the top/bottom panel and the top/bottom frames. Like I said in the OP you will be there for EVER with melee. Guns are your quickest option.
  4. Hacksaws are used to saw code locks. The other melee items can be used just like you’d hit an infected/player, but again you’ll be there for hours.
  5. Just memes, I will yes trying to run some balances involving nerfing some infected by the big man
  6. No I have a balance shift idea I want to try that will involve certain infected changes that might help with infected
  7. 2003 Camry, been in the shop 4 times this 2 weeks...
  8. Apparently I'm an old timer now?
  9. Looks good, good luck!
  10. Er... unless it comes in an automatic rifle it's not gonna break a fence. I can check the values later but if its a sniper ammo I'd imagine the same as 762 yeah
  11. do not click on this spoiler


    dont click on THIS spoiler


    do not click on the link in the following spoiler




    1. HarveyLR


      Click on this spoiler:




    2. Millie


      Holy shit how did you know????

    3. Whitename


      im a magician

  12. I could get behind lowering the amount of wolf packs, but as far as their individual health levels go I feel that they serve a good loot sink. The closer you are to high-tier loot areas, generally speaking the higher the likelyhood of you getting killed by wolves / a bear. I have an idea for balance shift that I want to run by the big boss man that would involve increasing the difficulty in military areas and slightly decreasing the difficulty everywhere else. Hopefully promoting more roleplay and decreasing that "need for an AK" that people feel. Because it's true -- if you live in an area populated by wolves you should probably carry a big gun because the amount of wolf attacks is common.
  13. I play with naught but a pistol and do fine, haven't fired at anything in at least 3 weeks.
  14. *Aleš replies* Wait Sydney you can’t find your parents? Oh man... hey we should talk. It’s been a while and that’s not fair to either of us. Lot to talk about *The radio falls silent*
  15. @Banshee @Jade @Peril another good day, finally got to introduce friends to @Millie @Morytania @Eagles my other 3 friends Good day
  16. There aren't any good mods that add civilian weapons currently.
  17. Make sure your mod list follows the order shown here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051
  18. Pot, meet kettle.

    1. Chewy


      It whistles like my nose on a bad day

    2. Millie


      brewing smoking GIF

  19. I don’t really look at “groovy” as a whole because imo you are every much your own person, same with “the rp boys” in 2018 and whatever. Somebody does something stupid, they themselves should take the blame. And then some bullshit happened. A lot of you followed you know who blindly because he was upset and then got banned out of his own fault. We all know what he did, what he tried to do, and yet a lot of people were unable to look at the situation neutrally and instead decided “my leader got permed, time to riot”. It shouldn’t reflect on everybody with groovy in the name, but it does. I don’t look at all of you as one collective, in fact I’d like to believe i’m on great terms with a few people with (or who previously had) groovy in the name. But when some BS happens in which a lot of people with groovy in their name blindly defend their leader it gets super difficult to determine the good ones from the bad. And that’s when things like “groovy boys at it again” becomes commonplace. I'm not saying it's acceptable, but it's what happens. It sucks for those people who aren't involved, but it is at the very very least understandable what and why it's occuring. If you did something dumb, own up to it and learn from it. We are adults and should act like it instead of forming high school cliques who believe their own members can do no wrong. Also, like, cmon man. What is this drama? I feel like you want people to look at you as a whole so you can be the victim. We're adults. EDIT: I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am not comparing people with groovy in the name to people with RP in the name. I'm simply saying that people who follow these cliquey naming conventions are still their own person and should take their own fault.
  20. Untruth, they have different uses in different situations. These are LITERALLY the same weapon with a different model.
  21. Sweet, which one of these do we need to roleplay? I see a bunch of Khalisnikovs, three fuck-off overpowered snipers, and a few M4XX's/western guns/whatever. It's just different guns that do the same thing. We aren't Tarkov, we don't need so many different guns and attachments. Gotta talk to the LMs about that one
  22. Like I said, we ain't a Tarkov reskin, we don't need 400 weapons. The Squad weapons are just reskinned AK's. You mean due to the lore? Because it's due to the lore. They will make a return at some point in the future, literally just be patient. You don't need them to roleplay
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